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GU44 Crafting Preview

This game update is currently scheduled to be released on Tuesday, April 8, 2008. Any news that was added after this preview was originally published has been added at the bottom of the page.

What, more crafting stuff in yet another update?

I promise, there's nothing in here that is as huge and overwhelming as the updates from GU43. However, there are several nice things incoming. Join me on a wander through the Test version of the GU44 patch notes. As of this writing, I do not have an ETA for the release of GU44, and as always, items in this writeup can be subject to change while still on Test.

Patch Note Excerpts & Comments

Not to be outdone by their Qeynosian counterparts, the Coalition of Tradesfolke in West Freeport have refurbished their headquarters to provide more convenient facilities for crafters.

The Coalition of Tradesfolke building in West Freeport (right in front of the "cellar" crafting instance in WFP), long under-utilized, has received a facelift. I don't recommend crafting upstairs if you're claustrophobic, and large races may have issues, but for those who want a change of scene from the "cellar", you now have the option to craft up above, complete with writ givers, fuel vendor and the like. Those who prefer the traditional cellar setup will find it is still open, and still in the same spot as before.

Strength Imbued rings will now proc from ranged attacks.

These rings have always had a proc "on a successful melee attack" Now they are being changed to "on a successful attack ..." to cover both melee and ranged attacks. This should be a happy thing for those who prefer ranged combat and/or ranged pulling.

Di'Zok Ceremonial cloth armor is now more comparable to tranquil swiftcloth.

Stats for the armor have been boosted to 25 STA/25 WIS and 40 INT (up from 20/20/30) and +45 spell damage (up from 20). This puts it more in line with the T8 mastercrafted tranquil set, making it a more useful/desirable set for more than just looks.

The poisons Rilissian Vital Strike, Di'Zok Mental Strike, and Regimental Elixir of Combat are now more effective.

Di'Zok mental strike and Rilissian vital strike have both had their average triggers per minute raised from 3.0 to 4.9. The regimental elixir of combat has changed from double attacking 2% of the time to 4% of the time.

Harvesting tool buffs are now activated by using the tool, and can be cancelled. The effects will now persist through death.

I'm still wrapping my brain around this one. Right-click to "use" your tools and activate the 24-hour buff, then harvest as normal. No more having to re-equip after dying or any of that fun stuff. Plus, you can now click off the buff if you don't want the clutter. This last bit was apparently a frequent request from raiders and such. I'm not too keen on having to remember to apply the buff every 12 hours, given the way my memory works, but I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. Update: The buff was changed from a 12-hour buff to a 24-hour buff while still on Test. This puts the timer in-line with Solstice earring and mount buffs, which may help folks remember to re-apply it.

The Tradesman Service quest from each crafting society's Grandmaster now also awards a simple cloak (those who have already completed the quest can purchase it from the Grandmaster).

Have you finished the Tradesman Service quest? If so, right-click on the Grandmaster who offers this quest in your city, and you can purchase a level 30 cloak specific to your class. Every class will get one similar to the black one pictured below, but with a symbol appropriate to their crafting class. They also have + 75 vs heat and +5 to your profession's main crafting skill (artistry, etc.)
Cloak of the Provisioner
Tradesman Service quest
(new reward)
Formal Cloak of the Provisioner
Advanced Journeyman Service
(new quest & reward)

Grandmasters in the five starting cities now offer some new quests for tradeskillers who have assisted them previously.

Two new quests have been added. An "Avanced {insertclassnamehere} Service", which will award you a tier 5 advanced recipe book suitable to your class (including a new Provisioner Mastery 3 for the provisioners), and 750 faction with your city's home crafting society. Once you are finished with that, there is an Advanced Journeyman Service quest that will award you with a fancy "formal" cloak for your crafting class, a house item book, and 1000 faction with your city's home crafting society. The quest writeups linked above are pretty bare-bones right now, but will be fleshed out once the quests are released to all servers.

Appearances can be misleading ...

Rewinding slightly, the two items in Provisioner Mastery Volume 3 are: Frizznik's Projectile Gnomish Pudding (another thrown item, yield 10), and Vampiric Toothache (yield two 5-charge items), which grants a random vampire illusion for 2 hours and 24 minutes. (yields 2, each with 5 charges, and the illusion changes every time you zone.) Better look out, or your resident halfling ankle-biter just may sprout fangs! Both will need luminous material as a primary ingredient.

