Tradeskill Racial Traits

Unlocking racial abilities/traditions every 10 levels works off adventuring or tradeskill level, whichever is higher. (So, if you are a level 80 crafter, but only a level 20 adventurer, you get to choose eight traditions, instead of 2.)

The tradition options will be broken into the following categories, and you can mix & match at will to customize your character: Attribute, Combat, Noncombat, Pools (health/power), Resist, Tradeskill. Of course, since this is a tradeskill site, we will only cover the tradeskill abilities. If you wish a complete breakdown of all racial abilities, Zam has a compilation of them.

That is a lot of information to wade through, so let me break it down in a few different ways for you:

Generic Plusses

+ Success Chance + Durability + Progress Durability/Success*
Aerakyn 2% 2% 2%  
Arasai 2%   2%  
Barbarian   +2/round   1/1
Dark Elf 2%   2%  
Dwarf   +2/round +2/round   1/1
Erudite 2% +2/round  
Fae   +2/round 2%,2%
Freeblood 2%   2%
Froglok   +2/round 1/1
Gnome 2%   2%  
Halfling   +2/round 2%  
Half Elf 2%   2%  
High Elf 2% +2/round    
Human 2%   2%  
Iksar 2%     1/1
Kerra 2%   2%  
Ogre   +2/round     1/1
Ratonga 2%   2%  
Sarnak   +2/round   1/1
Troll   +2/round   1/1
Wood Elf   +2/round 2%  
*This field is for a single tradition that affects both, as opposed to separately-bought durability and success chance traditions

Power Cost Reduction on Class Reaction Arts

Alchemist Armorer Carpenter Jeweler Provisioner Sage Tailor Weaponsmith Woodworker Transmuting Tinkering
Aerakyn           10%        
Arasai                 10%    
Dark Elf           10%          
Dwarf           10%          
Erudite                     10%
Fae           10%        
Freeblood 10%                    
Froglok 10%                    
Gnome               10%     25% (innate)
Halfling             10%        
Half Elf                      
High Elf             10%        
Iksar   10%         10%        
Kerra 10%                    
Ogre         10%     10%      
Ratonga 10%                    
Sarnak           10%   10%      
Wood Elf       10%         10%    
(Currently, gnome has a power cost reduction for weaponsmith reaction arts, but the percentage was not listed)

Plus to Base Skill

Alchemist Armorer Carpenter Jeweler Provisioner Sage Tailor Weaponsmith Woodworker Transmuting Tinkering
Arasai       +5           +5  
Barbarian +5   +5   +5            
Dark Elf   +5                  
Dwarf         +5            
Erudite +5                    
Fae                 +5    
Freeblod +5 +5 +5 +5  +5  +5  +5  +5  +5 +5  +5 
Froglok           +5          
Gnome     +5               +10 (innate)
Halfling       +5              
Half Elf     +5 +5              
High Elf       +5   +5          
Human +5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5  
Iksar +5                    
Kerra             +5   +5    
Ogre   +5                  
Ratonga     +5         +5      
Sarnak     +5                
Troll       +5 +5            
Wood Elf                      

Other Class-Based Plusses

Alchemist Armorer Carpenter Jeweler Provisioner Sage Tailor Weaponsmith Woodworker
Dark Elf +2 durability/round                
Dwarf               +2 durability/round  
Erudite           +2 durability/round      
Freeblood +2 durability/round              
Froglok               +2 durability/round  
Gnome +2 durability/round                
Halfling         5% success chance        
Half Elf                 +2 durability/round
High Elf                  
Human             +2 durability/round    
Troll   2% success chance              
Wood Elf             2% success chance     



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