GU56 - New Halas Buyables

This supporting article is part of the GU56 Housing & Crafting Preview.

There were so many lovely items added to the New Halas housing vendors that they deserve a separate page all to themselves! These items include: basic coldain crate, frosty Halasian barrels, Halasian barrels, Halasian andiron, Unlit Halasian Andiron, reinforced Halasian chest, simple Halasian chest, sturdy Halasian chest, blue odyssey wool rug, elaborate coldain crate, Halasian bench, Halasian feasting table, Halasian hardbound book, hanging Halasian coals, round rug of the frigid waves, and woven rug of the protector.

Yep, Mum isn't the greatest at fancy screenshots, but at least those images above gave you a bit of an idea until Kaisha had time to work her magic ...

Basic Coldain Crate
Blue Odyssey Wool Rug
Elaborate Coldain Crate
Frosty Halasian Barrels
Halasian Andiron
Halasian Barrels
Halasian Bench
Halasian Feasting Table
Halasian Hardbound Book
Hanging Halasian Coals
Reinforced Halasian Chest
Round Rug of the Frigid Waves
Simple Halasian Chest
Sturdy Halasian Chest
Unlit Halasian Andiron
Woven Rug of the Protector

Then, since we've never really covered them before, offerings that you'll find on most housing vendors throughout the land:

Enchanter's Candelabra
Market Board

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