All handcrafted and mastercrafted chest and leg armor from 50-59 can now be imbued

You may remember that GU43 included the addition of imbues for the T7 speciality armor sets that did not have them. This update is yet another step in going back and fixing specialty sets in the various tiers to include imbues (tranquil, woven, etc.) and covers the chest and leg pieces of the various crafted armor types in tier six.

A lost recipe for a tynnonium stool has been recovered by carpenters.

This recipe will automagically appear in advanced carpenter volume 74, (and in the books of anyone who has already scribed it, of course). The stool is currently showing on Test as 1100 rent status reduction and a 0.2% rent coin reduction, and we're working on getting verification on if the coin rent reduction is intentional, or a copy/paste mis-carried over from the RoK faction furniture.

Other Items of Note

While there is also a change to arrows that is going in, which will be of interest to woodworkers that make/market arrows, it is a change on the combat side of things, and as such, I really won't comment here, other than to mention that the level on arrows will display differently now. (What, did you really expect me, of all people, to start spouting off about equippable levels vs actual levels, effectiveness and all that stuff? Folks would keel over in shock if I of all people, did that! :P)

There is also one lovely new feature that I wish to highlight. There is now a new filter category when you access the edit filter option in your recipe book for "Usable By". This allows you to filter by adventuring class. With this filter, you can zero in on spell recipes, for example, based on the class that can use the final product. (Example: you want your sage to pre-make all the tier 5 app IVs for your mystic. Set your recipe book filter to display only the sage essentials volumes 40-49, set the usable by filter to mystic, and voila! Only the recipes that create mystic app IVs in that tier will be displayed.)

Late-Breaking Addition - RoK Faction Jewelry

While this didn't make it in with the first round of GU44 Test patch notes, we did have advance word that there would be some additions to the RoK faction jewelry lineup.

Recipes for these items have been confirmed as now being on Test. The original RoK faction jewelry recipe is listed first, with the new addition listed in bold after it. All recipes will automagically appear in the books of jewelers who have already scribed the appropriate faction recipe books.

  • Di'Zok Hoop of Service (tynnonium)- STR/STA/WIS ear with +1 double attack chance. Di'Zok Hoop of Inspiration is a STR/STA/INT version of this item
  • Di'Zok Torque of Protection (fire emerald) - STR/STA/WIS neck with +5 defense. Di'Zok Torque of Inspiration is a STR/STA/INT version of this item.
  • Di'zok Belt of Devotion (chromatic essence)- str/sta/wis belt with a chance to cast mind wash (power increase) when target casts a spell. Di'Zok Belt of Inspiration is a str/sta/int version of this item
  • Rilissian Battle Bracelet (tynnonium cluster) - STR/STA/INT bracelet with +1 damage spell crit chance. A STR/STA/WIS version of this bracelet will be available that will either be called Rilissian Battle Bangle or Rilissian Combat Bracelet (waiting on a typo fix on Test to see which is the correct name).
  • Rilissian Girdle of Protection (fire emerald) - STR/STA/INT waist with +5 defense. Rilissian Girdle of Devotion is a STR/STA/WIS version of this item.
  • Riliss Girdle of Power (chromatic essence) - STR/STA/INT belt with 530 mitigation vs spell damage for caster's pet. Riliss Girdle of Service is a STR/STA/WIS version of this item
  • Sathirian Legion Bracelet (tynnonium) - STR/AGI/INT bracelet with +5 in-combat health regen per tick. Sathirian Legion Bangle is a STR/STA/AGI version of this item.
  • Sathirian Legion Earring (fire emerald) - earring with STR/AGI/INT and +5 combat power regeneration per tick. Sathirian Legion Hoop is a STR/AGI/WIS version of this item.

Other Odds and Ends

The Advanced Journeyman Service quest mentioned above had the resource requirements changed from tier 5 to tier 6 resources, to more properly match the level of the quest.

The carpenter RoK faction recipe for Statue of a Di'Zok Warrior that had been pulled from GU43 has been automagically added to the proper faction recipe book. (You can see what the item will look like here.)

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