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DoV: General Crafting Information

This is part of the Destiny of Velious expansion preview. As with all other parts of the expansion preview, information was gathered during the beta testing phase, and last-minute changes are always a possibility. Note that this expansion contains content for level 85+ crafters.

General Expansion Information

Destiny of Velious, the EverQuest 2 expansion that will launch on February 22, is aimed at level 86+ adventurers and level 85+ crafters. Access to the new area for those who own the expansion will be via an othmir on the Sinking Sands Docks. (Note: If you haven't already been through the prequel quest to learn a bit of the lore, and to collect your Lodizal plushie, you may want to go work on "The Beginning of the End" before the quest is disabled, since we expect it will end on launch day.)

And now, on to the crafting details ...

Pristine Bonus Changes

As already mentioned in the SOE forums, the pristine bonus xp for first-time item creation is going away, and crafting quest and tradeskill writ xp will be increased. Since there is already a spirited discussion regarding the change going on, I'm going to refer you over there, so you get the news directly from the source. (See this thread in the SOE forums).

My own personal recommendations with regards to these changes are as follows:

  • If you are below level 85 and want to experience the new content, get any unearned pristine bonuses in now, but hold off on any questing and writs that you've not yet done until after the expansion launches on Tuesday. This will maximize your xp. The downside is that you won't be able to tackle the new content crafting quests until you're 85, but you'll get the most leveling out of your efforts
  • If you are 85-89, again, snag what pristine bonuses you feel attatched to, then take a breather - you'll want to be full vitality and raring to go when the expansion hits with the huge number of new crafting quests!
  • If you are already level 90 - make sure you've got your T9 resources handy, any portable kits you want as timesavers, and you can hit the ground running

Stat Changes

We're getting almost used to things changing with regards to stats and how they affect various classes, which is a good thing, because, yep, there are changes again this expansion. For a really detailed look at it, hit up your favorite adventuring site/forum and ask around there, but here's the Mum translation:

HP and power won't be on gear. Instead, HP will be based on your STA stat, regardless of class. Power will be taken from whatever your adventuring class' primary stat is: STR for all fighters, AGI for all scouts, WIS for priests, INT for casters. That is it. No more AGI for avoidance, no more WIS for resists, no more INT for priest-class critical mitigation, etc.

What Does This Mean for Crafters?

You may find resist jewelry is a bit more popular. You will also find folks may be a bit more fussy about stat lineups on gear. Other than that, the biggest impact will likely be for provisioners.

Expect dual-stat food and drink, where one of those stats is not STA to drop a bit in popularity. (There will likely be no reason anymore for someone to want INT/WIS food or drink, for example.) Food and drink with single stats, or a primary stat plus STA, are likely to be more popular. If you are fuzzy as to the stats on the crafted food and drink, you might want to check out the You Are What You Eat page here on the site and the food and drink charts by tier.

How Many Recipes Do I Have?!

One little thing that suddenly appeared when I was using the default UI on the last few days of beta was a recipes count at the bottom when I opened up my recipe book. The count on the copy I was using at the time was over 3000! If this feature stays in, you'll be able to see at a glance, without hitting the eq2players site, just how big your recipe collection really is.

A Word About Maps and UIs

Every single crafting quest that I saw in the new expansion (and I'm pretty sure I saw all there were ... several times), was tied into the map POI system. This meant there was a pretty aqua dot or highlighted area with for my quest target(s). This is a godsend for those of us who get easily lost. Note, however, that I was testing with the default map UI. If you use eq2maps and/or a custom UI for your mapping, you may or may not see these helpful little highlights on launch day. Remember to check for available UI mods and such while you're waiting for the game to come up on Tuesday! :D

Velious Harvests

As mentioned back at Fan Faire time, there will be some specialized Velious harvests with some limited uses. Because the uses are very limited, and the area is so cold and bleak, do not expect the same amount of node density that you see elsewhere, or anything close to that number of nodes. There aren't that many nodes. Compulsive harvesters brace for that now. Really. You don't need stacks of 200 of everything right off the bat. Truly. Repeat to yourself several zillion times between now and Tuesday so you don't go into harvesting withdrawal on that first day.

