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Furniture - GU52 Carpenter Items

These images are now incorporated into the main furniture gallery pages by type. However, I'm having issues editing the left-hand navigation menu, so this page is going to sit here until the hubbyogre has time to help me clean the menu up.

These are items that can be crafted from "A History of Exotic Furnishings", a level 70 tradeable carpenter book from the Estate of Unrest. (Book is found on the second floor, in Jessa's bedroom, a small stack of books on a table.)

Click on the images below for recipe information as well as larger & more detailed versions of the images.

All items except for the last two (Ornate Redwood Bookend and Damask Pillow) require the T8 rare wood, mahogany lumber, and grant 1100 rent status reduction. Those last two take common materials and grant 125 rent status reduction.

Elegant Mahogany Couch
Elegant Mahogany Dining Chair
Octagonal Mahogany Gaming Table
Mahogany Long Bench
Mahogany Crib
Octagonal Mahogany Table
Ornate Mahogany Couch
Ornate Mahogany Dining Chair
Padded Mahogany Stool
Mahogany Short Bench
Carved Mahogany Rattle
Mahogany Bedside Table
Mahogany Coffee Table
Mahogany Dining Table
Mahogany Dresser
Ornate Redwood Bookend
Damask Pillow

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