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Denmum Diaries, Vol 3.: Tinkerfest 2009

Welcome to the first annual Tinkerfest! Be careful when you are traveling around large congregations of gnomes*, as there seem to be even more cogs and sprockets and such scattered around them than usual! (*The main areas for glowies and cogs will be Baubbleshire, Temple Street, and Steamfont. In addition, questing can lead you to the other clusters of gnomes throughout the land: Gorowyn, Kelethin, Neriak, Moors of Ykesha, Bonemire, Solusek's Eye.)

Tinkerfest will be a limited-duration Live Event. It is currently expected to be available from July 24 starting at 12:01 a.m. PDT, through August 3, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

While the concept of gnomes celebrating the wonders of gnomehood, complete with jugs of "cheer" may sound like a recipe for disaster when you think of some of their more infamous tinkering mishaps, this event seems to be relatively catastrophe-free! {trips over a stray cog lying on the ground} It also isn't just for those who have learned the Tinkering skill, although they will get a bit more out of it than your average adventurer.

The Festivities

Once the event is live, make sure that you have studied up on your gnomish language (primers sold in gnome starting villages), and then either head directly to Gnomeland Security in Steamfont Mountains, or use the handy one-way teleporter thingamabob found at the other clusters of gnomes mentioned in the first paragraph to warp there.

While you travel around these gnomish areas, you will find lots of Shiny Tinkerfest Cogs (cleverly hidden as glowing "!") and purple glowies to harvest. Scrounge those cogs, as you're going to want them for shopping and/or crafting binges!

Once you're at Gnomeland Security, the questgiver, Didyma (at roughly -576, 170, 999) will offer you two quests. One is a repeatable quest, "Tinkerfest Cheer", to deliver cheer {hic} to the celebrating gnomes in other areas (same spots as listed in the first paragraph, other than Steamfont. (This repeatable quest rewards you with some Gnomish Spirits (below) and a house item Tinkerer's Cup.) The other is a minor crafting quest, "Friendly Competition", to aid a gnome over by the battleclocks. Regardless of your tinkering ability, or lack thereof, he will want your aid in collecting some ingredients from around the zone, then crafting them into a battleclock. (The no-trade recipe book, Battleclock Blueprints 1.1, requires level 2 Artisan to scribe.) While the recipe requires dull black coal, don't fret if you didn't bring any with you, as there's a Tinkering Supplies vendor beside the Gnomeland Security work bench that can sell you the 5 that you need.

And that is pretty much it for the questing, unless you trip over a Guide running a special Tinkerfest quest. These are gnomes, after all, with 2-track minds: tinkering and partying.

The (Vendor-Only) Goodies

However, that isn't the end to the goodies. Remember those Shiny Tinkerfest Cogs? There is a vendor here that will sell you various goodies in return for these fast-respawn items, and tinkers can put them to use in several new recipes. (As with events such as Erollisi Day and Nights of the Dead, the special ingredient is only available during the event. If you stockpile them, however, they can be used in the event recipes all year long.)

While many of the house items sold on the vendor can also be made from new tinkering recipes, several of them are vendor-only, so you'll want to plan out your cog-spending in advance. In addition to the house items, the vendor also sells a level 400 tinkering recipe "Master Tinker's Companion Blueprints 1.0" and "Tinkerfest Blueprints 1.0", which requires 25 tinkering skill to scribe (but the recipes contained within it are skill 125). Both recipe books are no-trade, and cost 10 cogs apiece.

Other vendor-only items include:
Automated Rockpicker
Celebration of Spring Sculpture
Large Carbonite Gear (inactive)
Large Rhodium Gear
Active & Inactive versions

Large Tinkered Lamppost
Medium Rhodium Gear
Active & Inactive versions
Small Rhodium Gear
Active & Inactive versions
Small Rusty Gear
Active & Inactive versions
Small Tinkered Lamppost
Small Velium Gear
Active & Inactive versions
Spoked Carbonite Gear
Active & Inactive versions

Spoked Rhodium gear
Active & Inactive versions
Spoked Rusty Gear**

Spoked Rusty Gear**
Active & Inactive versions

Spoked Velium Gear
Active & Inactive versions
Tinkerer's Cup
(same as the quest reward)
Tinkerer's Regulat-o-tron
Vertically Aligned Ronium
Gear (Inactive)
Vertically Aligned Velium
Gear (Inactive)
Tinkerfest Memorial Sculpture

**There are three versions of the Spoked Rusty Gear - "Spoked Rusty Gear", "Spoked Rusty Gear (Active)", and "Spoked Rusty Gear (Inactive)". The Active & Inactive versions share one graphic, the one without either tag has a different graphic.

As one might guess "active" versions have some movement/animation, the "inactive" versions do not.

The Crafted Goodies

As mentioned above, the "Tinkerfest Blueprints 1.0" recipe book requires 25 tinkering to scribe (recipes are 125 difficulty). The primary ingredient for all of the house items is a Shiny Tinkerfest Cog ground spawn. Common ingredients are T3 common harvests (pliant loam, agate, gold, carbonite), and each requires 7 dull black coal for fuel. Fireworks (flowery, foamy, rainbow) require the same tier of common ingredients, and the same fuel, but do not require a cog. (This makes them great for an alternate tinkering grinding item.) Click on an image below to get the exact recipe for that item.

Green Clockwork Lamppost
Green Mechanized Lamppost
Ornate Gold Gear
Plain Tinkered Chest
Red Clockwork Lamppost
Red Mechanized Lamppost
Rusty Tinkerer's Lantern
Tinkered Carbonite Divider
Tinkered Gold Divider
Tinkerer's Bed
Tinkerer's Bookcase
Elaborate Tinkerer's Chest
Tinkerer's Fancy Chair
Tinkerer's Lantern
Tinkerer's Long Bench
Tinkerer's Mechanokinetic Sconce
Tinkerer's Mining Lantern
Tinkerer's Mining Sconce
Tinkerer's Mug
Tinkerer's Ornate Chair
Tinkerer's Piezoelectric Sconce
Tinkerer's Round Table
Tinkerer's Short Bench
Tinkerer's Worktable

In addition to the above, those with 400 Tinkering can purchase "Master Tinker's Companion Blueprints 1.0", a no-trade recipe. This recipe creates a no-trade scroll that you then scribe to gain a fluff pet Master Tinkerer's Companion. This pet is a personal fluff pet version of the tinkered inspiration housepet glowie reward. Those who do not have 400 Tinkering skill will be unable to scribe the tinker-crafted scroll to gain the ability to summon the pet, so the only time this should be commissioned is if you have a 400 Tinker friend who missed out on buying and scribing the recipe.

The Glowies

The purple glowie collection (which is visible to the naked eye, with no extra item needed in order to see them) will spawn in any of the listed gnomish areas. The collection consists of seven items, which can be traded/sold/etc. The reward, along with your standard xp and AA, is "a tinkered inspiration", a no-trade housepet for your home or guildhall.

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