GU54 Crafting & Event Overview

GU54 will be released on December 9, 2009. Frostfell will be released on December 10, 2009

Game Update 54 has is on the Test server, and while, at first blush, it looks like mainly quest bug/typo fixes, there is a lot more to it than that. (It also doesn't come close to mentioning everything that will be available in this GU.) Before I dive into the details, here are a few standard reminders and disclaimers:

Patch Notes - Condensed!

I've taken the liberty of condensing the full Test patch notes into something a bit more relevant to crafters and housing junkies. It still makes for a pretty huge list, but, thankfully, not all of them need extra explanation! I've also juggled the order of listing them a bit, to make it a bit easier to sort through.

On top of things that haven't made it onto Test yet (like the event that causes some hubub in West Freeport), there are a couple things already on Test not mentioned in the patch notes, like crafted backpacks getting more oomph, and, oh, gee ... Frostfell, perhaps?

Make sure you're comfy in that chair, and your drool cloth is handy, as we dive into a deeper look at all of the above!


City Festivals!

The Far Seas Trading Company loves to make money (who doesn't?!), and they have settled on a lovely way to bring in some extra coin. A traveling Faire that will visit a different city each month, with all sorts of wonderful things to buy. Some of the items will be city-specific, others will be a regular part of their offerings.

The Cliff Notes version the event: once a month, a festival will set up outside a main city (The event started on Test with Qeynos, but we are unsure which city will host the first one on live servers, sometime in January.) The festival will last for one week, and there will be vendors with: temporary appearance slot clothing, permanent house items and appearance clothing, food & drink and one city-specific furniture vendor. There will also be a quest NPC from whom you can earn heirloom city tokens that can be spent at not only the current festival, but any future festival. The festival sets up far enough away from the gates to be safe from patrolling guards, for those who are disliked in that city. The current host city will also have a special purple glowie collection during the event. Once the week is over, the festival closes up shop, and disappears until the next month, where it will appear in another city.

Update: Unlike past events, where you're scrambling to get tokens within a limited timeframe, you should have plenty of time to stockpile before, during and after each event. Once GU54 goes live, you will be able to earn tokens, whether the festival is active or not, by completing city & tradeskill writs. Yes, we mean you can earn tokens before the first festival even starts!

That's all well and good for those who tend to skim previews (and thus miss a lot of important little details), but for those of you who want something meatier about this upcoming new event, check out the City Festivals event writeup.

Update: It is expected that the first City Festival will occur in January, so as not to collide with Frostfell.


Norrath's annual mid-winter holiday is back on Test, with all sorts of goodies. In addition to last year's goodies, there will be several new quests, a few new gifts, and three new recipe books. This, too, will be a separate writeup, that will be linked in to this article in the next few days. While you're waiting for details, you can always refresh your memory, by looking over the Frostfell 2008 Craftables page, and the Glacial Furniture page, both found in the Events section of the site. The Glacial Furniture page has been updated with the Frostfell 2009 items ... take a look at that bed!

Edit: For those who are new to Frostfell in Norrath, here is a brief introduction to the event. If you'd rather, you can hop directly to the Frostfell 2009 Craftables Gallery. Added note: 13 items that had been discontinued from earlier years have been added to the new recipe books, including some stockings, candles, sconces, eggnog and cranberries!

Enchanted Grottos

There are a few tweaks incoming to Enchanted Grottos ("Moonlight Enchantments" event). Note that, since these are bundled with GU54, they will be available on Test for the November 20th event, but will not be seen on live servers until the December version of the event.

When you combine all of the above together, you will no longer be able to camp in an grotto instance for days on end, waiting for the new items to be patched to the live servers (thus getting the items between-events, before the rest of the server can get them), you won't have to keep deleting the cleansing water after running through cleaning up corrupted naiads, and we'll be seeing some new items on the vendors "soon".

In addition, there are five new items that will be available on the grotto merchants. (Three in Antonica, one in Darklight Woods, one in Nek) We'll have size comparisons for you later, but here, hot off the presses after the event hit Test, here's what is in store for us:

Watery Platform
Cloudy Square
Crystal Mosaic Square
Starry Square
Stony Lichen Square

Note that these items are solid and have texture from the underside as well as the top. (I've already seen a lovely cloudy "sky" as the ceiling in one room of a Test guildhall!)

If you aren't familiar with this monthly event, you can check out the Moonlight Enchantments guide in the Events section of the site.

