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GU47 Crafting Preview

If you have spent any time on the Test server in the last couple of weeks, you will have noticed several new things in testing. For those of you who don't live on, or visit, the Test server, here is a preview of what is in store when GU47 goes Live. (Remember, this stuff is still only on Test, so all disclaimers about the possibility of change before it goes live are in effect.) At this time, we do not have a release date for this Game Update.

The new in-game voice chat feature (Vivox) is still being poked at on Test. Mum didn't try it out with her brand-new headset yet due to too little time and too many migraines, but it sounds really promising! Keep your eyes, and ears, tuned for more information soon.

Meanwhile, on with a breakdown of the Test Patch Notes of interest to crafters.

During "Storm Break" (GU47): The Void Tempests are continuing to threaten Norrath! Librarian Feldarn of Freeport's Academy of Arcane Science and Librarian Dungil of Qeynos' Concordium are looking for volunteers to help battle the onslaught of darkness from beyond.

The World Event involving the Void Storms progresses on to the next phase. Yes, there will be more storm-chasing and note collecting, but with a few differences. I am not going to go into detail, but if there were specific house items and such that you were collecting, get them before this update goes live. Some of the non-furniture rewards may have changed a bit, and the furniture rewards have definitely been changed. At this time, I do not have any teaser shots of the new furniture rewards from this event. (There's an issue with the Dressing Room being too zoomed in to view the items properly, and I don't have the time to spare to run through the event several times to buy any of the items right now.)

Qeynos and Freeport have broken ground on major construction projects just off of the coast of Antonica and Commonlands respectively. Visit the docks to see the new activity!

This hints at another large event on the horizon. Of immediate interest to crafters, however, who are used to running to the opposite faction city for crafting epic bits and the like, is the fact that things just got a bit more dangerous near the docks if you're of the wrong alignment. You may want to go back to taking the underground routes into Qeynos and Freeport, as there is an increased guard presence at both docks ... and they HURT! :D (Yep, Mum valiantly tested this for you by running her Freeport wizzie to the Qeynos docks to help with someone's epic. Ker-SPLAT!)

Update: Annnnnnddd, it seems that what it hints at is the start of construction on guild halls. No, we have no further details at this time. Trust me, when more information is available, I will let you know!

The cities of Neriak and Gorowyn now offer titles and other rewards for those who have earned faction with their city by completing writ quests.

If you are a resident of one of those cities, check out the appropriate faction merchants next time you're in town!

A new shade of formal wear is now also available to those who are ranked as ally with any city writ faction.

And that shade is black with nice shiny highlights!

There have also been some tweaks to some of the current crafting faction "Negotiator" clothing sets for evil folks and for Kelethin residents.

***DELAYED***DELAYED***In Other Item News: Worldwide equipment, ranging from level 1-59 (including heritage quest rewards), have been increased to create a better progression from Timorous Deep to level 80 Rise of Kunark zones. This increase includes accessories, armor, and weapons, as well as many tradeskill items. Shields and items with special effects have not yet been changed, but will be included in a future update. ***DELAYED***DELAYED***

When the RoK expansion was released, we found that items from drops and quests in Timorous Deep tended to be a bit better than stuff found in the "Old World". This is meant to balance items from that expansion with gear from other areas of the game, and will impact gear up through level 59, including "many" tradeskill items.

I don't have exact stats for you -- I hate giving stats while stuff is on Test, since things are still being tweaked. However, on the crafted front, expect to see stat boosts to crafted armor and main jewelry pieces (finger, wrist, ear, neck, waist). Secondary slot items (symbols, shields, etc.) and hex dolls have not yet been addressed, but are expected to be similarly tweaked in the future.

To clarify, by "boosts", I mean that there will be an increase on the stats. A ring with STR/STA/AGI, for example, should still be STR/STA/AGI, but the bonuses should be a bit higher. Armor with INT/STA should still be INT/STA, but with larger amounts to both. This should not impact mitigation and the like, at least on the crafted front, since that was revisted recently.

Again, note that the above armor/jewelry change for tradeskill stuff has been delayed, so that they can address some inconsistencies. Please see this post in the SOE forums for more details

House items now observe the 'Lore' flag, allowing only one of a lore item to be placed in a home. The 'lore' flag has been removed from house items and pets that are primarily decorative in nature.

