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RoK and Resources

Until this information is added to the Node Knows guide, here is some information on havesting and the expansion:

Tier 1 and Tier 2 - Timorous Deep:

Tier 1 harvesting is most readily found around the sarnak city of Gorowyn. Tier 2 harvesting is mainly found around the Mok'Rent area. (After level 20 or so, new characters that start in Timorous Deep will be led via quests, to join the rest of the world over in Butcherblock Mountains and so on.)

Tier 8: Kunark

Numerous ginormous zones are contained in Kunark, with nodes scattered about. However, one of the first things to note is that dens will carry just hides. Yep. Only hides, not meats. Meats will be mob-dropped. There's a solid level-up path for provisioners without the need to resort to meats - more recipes than they've had in any other tier, so don't go fretting the reliance on adventurer for your meats in order to level your provisioners, k? :D There also should be enough adventurers flooding through on killing sprees that meats should be readily obtainable. Meanwhile, all the tradeskill classes that need hides should find it a bit easier to obtain the hides in bulk now.

Crafters will also find that some of the resource needs of their class have been redistributed a bit in tier 8, so there is a bit less reliance on roots and ore. Wheee!

Last, but not least, for this tier AND every previous tier, you should find that you are able to stack resources and fuel to stacks of 200, not 50.

Harvested Resources

  • Ore: Ferrite cluster (rare: Incarnadine cluster)
  • Pelt: Bristled pelt (rare: Hidebound pelt)
  • Root: Lichenclover root (rare: Mantrap root) - these make damask cloth (common) and swiftcloth (rare) with regards to cloth armor
  • Wood: Redwood (rare: Mahogany)
  • Gem: Kunzite (rare: Fire Emerald)
  • Soft metal: Deklium (rare: Tynnonium)
  • Loam: Mineral salt loam (rare: Silicate loam)
  • Shrub harvests: Cranberry, Succulent Petal, Cabilis Cocoa Bean, Torsis Tea Leaf
  • Fish: Barracuda, King Prawn
  • Meat (mob drops): brute meat, devourer meat, drachnid meat, hornet meat, mountain giant meat
  • Imbue: Smoldering Material

Transmuting Items

Transmuting level 70 and above items of the appropriate types (treasured and better wearable gear, adept III and Master spells) will yield tier 8 imbue materials. These items will stack in stacks of 200, and the examine information on them will indicate that they are for tier 8 adornments.
  • Powder: sacred
  • Fragment: emerald
  • Infusion: reality
  • Mana vial: crystallized


Yes, these and other tiers of fuel really will stack to 200!
  • Redwood Kindling
  • Entwined Filament
  • Sacred Incense
  • Silicate Sandpaper
  • Smoldering Candle
  • Smoldering Coal

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