GU43 Patch Notes



Harvestable Shiny objects (“?”) will now act like treasure chests.

Group Looting Method Changes

Group Looting Item Rarity Option




The Feerrott
Bouncers Prud, Flerb, Fug, and Hurd in the Feerrott will spawn 100% of the time now.

Adjustments have made to the density and respawn rate of population in Chardok.

Charasis: The Maiden’s Chamber
Fixed an issue that prevented Drusella from clearing all debuffs on her if there were too many.

Fishmen in the Chamber of Destiny will now respawn about once every two days, giving you another opportunity to earn suits before the zone resets.


Hostile maintained spells will now drop if there are no valid targets in the area.

Increased the range of Power Ballad, Don’t Kill the Messenger and Fortissimo.

Ignore Agony will now update properly from its achievement enhancement.

Tactical Retreat can now be purchased within a Maj’Dul home.

Overpower is no longer overpowered in that you can no longer use it while stunned.

Increased the range of Rapidity to 35m.

You can no longer modify the trigger percentages of Verdict.

Peel has changed slightly to only lock the target for a short duration while giving a larger hate gain. On termination it also supplies a smaller amount of hate over time to the monk.

Skeletal Regimen will now persist through zoning


Reaver will now take health every 6 seconds instead of 3

Harmonization will no longer apply to spells which mix hostile and beneficial effects.




You will now see the health and power of other players in the raid, even if they are not in the same zone.

Logitech G15 Support

EQII now supports the Logitech G15 Keyboard’s LCD display. You can enable/disable this option under Options->User Interface->Game Features. The data sent to the LCD window is extremely customizable.

The Default UI ships with five pages of data.
Page 1 is the title page and shows what each of the 4 buttons do when pressed.
Page 2 displays your current ping, packet loss, frame rate and bandwidth usage.
Page 3 displays experience for your adventure level, tradeskill level and achievement points.
Page 4 is a mini persona window showing your stats, health and power.
Page 5 displays the health and power for all members of your group.

UI modders can display any number of pages with each page showing any of the dynamic data already available to the client.

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