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Fashion: Crafted Cloth Armor Styles

Crafted cloth armor appearances underwent quite a few changes in 2008. What began with GU48 and a T2-T6 appearance revamp, continued on through the TSO expansion with the addition of several vest looks in robe-only tiers, some extra retinting and so on. Note that not all tiers have a vest appearance as well as a robe appearance. Note that vestless/bare-chested look for tiers 5-7 are so that you can see what the other pieces of the set looks like - there are no crafted cloth vests for those tiers.

Cloth armor can be worn by any class, but will have level restrictions that you need to be aware of (level 10 for tier 2 common, 12 for tier 2 rare, 20 for tier 3 common, 22 for tier 3 rare, etc.). Chest and legs of all tier 2 and higher sets can be imbued.

Fact Sheets have been created for every armor set that contain recipe details, etc. Click on the images below to view the fact sheet for the sets. Many, many, many thanks to Kaisha of Permafrost for re-re-redoing these images to keep up with the various cloth armor changes, as well as a large thanks to those providing data in the forums for the fact sheet creation!

Tier Base Tranquil
Tier 1 Common Threadbare
Tranquil Threadbare
Tier 1 Rare Sackcloth
Tranquil Sackcloth
Tier 2 Common Burlap
Tranquil Burlap
Tier 2 Rare Roughspun
Tranquil Roughspun
Tier 3 Common Canvas
Tranquil Canvas
Tier 3 Rare Ruckas
Tranquil Ruckas
Tier 4 Common Broadcloth
Tranquil Broadcloth
Tier 4 Rare Cloth
Tranquil Cloth
Tier 5 Common Rough Linen
Tranquil Rough Linen
Tier 5 Rare Linen
Tranquil Linen
Tier 6 Common Sandcloth
Tranquil Sandcloth
Tier 6 Rare Cambric
Tranquil Cambric
Tier 7 Common Windcloth
Tranquil Windcloth
Tier 7 Rare Dragon's Breath
Tranquil Dragon's Breath
Tier 8 Common Damask (Common)
Tranquil Damask (Common)
Tier 8 Rare Swiftcloth
Tranquil Swiftcloth

Vests have been added (with stats identical to the robes) for tiers 1-4 and tier 8. Additional vests may be added to vestless tiers as time permits.

Additionally in tier 8, there is one level 77 tailored set, that is produced from faction recipes obtained from Bathezid's Watch. All pieces in this set other than the robe, require a mantrap root as a primary. (The robe requires a chromatic essence.)
Di'Zok Ceremonial Cloth

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