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GU56 - Travel Changes

This supporting article is part of the GU56 Housing & Crafting Preview. These new travel features and changes will be available when GU56 is released in late-May.

The travel system is being streamlined quite a bit. Some of the major changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Integrating various bell systems (Kunark, Antonica, Commonlands, etc)
  • Removing the shrub harvest requirement from druid rings, and allowing ring-to-ring travel from those shrubs
  • Smooshing all the guild hall bell access into a single bell - each of the current bells will get a unique look, and all of them will access the same points
  • Tying various remote areas, such as Sinking Sands, into the bell system
  • Easing up on some of the visit requirements for in-zone travel, again, such as Sinking Sands
  • Spire portal was added to Quel'ule

There is so much going on with the travel changes, and so much still changing at the drop of a hat on Test that some of this information is likely to be changed before you even read this. However, I'm hoping it will give you enough basic idea as to how the system will work that it will be slightly easier for you to get used to the changes quickly, once this is released.

How to Get There From Here

Traveling via the bells may look something like this:

If the bells don't have the zone that you wish to visit, then using it to travel to one of the spots that has both wizard spires and a druid ring (Antonica, Commonlands, Butcherblock), will likely get you where you wish to be.

Clicking on a druid portal, or on the shrub at any druid ring should present you with something that looks like this:

Then there are the ulteran spire/wizard portals:

Last, but not least, there is the griffon network:

Guild Amenities

Before GU56, if you want a fully stocked travel area in your hall, you need: wizard portal NPC, druid port NPC, Shattered Lands bell, Faydwer Bell, Mara Bell (or the naiad plushie), Kunark bell, Flying Carpet and the Overrealm spires.

How about rolling all those bells and the carpet into one, shall we? It really doesn't matter which one you decide to keep, other than the appearance - all of them will give you the same locations.

So, since folks around here like to focus on the looks, let's see what the choices are!

First off, the Sinking Sands carpet and the Shattered Lands bell will keep their current look.

Kunark Bell
Mara Bell
Faydwer Bell

Each of the above bells is animated, with the ship's wheel moving on the Kunark one, and various bits and bobs slowly spinning on the Mara and Faydwer bells. In addition, the Faydwer bell image will be the bell version used as the default bell for most places around Norrath.

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