Certain lore house items that have special effects to them are meant to stay lore, and your house has gotten smarter about not allowing a second one to be placed. Other items, that are mainly ornamental, have had the lore tag removed. The main thing that this impacts on the crafted furniture front is the Mirror of Reflected Achievements, and since you could never have more than one profile stored, no matter how many mirrors you tried to own, it should not be anything earth-shattering for us. :D

Non-ubiquitous adornments used to add damage to symbols (arcane ornament, viral ornament, noxious ornament etc) now affect combat arts as well as spells.

This is a pretty straightforward change to make some adornments that used to affect a certain type of spell damage (disease, cold, etc.) also affect combat arts of that type.

The ornate spoon, fork, and knife should place more accurately on flat surfaces.

Silverware quest rewards from the Feeding Duggin harvesting quests should no longer get eaten, or partially eaten by tables. :D

The city tradeskill societies are dealing with a bulk order for some new formal clothing, and require some assistance. Tradeskillers of the 60th rank or higher who have previously assisted their societies may speak to the Grandmaster for more details.

Those level 60+ crafters who have done the Grandmaster Quest series that starts with Journeyman Service will find that their Grandmaster will offer them a new quest that sends them up to Tenebrous Tangle. I'll have a quest writeup done "soon", but the reward is a formal ensemble and your choice of one of the level 60-69 Advanced books for your class.

This quest is pretty easy for a low-level adventurer to do, as long as they have access to T7 harvestables (which they should if they're level 60+ crafters!) Just be sure when you take the leap in Tenebrous Tangle to get to the bottom of the falls that you aim for the blue dot. Really. Watch out for those palm trees surrounding the water - they LOVE to eat halflings!

Tradeskillers who are skilled enough to see the tradeskill collection quests may find more rewards available in their travels.

At this time, we've found one new location for the red glowie collections, in Enchanted Lands. Reward for the completed collection is a housepet Gigglegibber Comfort Crate, that will wiggle and roll like a square-sided tumbleweed around your home. (Hey, what do you expect from a bunch of Gigglegibbers, after all? They're not the smartest cookies in the jar!) As with the other red glowie collections, you have to be wearing your Earring of the Solstice, and the collection pieces are LORE.

Squish those Bugs!

Summer is here, and Domino's busy zapping any bugs foolish enough to brave her halfling wrath:
  • The fuel requirement for imbued rosewood shields has been corrected.
  • The fuel requirement for ashen hearths has been corrected.
  • Armorers now have a recipe for imbued devout ebon greaves.
  • Imbued fulginate devout greaves can now be created.
  • Sparkling Cranberry Wine has been converted to Cranberry Cream Liqueur to avoid confusion with the existing Cranberry Sparkling Wine.

The only thing that comes to mind when reading the above is something that would be appropriate coming from Coyote and Radar: We don't want our devout types going pantsless into battle ... really. ;D

Faction merchants in Maj'dul courts are now selling a number of tier 5 Adept III recipe scrolls they were previously missing.

They actually mean tier six on this, but I'm quoting from the original Test patch notes for GU47. For those who have faction with one of the Maj'Dul Courts (Coin, Truth, Blades), you will find the Tier 6 (level 52-58) Ancient Teaching Scrolls for sale on the faction vendors inside your Court. They are, of course, no trade.

I would like to remind folks that court faction can be gained by lower-level adventurers via the tradeable/sellable tokens. As with everything, though, it isn't going to be easy/cheap if you're not the adventuring type. Been there, done that, for more than one of my crafting alts, and it is doable. I know that won't stop some people from complaining, but there is nothing on this earth that will stop it all, no matter what is/is not done, but I reserve the right to gnaw upon anyone who tries to whine, kvetch, moan, whimper, gripe, grump or otherwise complain to me about it. :D

Also due down the road with GU48 (not 47, I mis-read) - crafting faction increases.

Amounts are NOT set in stone at this time, but the amount of city crafting faction that you will receive for city tradeskill writs will be increased with the release of GU48. When we know more, we'll let you know, but details may not be hammered out until my GU48 preview, whenever that may be.

That's All for Now!

If any new information surfaces before this Game Update goes Live, I will post notes at the bottom of this page. I will also try to keep folks posted if I hear of a release date for this update.

Update #1, July 24. The crafted armor and jewelry stat revamp has been delayed until GU48 to hammer out some questions about progression. This announcement can be found in the SOE forums, along with word that faction rewards for city crafting writs (just your home city, NOT the RoK crafting writs) will be increased with GU48.

Update #2, July 26 in the wee hours: The construction at the docks that I mentioned above due to the good/evil splat faction is the start of work on guild halls. Yayyyyyy!!

Update #3, July 29: Game Update 47 is currently due to be released on Thursday, July 31

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