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ToV: Shiny!

Disclaimer: This information is from the Tears of Veeshan open beta. It can change between now and launch in November, so please keep an eye out for further updates.

There are five new red shiny collections arriving with the release of the Tears of Veeshan expansion in November. Yes, you read that right, five new red shiny collections.

For those that are not familiar with red shinies yet, they are special collections in various locations where crafters end up questing, that can only be seen by those who have earned their Earring of the Solstice.

One collection will be in Eidolon Jungle, another collection in Obol Plains and three collections are from Vesspyr Isles.

Three of the collection provide you with house item spirit anchors that can teleport players (visitor level and above) to the location that matches the item name. Another collection rewards you with an etherpine fluff pet. The final collection rewards you with an abolisher fluff pet.

Eidolon Jungle Spirit Anchor
Obol Plains Spirit Anchor
Vesspyr Isles Spirit Anchor
Abolisher Companion
Etherpine Pet

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