GU43 Faction Recipe Preview

Also Known as Who Gets Which What Where?

As was mentioned in the GU43 Overview, every crafting class gets 2 recipe books for each of the RoK crafting factions (Bathezid's Watch, Riliss, Danak Shipyards). Book purchases (yes, they're no-trade) require 20K faction for the first volume in each set, and 30K faction for the second volume.

Chromatic Essence?

Before we dive into the recipes, meet a new kid on the block, the chromatic essence. This tradeable little beauty will drop off named in Charasis, Chelsith, Sebilis and Chardok. A few of the more powerful or sought-after items will be using it, and I will be sure to make note of them below.


Alchemists not only get a couple fancy potions and poisons, but three "essence vial" necklaces with some neat effects on them.

Recipe breakdown:


As one might expect, armorers make armor. This includes one complete chain armor set, one complete plate armor set, a chain-texture cloak and two shields. The plate set is str/sta/wis/int, +25 combat art damage and requires incarnadine, other than the chest piece. The chain set is STR/STA/AGI/WIS/INT with +25 combat art damage and requires incarnadine, other than the chest piece.

Recipe breakdown:


There are some interesting things going on here, including not only normal common furniture recipes, but also ones using rares that also have other special effects. Also included is one "Crafted Vault Expander" that requires a chromatic essence as the primary.

Recipe breakdown:


Jewelers get, well, jewelry, of course, but with a few interesting twists on effects here and there! Some pieces are with harvested rares, some with the chromatic essence. These items require level 77 to equip.

Recipe breakdown:


Provisioners get some "standard" sort of stat foods and drinks, one food with a 4% hate gain decrease, and 2 charm slot items. (The two iksar-based factions have some odd ideas about baking various body parts, it seems!)

Recipe breakdown:


Bet you're expecting some scrolls, eh? Well, on top of a couple adornment-type scrolls, how would you like to be able to make scrolls that summon a city crafting writ NPC to your home for a short time? Still want more variety? How about scribing a couple nice books for your ranged slot (ranged-only, not secondary/ranged, as is usual for symbols and such). Still not enough? How about being able to make a "dimensional pocket expander" which allows you to increase the maximum storage of your house by 50? Yep, there are going to be some happy sages out there when they can start producing these! (Only one expander can be used per house, and it has to be used by the house's owner.)

Recipe breakdown:


New tailor recipes consist of one mage-only cloth armor set with +20 spell damage on each piece, one leather armor set (priest, bruiser, monk) with a +25 combat art effect on each piece, two brawler-only gi's and a cloak. Items require level 77 to equip.

Recipe breakdown:


Weaponsmiths get more temporary adornments, but with a 30-minute duration and varying effects instead of the 10-minute smoldering versions. Yields are 2 on pristine on each, and they are for level 75+ items.

Recipe breakdown:


Shields, bow, staves - about what you'd expect, but with nifty extras and shiny graphics to them! All (other than the spellbinder's staff) are level 77 to equip and have the normal class restrictions for those types of items. (there's a /bug inquiry in on the staff, in case it is an ops)

Recipe breakdown:

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