That having been said, here is what you can expect:

  • Iceclad Cutlassfish: fishing nodes around Fina's Retreat, which is the area where you first arrive in Velious. These are used in small numbers for a few crafting quests. There are also some off the coast of the ringwar area, around 70, -544, 118
  • Dens - Brontotherium meat, manticore mane, molkor hide. Dens are found around Fina's Retreat, the Snowfang Gnoll camp, the peaks around the Goahmari village and near the old battlefield. The brontotherium meat is the common, the other two rare. The meat is used in several crafting quests, as well as some provisioner faction recipes. The other two are only needed for a single quest, if my memory serves me correctly.
  • Chillbloom gathering nodes - So far, found only in the snowy peaks above the Goahmari village, it is used only in some provisioner faction recipes, I believe.
  • Mining nodes - so far, found only in the rocky peaks around and above the Goahmari village, there are three stone types that can come from them. These are only used for faction recipes that commission craft items for adventurers using their instance drops.

Charmed, I'm Sure!

Level 90 dropped, crafted and quested charm slot items from the Velious expansion will be able to accept crafted ethereal adornments. I seem to have lost my list of which adorns will work, other than the INT, WIS, STR, AGI ethereal adornments (I know there were a few others, but I can't find the notes right now - I'm sure someone will give me a memory clue sooner or later!)

Crafting Quests

There is so much crafting quest love that I'm going to do up a separate article about them. The short version in the meantime is several robust quest series, with some lovely house item rewards, a flying griffon mount quest for crafters, the first-ever tradeskill heritage quest for the Coldain Prayer Shawl, ... andddddd an appearance by the most-loathed crafting quest NPC of all time - Qho. Once you get done with the initial screaming and gnashing of teeth at having to deal with that little brat again, you're going to love his reward!

Below is a tiny bit of crafting quest eye-candy to whet your appetite a bit while I get busy writing over the next day or two.

Crafting Recipes

On top of several crafting recipes from quests that you will be able to keep, every primary crafting class has class-specific recipes. High-end tinkerers also have a small quest series, and get to keep one recipe that not only makes a house item, but is required for the Coldain Prayer Shawl quest. (There are no new adorning recipes.) Since there is a lot of ground to cover on the recipe front, that, too, will be covered in a separate article or two.

Far Seas Goodies

The Far Seas Supply Division faction vendor in Mara will be offering a three new fashionable crafting outfits to go with those already available ...

Red Glowie Love!

On top of a new red glowie collection in Thurgadin, there's some extra special love for those folks who have earned their Earring of the Solstice. With the expansion, red glowies will be visible to those who have earned the earring, without the need for the earring to be worn. Now maybe I'll stop forgetting to swap back to my healing earring when instancing with my guild!

Other Things to Think of Before Launch

As mentioned above, there are a lot of new crafting quests, and there is a lot of running around to go with them. Crafters who are also level 30+ adventurers might want to have some totems of escape on them - even on classes that can also evac. Trust me, if you really get into the groove, you'll find a use for them faster than the cooldown timers!

Make sure your bags are stocked with T9 common resources and certain T9 fuels. (Ethereal coal, ethereal sandpaper, ethereal filament, ethereal kindling and aerated mineral water come to mind - no need for incense.) The fuels will also be accessible on various vendors, mind you, but sometimes you'll find yourself a goodly ways from a vendor when you need it, so planning ahead will save you some time.

Portable crafting stations come in handy in a few instances, to save you a little bit of running around the large zone. They're not necessary, just time-savers. Forge, sewing table and woodworking table come to mind off the top of my head.

Pack extra sanity. {sage nod} You and everyone else are going to be full of questions, comments, links of newly-found stuff, etc. Every channel is likely to be scrolling like mad. Personally, no insult meant to my guildmates, I may do like last launch day and not only turn off all channels, but turn off guildchat until I've gotten a chance to get settled in. Otherwise, I won't be able to move a step due to answering a flood of questions. :D

What Next?

Stay tuned to the Destiny of Velious expansion preview main article for more details as time and energy allow!

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