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This information is part of the preview of the Sentinel's Fate expansion, and is not yet available on Live servers. As with all content in beta testing, it can be changed before launch. Please see the the Sentinel's Fate Information Clearinghouse for further information on the expansion as well as links to the other image galleries for this expansion.

Once scholars have completed the SF crafting questline, they will likely wish to focus on the Quel'Ule Researchers faction, as that faction vendor will carry the faction recipes for the scholar classes.

I would like to remind Scholars, again, that in Tier 9, there is no loam. Alchemists will make fighter Experts from the tier's rare soft metal (kaborite cluster). Jewelers will make scout Experts from the tier's rare gem (ulteran diamond).


In addition to another tier of potions, poisons and fighter combat arts, alchemists get a faction recipe book for three special potions, as well as a quest to bulk-convert the rare byproduct dusts.

The three potions are as follows, and each uses the Tier 9 rare byproduct dust, ethereal dust:

  • Quel'Ule Cocktail: 10 uses, level 80, all - 10 second duration. Elemental, Arcane and Noxious debuff that also causes disease, cold and mental damage on the target. Affects level 50 and above mobs.
  • Quel'Ule Potion of Arcane Destruction: 10 uses, level 80, all - 15 minute buff. Chance to proc on any successful combat or spell attack, 308 magical and 308 mental damage on target
  • Quel'Ule Potion of Divine Wrath: 10 uses, level 80, all - 15 minute buff. Chance to proc on any successful combat or spell attack, 492 divine damage on target, 270 heal on caster.


It should be noted that resists on tier 9 raid gear was rumored to be a thing of the past, making the often-unwanted crafted resist jewelry more desireable.

In addition to another tier of jewelry and scout combat arts, jewelers get a faction recipe that contains some very nice level 89 mastercrafted jewelry.

  • Quelling Orb
  • Quelling Sash
  • Stonebound Band
  • Stonebound Belt
  • Stonebound Bracelet
  • Stonebound Stud
  • Thinker's Band
  • Thinker's Bracelet
  • Thinker's Earring

If time permits, I'll grab stat details for all of these (or if someone else has some spare time and beta jeweler access, please feel free to post details in our forums and I'll grab the information from there.


Naturally, you have another tier of spells for mages and priests. In addition, your faction recipe book from the Quel'ule faction contains two 30-minute duration temporary adornment scrolls that boost crits (one increases crit chance, the other increases the crit bonus.)

That faction recipe book will also contain three new notebooks:

Mottled Leather Notebook
Spotted Leather Notebook
Quel'ule Researchers Notebook
Mottled Leather Notebook
Spotted Leather Notebook
Quel'ule Researchers Notebook

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