Shard of Love

The access quest for the Shard of Love will be removed when GU54 goes live, so if you want to get the rewards/xp/aa from doing the quest, do so now! Once this goes live, any adventurer level 50 or above can access the zone without need for the access quest.

Quellithulian Spires

Finish your work on the spires event now, get your shopping done, earn your title, finish up any incomplete spires, etc. When GU54 goes live, you will no longer be able to quest and earn tokens. (You will be able to shop from the vendors, but the quest NPCs will be removed. Also note that there will be a spire surname title available from the vendors, for 50 tokens.)

"Prelude Event"

Strange events are afoot in Qeynos and Freeport! Intrepid adventurers should seek out Royal Librarian Brinn in Qeynos Harbor and Sir Tallen Yevix in West Freeport.
As the next expansion looms ever-closer, things are starting to heat up a bit. (Hmmm, just what is going on with all the rubble in West Freeport, eh?) Both Qeynos and Freeport will have questlines delving deeper into the lore from their city's perspective, with a chance to earn a title and a house item. While I won't be covering this non-crafting event, here is a small teaser, showing the Qeynos version's house item.

Crafting Faction/Quests

New Ways to RoK Faction

This part of the patch notes will apparently be changing a bit. Kunark crafting factions, which used to only allow crafters to craft their way to warmly, will now allow them to quest to ally status!

But wait, there's more! Tired of grinding Bathezid's Watch, Riliss and Danak Shipyards faction over and over with those above-mentioned crafting writs? New daily quests will be offered in each of these three Kunarkian areas that allow crafters to get away from the crafting area and earn faction and coin.

You must have first completed New Lands, New Profits in order to obtain the Bathezid and Riliss quests, and then High Risks, Higher Profits in order to obtain the Danak quest.

You will be able to obtain one quest per faction per day (so 3 quests a day if you do all 3 factions), and the quests cycle through several offerings. Update: While there may be some changes and additions, you can find the RoK Daily Faction Quests writeup here

Far Seas Supply Division Faction

Guild status for doing crafting missions? Yippee! From what I've seen on Test, it will be 15987 status points as a level 80 crafter.

With regards to Rescuing the Relics, I haven't seen it cycle through yet on Test. However, the changes mentioned above mean that you can no longer /camp or zone out to reset the instance if you can't find the last few relics, but you also won't need to find the entire 50 anymore.

Further details on Far Seas Supply Division quests, for those unfamiliar with them, can be found here.

Other Stuff Requiring Comments

Storage Space!

40-slot strongboxes, how yummy! However, tailors are not left out! It didn't make it into the patch notes, but all tailored back packs have been increased in storage size to match the strongboxes from the same tier. Strongboxes have also had their weight changed from 100 to 10.


Those completing the missions from the Chronomancers were able to purchase a plushie to celebrate the event, but only on the day that they completed the mission. Due to how missions are tracked in the quest journal (deleted after completion, so you can repeat it on the next cycle through), the vendors weren't able to keep track of past accomplishments. While this has now been fixed going forward, after this patch you'll have to repeat any mission for which you want the plushie, in order for it to be properly recorded.

What, you didn't know about the plushies? Elquinjena did up a writeup about the Chronomage Missions and Rewards.


No more trying to climb trees in order to harvest stuff in Nek Forest, nor watching the incredible levitating ore nodes in KP. However, if you're harvesting in Sinking Sands, you may want to scout a bit more carefully for a handy palm tree to climb, as some mobs are a bit more feisty/nasty than they were before!

Housing Layout Files

I suspect most of us could find much more suitable notes to leave in our housing layout files, to make it easier to remember which layout was for which special design and such! :P

Hair Of the Dog

Also known as "Mounts will dump you on your rump if you try to ride while intoxicated" (Hair of the dog is a quested "fun" recipe that provisioners can earn/make, that makes you appear to fall down drunk. Practice safe drinking, and don't drink and ride, k? :D)

More December Additions


While I could personally wish that the items crafted achievements counted the totals per account, instead of counting each alt separately, I know some of you are demented enough to grind out the 75,000 items needed for this achievment on a single alt. Should you be insane enough to do so, you will be rewarded with credit for the achievement as well as house items.

Cure Potions

Having all four cure (remedy) potions as red vials in inventory has been a pain on certain raids, when you need a different remedy for each major encounter, and you are trying to cure yourself in a hurry. Now, instead of trying to remember which one is on what function key, you can try to remember them by color:

Corrections, Updates and Additions

Something always gets added and/or changed after I write these. This section will give you a brief summary of changes made after I post the overview, so you can then scroll up through this page and easily find the new information.

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