GU52 Sneak Peek

Game Update 52 is almost ready to hit the Test server, and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at some of the GU52 tradeskill goodies. (Mind you, this will only be a teaser, without a lot of hard details right now, but this will be followed by a proper preview once we have had a couple days to poke at it on the Test server.)

Grab your drool cloths, and let's take a look, shall we?

{screeeeech} Whoops, rewind one moment first. I almost forgot the standard disclaimer: These items are about to go onto the Test Server. This means that stats displayed below may still change based on testing and feedback. Please make sure that if you're providing feedback to SOE on any of this that you make it constructive feedback, telling why something is/is not a happy thing, k? :D

All right, now for the drool cloths!

Tell Me a Story, Spin Me a Tale

Imagine being able to place a beautifully-bound history of your guild in your guildhall, or share a favorite tale of your persona's escapades with friends. With GU52, you'll be able to publish your writings into in-game book form, with a Sage's assistance. (Level 50+ Sages will be able to craft the actual books for you, once they complete a quest in the Isle of Mara.)

While we had been hearing mention of these player-created books for the last few weeks, I was still happily surprised when I saw these pictures of them. Look at the lovely variety of bindings that are in store for us! What a beautiful way to spice up a library!

Other than that, about all I can tell you at this point is that the differences between all the books are totally cosmetic - different covers and the fact that some will stand up, and some will lie flat on your shelf, desk, etc. (Don't worry, once we can poke at these, we'll make sure to note which ones stand vs. which ones lie flat.)

Ranged Items & Hex Doll Revamp!

This one is definitely starting me drooling, once I saw the screenshots! Not only are crafted bows, bandoliers, satchels and the like getting a revamp for those who use ranged attacks, but hex dolls are, at long last, getting some love! They have long been on the list of "things that need a review once time permits", and it seems their time is now! (Yep, a lot of exclamation points in this one, aren't there? I've been yearning for improvements to hex dolls for ages, and my monk is already twitchy for a new sheath!)

So far, what we know of how this will work is the following: Already-existing hex dolls will automagically upgrade to the newer, beefier stats. The ranged weapons, however, will be totally new items, so that those people that are attached to a specific stat spread don't find them changing to very different stats overnight.

Visions In Blue

Cruel, evil, naughty, wicked SOE! To send me something like the below picture, and then tell me that this is only "some", not all, of the new player-crafted furniture coming out in GU52. Evil redhead that I am, I am passing the torture along to you folks with no additional details.

Evil. Absolutely wicked to torment us like this, right? {grin}

What Now?

I get the feeling that there are more crafting-related surprises in store for us with GU52, but, like the rest of you, I won't know for sure until GU52 is patched to the Test server. (I can't give you a date right now, but I am hoping that by next week, I may have something to poke at over on the Test server. {fingers crossed}

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