GU40 Patch Notes (RoK)

Rise of Kunark is Here!

To arms! The continent of Kunark has been rediscovered in the waters of the Timorous Deep! The lich emperor, Venril Sathir, has spent the last 500 years nearly conquering the breadth of the land, driving the Di’Zok to make their final stand in the city of Chardok. Suddenly awakened into a hostile world, the sarnak of Gorowyn have begun to explore not only a vast and varied land, but also their own mysterious past -- not stopping for anything that might stand in their way. Will you be able to tame this harsh land, or will you be unable to stop the Rise of Kunark?










It's only our third birthday! Why four year veteran rewards already? Remember that you get 90 days free Veteran Reward time for each expansion that you own. Four expansions plus three years means new rewards!

A title The Zealous

Your fame has grown. Tales of your exploits have been told among the citizenry of major cities across Norrath. In the cities, children grow up wanting to be just like you. Don't be surprised if you're worshipped by all while gracing them with your presence.

Treasure Hoard

A treasure chest that symbolizes your amassed wealth as an accomplished citizen of Norrath. Your home city is lucky to have you as a citizen. Placing one of these items in your home will cause all landlords to give you a 25% discount on your coin rent.

Mystic Moppet Billy

All that fame and constant recognition can be draining on Norrath's own superstars. Sometimes it's refreshing to be able to disappear into the background. You can do so more easily with your own Billy Illusion.

Draft of the Skilled (x3) and Draft of the Wise (x3)

Not that a person of your stature would need such assistance, but famous people lead busy lives. Any time they can save leads to more time for heroic deeds and economic exploits. The most advanced adventurers and crafters do have their public to think about, after all

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