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Furniture: Tier 8 showcase

Prepare to do an imitation of a cartoon character, eyes pinwheeling in excitement overload, as there are a lot of really lovely new furniture items to craft in tier 8 when RoK launches on November 13. (Also make sure to check out the to existing recipe books that will be added at the same time, if you haven't already! So many lovely things to choose from! I suspect Mum isn't the only one who is facing the possibility of pretty much gutting her mansion to make room for many of these items! (We're not sure how some of the items will settle as far as names, so you'll see some stuff in parens in the names where naming isn't fully nailed down.)

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Kaisha of Permafrost, for once again working her graphical magic to provide us with these images!

Rent status reduction on these will be 125 status for common, and 1100 rare.

arcane fire chandelier (rare)
emerald fire torch (rare)
enchanted fire emerald lantern
fire emerald crystals chandelier
incarnadine teardrop wall lamp
skeletal hand (wall) torch (rare)
small tynnonium brazier (rare)
tynnonium brazier (rare)
tynnonium firepot (rare)

ferrite brazier
ferrite skeletal brazier

ornate kunzite table lamp
ornate temple light
potted redwood streetlamp
redwood streetlamp
redwood teardrop wall lamp
tall potted redwood streetlamp
tall redwood streetlamp
potted purple lillies
potted white lillies
stone planter
swiftcloth carpet (rare)
damask carpet
leather stitched cushion
tynnonium round table (rare)
engraved ferrite table
ornate ferrite table
round redwood gaming table
square redwood gaming table
redwood table
incarnadine throne (rare)
ornate ferrite chair
redwood stool
regal incarnadine bed (rare)**
ornate ferrite bed
large mahogany bookcase
ornate mahogany bookcase
small mahogany bookcase
large redwood bookcase
large (fancy) mahogany
counter (rare)
medium (fancy) mahogany
counter (rare)
small (fancy) mahogany
counter (rare)
mahogany display case
ferrite cupboard
deklium weighing scales
ornate ferrite inkwell
ornate kunzite hourglass
orc champion painting
orc victory painting
painting of a knight
painting of an orc
dragon slayer
painting of the orc
portrait of a gate
portrait of a guard
portrait of an orc
portrait of an orc
tynnonium fountain

**may also be named incarnadine regal engraved bed. Unsure which name will be used at launch

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