ToV: Level 90 Recipes, Part 1

This is part of the Tears of Veeshan Crafting Preview that will be released on November 12, 2013. As with any preview that is done during a testing phase, details may still change.

Once upon a time, when the level cap was raised, crafting recipe books departed from the old Essentials/Avanced naming system for a while. And there was much confusion. When the dust finally settled, we ended up going back to the Essentials/Advanced naming system for volumes 91 and above, and had no volume 90 books. And there was still some confusion.

To remove some of that confusion, and to give us some new recipes even without a level cap increase, the Tears of Veeshan expansion introduces our "level 90" books. A couple classes still don't have an "special" items in their books, and we may be seeing more items patch in as we get down to the testing wire. (If that happens, I'll be updating this article with details.)

In all cases, you can find the Essentials book on any recipe vendor. Your advanced book will be obtained from a quest that starts with Ethan on the docks in the Isle of Mara (it will require travel to Cardin Ward in Obol Plains as part of the quest).




Symbol of the Daarspire
Symbol of the Fearcreep


Provisioner's Picnic
Rose Wedding Cake
Provisioner's Supply Cart

Please note that this is a correction to my earlier mention that the Provisioner's Picnic was in the Advanced Provisioner Volume 90 book. It is in the essentials book, alongside the kit version of the picnic.


Bear Hide Notebook
Reptile Hide Notebook



Mounted Ethereal Greatsword
Mounted Greatsword of Growth
Mounted Greatsword of the Flame
Mounted Greatsword of the Frost
Mounted Obsidian Greatsword


But what about Carpenter?

There are an insane (in a good way) number of carpenter items. They have been broken out onto a separate page.

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