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April 28, 2016 marks the release of GU100 to members. Let me clear that this is a Game Update (albiet a very large one), not an expansion, so let's set expectations a bit before I go into detail on the crafting front. Most of this content is for level 100 adventurers. (The Shard of Love zone is now a level-agnostic dungeon for levels 20 to 100.) There is some crafting in support of the adventuring content, but there is only new crafting content for three of the nine crafting classes. Yep. Not an expansion. :D

There also isn't going to be a story with this one. I won't go into all the reasons I didn't have the energy to do a story, but will simply say, I ran out of spoons.


Be aware that this information was relayed to me about a week before the content was slated to go live. While I had a chance to physically test the recipes, I did not get to test for drops, nor did I go over the stats with a fine-toothed comb, etc. Any information confusion in the below could be a misunderstanding on my part, or it could be a last-minute change that I did not learn about. Let me know about corrections and such, and I will update this article with the appropriate information.

Now, on to the goodies!


The Thalumbra fungi nodes will now have two new ultra-rare food harvests - victornut and battle plantain. The victornut will be used to make the new drink, the plantain will be used to make the new food. The recipes will be available in a new recipe book, Advanced Provisioner Volume 100, which will be sold on recipe vendors. For those wondering, since it only shows on recipe examine, not the final product, "C.R.E." stands for "Chow Ready to Eat." As with all rare food harvests in other tiers, you will have to manually harvest for these items - your pony and goblin will not be able to bring them back. Also note that the below examines were done with food & drink duration AA's going, so they have the wrong duration on them. (I want to say they're 44 minutes or so? Too frazzled to go rummaging right now.)

Amorers and Tailors: Fast Overview

Special heirloom blood iron armor can drop from heroic named mobs. This armor can be one of 98 different pieces, if my math is correct. (3 full cloth sets, 4 full leather sets, 3 full chain sets, 4 full plate sets. Each "set" has 7 pieces, one for each armor slot.)

This armor can then be upgraded by a level 100 crafter of the proper class (tailor for leather and cloth, armorer for chain and plate), if they have the correct dropped recipe book. (There are 28 recipe books, more below.) It will also use a bunch of blood iron ore (35+ per piece), a bunch of ToT harvestables, and a stack of thaumic fuel. It will need to be crafted on a Rebuilt Blood Iron Forge.

Blood Iron Armor: Details

Ore: This is the same blood iron ore that folks have been getting from Deathfist Citadel for level 37 armor. It will now also drop in both the Advanced Solo and Heroic Scourge Keep instance.

Recipes: I was told that you would need to run the arena in Scourge Keep (Heroic) for the recipes. Recipe names, if you're searching on the vendor will be "Scourge Armor Plans" for the plate and chain, and "Scourge Tailor Plans" for the leather and cloth. Each slot for each armor type, will be a separate recipe book. For example "Scourge Tailor Plans: Blood Iron Cloth Boots", containing the boot recipes for all 3 cloth armor sets. "Scourge Tailor Plans: Blood Iron Leather Boots" for the boot recipes for all 4 leather boot sets. Etc. Recipes are tradeable.

Armor Base: As mentioned above, the dropped armor from heroic nameds is heirloom. The finished product is also heirloom. This means that armorers and tailors may be asked to perform commission crafting for various adventurers.

Armor Set Names:

Once you've scribed the recipes, here's the easy way to tell what is what in your recipe book without digging into your filters to find the recipe names:

  • Cloth: "Restitched Blood Iron Invader's", "Restitched Blood Iron Oppressor's", and "Restitched Blood Iron Sentinel's"
  • Leather: "Reworked Blood Iron Invader's", "Reworked Blood Iron Oppressor's", "Reworked Blood Iron Sentinel's" and the bruiser/monk-only "Reworked Blood Iron Tyrant's"
  • Chain: Relinked Blood Iron Invader's", "Relinked Blood Iron Oppressor's", and "Relinked Blood Iron Sentinel's"
  • Plate: Reinforced Blood Iron Invader's", "Reinforced Blood Iron Oppressor's", "Reinforceded Blood Iron Sentinel's" and the (plate) tank-only "Reinforced Blood Iron Tyrant's"

Rebuilt Blood Iron Forge?: Both the solo and heroic versions of "The Siege of Zek" signature line give the (fully tradeable) forge as a reward. The armor can be crafted on the house item reward version, or at the forge within the instance (Scourge Keep?). Needless to say, most of us will prefer using the house item version. Note that the forge is a decent size, as you can tell from the picture at the top of this page. (The male and female mannequins pictured with it are at the default size, as is the forge.)

What About the Appearances?

Yep, I can manage that! As you will see below, there is 1 appearance each for all cloth, all chain and all plate. The leather is split into two looks for whatever reason.

Leather Invader's/Oppressor's
Leather Sentinel's/Tyrant's

What About Being Heartbound?

This isn't crafting, but I know folks are going to ask about it. Becoming heartbound (paired, married, whatever you want to call it) will be done in a guildhall at a Heartstone. From what I heard on Test today, this item is dropped off Mithaniel Marr in the Shard of Love (Agnostic). I have no further details at this time, but here's what I know for sure:

What About More House Items?

Other than the two above, I've only seen one other house item so far because I didn't manage to do many of the quests, nor finish any of the collections ... yet. The one house item that I got from one of the early quests "Rubble Chunkin'", is a Scourge Catapult. It is not full size, even when max enlarged, but it can easily enlarge to a size that would be good for catapulting gnomes. {ducks and runs} away from Chrol and Gninja. I'm sure there are more house items knocking about in this game update, mind you. I just haven't had the spoons to find them.

Handy Links to Developer Notes

During the testing phase of this game update, the official forums contained several posts about various facets of the game update. To save you some rummaging, the links are below.

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