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GU42 Sneak Peek - Crafting Cloaks!

The addition of epic weapons in EQ2 has been a topic of speculation and debate ever since players learned that they were being worked on. Precious few details, however, have been leaked, even to the point that they have not been seen on Test yet. Over the next few days this will change -- expect to see various fan site writeups giving you more previews of epic weapons that are being released with GU42 next week.

Meanwhile, however, EQ2TC has a topic even more cloaked in mystery. One that has been such a well-kept secret that, unlike epics, that there aren't dozens of threads on the subjects in the forums ... yet

Crafter-specific cloaks.

At this time, we don't have any details on how these will be obtained. None. Nada. We do, however, know that they're due out with GU42 sometime next week. We also have the first publicly-available preview of the concept art for some of them. Kinda. Sorta.


I feel like I'm back in the 80's, with my much-adored Games magazine, trying to figure out various Eyeball Benders. I've no clue which cloak goes with which class (though an educated guess on which one is for provisioners), or what the rest of the cloak looks like, but I'm loving the detail and richness on these, from what little bit I see.

While I'm sure that this week will be filled with speculation, rumors, cheers, whimpers and whines (the whole "you can't please everyone" and all that), I'm also sure that I, personally, am going to be fidgeting and bouncing alllllll over the place, eagerly waiting for GU42 to arrive.


And, in the course of time, GU42 arrived on Feb. 6, 2008, and we learned that these were secondary rewards from the level 80 crafter "epic" quest.

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