Mum's Guide to Crafter Mounts

"Ride a crafter pony, let the spinning wheel spin ..."

~Anonymous Norrathian Bard

Late June of 2011 saw sweeping changes to ground mount speed, as well as the addition of leaper and glider mounts. Due to these changes, it seemed a good time to start tracking the various crafter-specific mounts, and how to obtain them. Note that the crafter mounts listed below have equip level requirements based on your crafting level, not your adventuring level. (Or, in the case of the tinkered mounts, they have tinkering level requirements.)


There are several mounts for which crafters can quest, all with crafting level requirements. All of these can be turned into house items.

Faction Purchases

Koros Splinterlimb in the Isle of Mara sells mounts to crafters that require coin, Far Seas Supply Division (FSSD) tokens, and certain minimum faction rankings with the FSSD. The ground mounts are level 1 crafter, lore and no-trade. (The level is misleading, since you cannot get the faction needed as a level 1 artisan.) The pack pegasus requires level 85. All of these can be turned into house items.


Tinkerers can craft tinkerer-only mounts. The hotwired gnomish hoverpad (pictured above) can be turned into a house item.

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