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ToV: Apprentice Recipes

This is part of the Tears of Veeshan Crafting Preview for the expansion that will be released on November 12, 2013. As with any preview that is done during a testing phase, details may still change. This is especially important to note with recipes and item stats, even when reporting in late beta!

The Tears of Veeshan expansion includes five more level 95 recipe books to research on all normal tradeskill apprentices. (Each "book" expands out into several recipes.) The recipes are not restricted by class, so any crafting class can research all of them once they hit level 95. As noted in the main preview, however, they can use specific class skills during the crafting process.

There are no new recipes for the heroic and raid apprentices.

All of these recipes give back varying amounts of Dust of the Progenitor as a byproduct. This byproduct is used by woodworkers, weaponsmiths and alchemists in their new level 90 recipes for ammo and poisons.

These recipes will require drops from ToV heroic mobs, such as are found in the ToV heroic instances.

Knowledge of the Ancestral Globe of Manifestation

This research contains two recipes for temporary adornments. The combines use the scribing skill, which means that sages will have an easier time of it, but as mentioned above any crafting class can learn and make these.

Knowledge of the Ancestral Blade Fragment

Blade fragments turned into two types of yummy mastercrafted fabled ammo! One recipe uses fletching skill, one recipe uses metalworking skill, but again, as I will repeat in every section since I know the folks who most need to know it will miss it otherwise, any crafting class can make these.

Knowledge of the Shard of Spectral Light

You'll dissolve that shard into four fancy potions with this one! Of course alchemists will have an easier time crafting these, since the recipes use the alchemy skill, but yep, broken record time, any crafting class can make these.

Knowledge of the Spectral Residue

Om nom nom! Ignore the odd names and eyeball the stats on these four drinks and four foods. (I don't remember if I had any duration extending AA on me at the time or not when I took the screenshots, and will try to remember to double-check the next time I log into beta, if 50 zillion other things don't distract me.) Provisioners, of course, will have an easier time with the artistry skills while making these, but repeat with me "any crafting class can make these."

Spectral Mastery

Take a solid look at the material requirements for these four items, as compared to all the recipes above. They're very meaty. There is a reason for that - take a look at the stats on these four charm items. Zowie! That'll be a lot of farming before you see these start appearing, even after the research is completed. These don't use a class-specific skill, which means all crafters are on equal footing as far as difficulty when making these.

If I were a betting woman ...

After this many betas and this many preview guides, I'm 99.9999% certain of one thing right now. Even with my repetitions above that EVERY crafting class can make these, someone who claims to have read this guide will still be flipping out in a chat channel somewhere because they think their class can't make one of these recipes due to skill. Truly, the base examine of each and every research shows ARTISAN. Yes, the individual recipes sometimes mention a specific class and class-specific technique, BUT that only tells you that you'll be doing an out-of-class combine if you aren't that class. Breathe. You're a level 95 crafter. If you're a dedicated crafter, you already know how to do out-of-class combines, you know how to not only counter crafting events, but use the reaction arts to buff your progress and durability, you know about how to improve your chances with crafting gear, know how to get said crafting gear, and so on.

Yep. Reading is, was and will be for at least the near future, a necessary skill for MMORPG's. Go figure. {grin}

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