Player Studio Housing Notes

These are the initial notes regarding Player Studio Housing. They have been repeated here, because the beta forums are being removed when GU66 is released. Since this feature is not yet being released, there can be changes in the below, but this gives you a basic idea of the process.

Selling a House

  1. Enter the house you want to sell
  2. Access the House Menu by clicking on the door inside your house or using the /house command
  3. Look at the Sell House button to the right (hammer and anvil icon on the right)
  4. If Sell House button is grayed out, you do not meet the requirements below and will need to make adjustments before you can sell:
    4a.House has at least 100 items in it
    4b.You are the owner of the house
    4c.All containers in the house must be empty
    4d.You can’t resell a home that has been bought. (This will change on Beta shortly for ease of testing.)
  5. If the Sell House button is active, click it and fill in the required information (House screenshot, name, description, and cost). After filling in the required information, clicking Sell House will list your home for sale!
    a.If any restricted items are found, they will be listed in your chat window so you can remove them.
  6. When listing is successful, the house is then removed from your character and put on the Marketplace.
  7. Until the house is sold, you’ll have the option of delisting the house for sale and returning it to your character from within the house.
  8. .After your house is listed for sale on the Marketplace, you can find it under the Player Studio section in the new “Houses for Sale” category. Clicking on the listing here will display information about the house, such as house ratings and screenshots, and allow players to Visit the house. While Visiting, other players can purchase the house by clicking the hammer and anvil icon pop up within the house.
  9. If you Visit a house your character listed, you have the option of delisting the house for sale and returning it to your character instead of buying it.

Buying and owning a player house

  1. 1.You can buy a house directly from the Marketplace in the Player Studio category under “Houses for Sale”
    a.Each character can own a maximum of 50 homes. If you own 50 homes you will need to relinquish a house in order to purchase a new one.
  2. Purchased houses maintain the names the sellers give them, but the buyer can rename the house from the housing menu while in the house.
  3. Once a house is sold, the items inside the house become “virtual” items. Virtual items cannot be picked up or removed from the house. If you want to make some space in your house or just hide of any of the virtual items, you’ll be able to do this from the new “Items” tab on the housing menu (accessed by right-clicking on the house door or using the /house command).

House Market Rules:

  1. 1.There is a 100 item minimum for selling a home.
  2. We are selling unique homes once, like selling a real furnished home. Once you put the house up for sale, every item will go with it.
  3. For buyers, you cannot remove any items from the purchased house. You can move, hide or delete them, but that is all. This prevents rare items, etc. from being passed along to other players. Most house items will retain their functionality, however, like items with teleports, etc. If you see items that you feel should be excluded, send us /feedback
  4. You can’t resell the house you bought.
  5. You can now own up to 50 houses.
  6. We will be changing house deeds. Now, you will own only one version of the house. Previously, if you owned a deed and deleted the house, you were still able to access the deed of ownership and create another house from that deed. Now we will sell Prestige homes as individual units. Relinquishing a house type gives you the ability to buy it again, but if it’s removed from the character via sale or deletion, the house doesn't come back.
  7. You can decorate and sell both city homes and prestige homes.
  8. Player Studio houses will not be charged rent.
  9. Once a house is sold, the items inside the house become “virtual” items. Virtual items cannot be picked up or removed from the house.

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