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GU52: Player-Made Books - A Closer Look

This is a closer look at the player-created Notebooks that will be released with GU52, including a closer look at the lovely bindings on each of them. For the full GU52 crafting writeup, please see The Denmum Diaries, Vol. 1".

As you can see from the above, the book orientation alternates, with the books lying flat in Tier 1, standing in Tier 2, lying in Tier 3, and so on. Other than that and the different covers/bindings, there is no difference between the notebooks - all hold the same amount of text.

Additional Details

When GU52 is released, sages who are level 50 or higher can do a very straightforward little quest to obtain the recipes for crafting the 16 notebook styles. You must have completed at least the basic quest series from Ingrid on the docks in Mara, thus earning the trust of the Mara residents, before you can obtain the notebook quest from Meledi Augren.

Sages will need both common and rare hides for these lovely books, so if you have lagged behind on your trapping skills, now might be a good time to work on them! In addition, they will need some roots, common gems and common soft metal from the appropriate tier. (There is 1 common and 1 rare book in each tier.) Naming for the blank books is "{leathername} Leather Notebook", such as Rawhide Leather Notebook.

Players who purchase the sage-made notebooks will find that there is an Edit option at the bottom of the book, when they examine the book and select Read. A progress bar at the bottom will tell you how full you have already filled the book, and that will allow you to save the contents, change the language, etc.

Once a player has begun to write in a notebook, no other player can write in that same book. They can, however, read the contents, see who wrote the book, see who crafted the book, etc.

Authors will have the option to Copy the book into another empty notebook while the book is in inventory. Also while the book is in inventory, the original author can select the Read option, and then Edit it. (Which is quite handy when you find a typo, as I did when prepping the screenshots for this article!)

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