Rares by Adventuring Class: Scouts

Can't tell your figwart from your mantrap? Uncertain what rares you should be scrounging for mastercrafted gear as you level up? Here's a down-and-dirty guide, just for scouts!

Tier Armor Weapon Bow/Shield Jewelry (STR/STA/AGI) Experts Cloak & Dolls Imbue Material
1 bronze cluster bronze cluster or
severed alder
severed alder copper cluster solidified loam NONE NONE
2 blackened iron cluster blackened iron cluster
or severed bone
severed bone silver cluster alkaline loam sisal root glowing material
3 steel cluster steel cluster or
severed fir
severed fir palladium cluster malleable loam dandelion fiber sparkling material
4 feysteel cluster feysteel cluster or
severed oak
severed oak ruthenium cluster ductile loam oak root glimmering material
5 ebon cluster ebon cluster or
severed cedar
severed cedar rhodium cluster fused loam figwart root luminous material
6 cobalt cluster cobalt cluster or
severed ironwood
severed ironwood vanadium cluster alkalai loam saguaro root lambent material
7 xegonite cluster xegonite cluster or
rough lumbered ebony
rough lumbered ebony acrylia cluster spongy loam nimbus root scintillating material
8 incarnadine cluster incarnadine cluster or
mahogany lumber
mahogany lumber tynnonium cluster silicate loam mantrap root smoldering material
9 brellium ore brellium ore or eucalyptus lumber eucalyptus lumber brellium ore* ulteran diamond toxnettle root ethereal material
10 tungsten ore tungsten ore or bubinga lumber bubinga lumber (shield, no bow available yet) tungsten ore* black star sapphire none yet this tier effulgent material
*=T9&10 changes the rare jewelry to mostly use the rare ore. The exception to this is some T9 jewelry from Quel'ule faction recipes.

Crafters Needed

Seek out an armorer for your armor. Tailors will make your cloak and hex dolls; jewelers will make your spells, and jewelry; woodworkers make your bow, round shields and ammo; weaponsmiths make metal weapons. When you have a crafted weapon created, you will likely want the "imbued" (not blessed), version.

Other Notes

Tiers: I know folks can be confused by the tier-thing, so here's the breakdown:

The only exception to the above are mastercrafted hex dolls, which are at the start of the tier (10, 20, etc.)

Armor: There are multiple flavors of chain armor to choose from: Chainmail (STR/STA/AGI), Brigandine (STA/WIS/INT), Reverent (STR/WIS/INT), and Melodic (STR/AGI/INT).

Shields: While many scouts dual wield weapons, there may be situations where they use a shield in their secondary. When they do, they are allowed to use a round shield, which will use the same rare as a bow from the same tier.

Jewelry: While scouts typically use STR/STA/AGI on their jewelry, there are some times when they'll want a piece of INT/WIS/STA jewelry as well, especially if they're a dirge who gets part of their power pool from INT. In addition to rings, earrings, bracelets and the like, there are also various other jeweler-made items from the rare root (scarves) and rare hide (belt, tomes), but since there is a jewelry revamp in-progress, giving class-specific recommendations on these will have to wait.

Dolls: Hex dolls begin in tier 2, cloaks become available in tier 3. Neither are yet available in T10, since we only have a partial tier, and the recipes are later in the tier.

Experts: the following level 70 scout experts were part of the EoF expansion (when the level cap was 70), and use the tier 7 rare, spongy loam, instead of the tier 8 loam. Make sure to check with your jeweler before obtaining the rare for these experts, in case there have been any recent changes to them.

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