Live Update #16 Notes

Live Update 16, November 9, 2005

*** Headlines ***

*** Veteran Rewards *** *** Reclaiming the Wilderness *** *** SOGA Models *** *** New Iksar Scales *** *** Ranged Slot Equipment *** *** Quivers *** *** Charm Slots and Clickable Items *** *** Food and Drink *** *** Dungeon Exploration *** Blackburrow Runnyeye The Temple of Cazic-Thule *** Spirit Shard Potions *** *** Guild Raid Quests *** *** Desert of Flames *** Arena Champions Zones and Population Items Quests *** The Splitpaw Saga *** *** Gameplay *** *** Zones and Population *** *** Epic Encounters *** *** Heritage Quests ***
Many heritage quests have been changed to be more fun and less tedious: *** Quests *** *** Items *** *** Spells and Combat Arts *** Assassin changes: Bard changes: Berserker changes: Brawler changes: Brigand changes: Bruiser changes: Coercer changes: Conjurer changes: Crusader changes: Defiler changes: Dirge changes: Druid changes: Enchanter changes: Fury changes: Guardian changes: Illusionist changes: Inquisitor changes: Monk change: Mystic changes: Necromancer changes: Paladin changes: Predator changes: Ranger changes: Rogue changes: Scout changes: Shadowknight changes: Shaman changes: Sorcerer changes: Summoner changes: Swashbuckler changes: Templar changes: Troubador changes: Warden changes: Warlock changes: Warrior changes: Wizard changes:

*** Tradeskills ***

*** Housing *** *** Art *** *** Commands, Controls, and User Interface *** *** UI Files Changed ***

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