Kunark Ascending Crafting & Housing Preview

Kunark Ascending ("KA") is the 13th expansion for EverQuest II, and was released to the live servers on November 15, 2016. As is now traditional, I did a massive crafting & housing preview while this was still in beta. As is also traditional, there will continue to be random updates for a week or two after launch, due to changes, patches, etc.

I hate having to use huge red letters, so I apologize in advance for those of you who are well aware of the drill by now. This is for the newer folks, and those who tend to skim without properly reading.

Disclaimer: This article and all linked articles were created and edited while the Kunark Ascending expansion was in beta testing. This means that things can and likely WILL change, and these articles will be changed as time permits. Do not expect everything to be set in stone. Things will likely shift and change a little due to patches and such for a week or two after release.

Now that all that is out of the way, and maybe 5% of you read it, here are the details.

Prepping for KA

There are a few things you may want to do in advance of the launch of Kunark Ascending if you want to hit the ground running the moment the expansion is released.

Quick Summary

There is such a wonderfully huge array of tradeskill and decorating stuff going on, that I decided a summary might be in order. Among other things crafters and decorators have the following to look forward to:

The Recipes

Recipe books with this expansion will be faction purchases with the Clan Bloody Tooth goblins. While we are still waiting for the final side-quests to be put in for the gathering goblin, it is likely that you will be able to get your essentials books on launch day if you do all quests, including side-quests, dailies and weekly. I'll have more solid numbers for you once everything is in and settled.

Class-Specific Recipes

On a handy naming consistency note, the gear in the various essentials books will be "Twark ___" and the advanced books will contain "Bloody Tooth ___" items. This helps since the gear is advanced enough not to use the handcrafted and mastercrafted tags. (Currently on beta both are labeled "Legendary", though that tag may/may not change.) The rare armor and weapons are supposed to be able to use refined primares, but there is currently a bug with it on beta.

Sage-made Arcane Tome

Crafted Armor Appearances - plate, chain, monk leather, female then male other leather, cloth
Crafted Armor Appearances Back View - cloth, male and female leather, monk leather, chain, plate

Purple Adorn Recipes

Those crafters who complete the epic part of the KA crafting line will also receive recipes for two purple adornments. Which two adornment recipes you receive are based on your crafting subclass and class.

The recipes will need to be crafted on the Forge of Brell (house item version is fine), and will use a Blank Luclinite Rune, 3 thalumbral root, 3 umbrite, 3 bornite nodule and 5 thaumic fuel. You will receive two runes during the epic quest, and additional runes can be obtained from completing the Twark weekly "Snacky Snacks". The fuel will vary based on the recipe. (For the sage-specific recipe, for example, you will use thaumic incense, for the scholar-specific recipe, you will use thaumic coal.)

These purple adorns are lore-equip as well as having set bonuses (and only set bonuses, no adorn-specific stats), so adventurers wanting the set bonuses will have to chase down more than one crafting class in order to fill out a specific set. The recipes are distributed as follows

Of course, that doesn't really give you a good picture of how adventurers are going to be asking for stuff, so here's a breakdown that might help with confused customers and crafters.

The Aspect of Paixao set is a scholar-crafted set consisting of Foundation of Excitement (sage), Ascension of Love (alchemist), Firmament of Passion (jeweler), with the following bonuses on the set:

  1. 26% potency
  2. 28% mitigation
  3. 4 fervor

The Aspect of Zhu Kunnen set needs crafting by one of each subclass and is made up of Ascension of Magic (scholars), Firmament of Power (outfitters), Foundation of Thought (craftsmen), with the following bonuses on the set:

  1. 26% potency
  2. +25,000 power
  3. boost to several ascension abilities by 4% (Frozen Heavens, Implosion, Terrestrial Coffin and Virulent outbreak)

The Aspect of Aniqualacion set is an outfitter-crafted set made up of Foundation of Ruin (weaponsmith), Firmament of Fire (tailor), Ascension of Destruction (armorer), with the following bonuses on the set:

  1. 26% potency for the first
  2. +100,000 ability modifier
  3. adds fire damage to several ascension abilities (Tainted Mutation, Granite Protector and Ethermancy)

The Aspect of Pingyuan Diqu is the craftsman-crafted set, made up of Ascension of Life (Carpenter), Foundation of Earth (Woodworker) and Firmament of Growth (Provisioner). The following bonuses are on the set:

  1. 26% potency
  2. applies Firmament of Growth (increases the window of opportunity for another to trigger a combo effect from your ascension abilities)
  3. 25% max health +250,000 health

What's This Ascension Stuff?

Since you now have runes and spell upgrades that directly apply to ascension abilities, you likely want to know a bit more about ascension classes. I simply don't have the cycles free to give it a proper explanation, so I'll refer you to the Daybreak article on Ascension Classes.

Other Furniture

Building Blocks

The Collector's Edition and the Premium Edition of Kunark Ascending come with a snazzy new City of Mist Waterfront Estate. It is massive and quite impressive. In addition, just like happened with ToT, they get a recipe book with some themed building blocks. These blocks are likely to be heirloom, so you'll have to get them commissioned if you need some and don't get either of these versions of the expansion. While we can't see the recipes yet, and can't get names from item examines since they're only placed in the tour house on beta, I've done some close-up shots of them to give you a better look at them. Click here to see more.

Faction Furniture

The faction vendor in Twark (Scribbleclaw) sells seven plants and trees. They, plus the one quest combine furniture item from Twark quests are now documented on the Furniture Goodies from Twark page


There are no common harvestables in the new expansion. Recipes will use Thalumbra commons instead. You will also use the two rare food harvests from Thalumbra. For the nonfood rares, you will be looking for the rare spawn shadeweave plant, from which you can obtain a single pull (two if you get a bountiful harvest) of a random one the following:

Shadeweave Plant

The other way to obtain these rares is through an optional quest series. If you are willing to "free" (give up for good) your gathering goblin, you can do a series of quests that not only unlocks him to be hired as a merc, but also gives you a house-placed plant from which you can harvest a single random Obulus rare once every 23 hours. Details on that quest series can be found on the Gardening Goblin quests page.


Mercenaries will get a needed stat boost with this expansion by way of gear slots and training ranks. You can find more mercenary details here.


A wardrobe feature has been added for those who own the KA expansion. Handy explanation, pics, and a small Mum venting can be found here

Raffik and The Frillik's Tide

Yes! No! Yes! First we needed the Frillik's Tide instance as part of our signature line, then it was removed, now it has been re-added as part of the continuation of Raffik's old "Shipwrecked!" questline. Details on the new quest, "Pirates!" have been added to the bottom of that quest writeup.

That doesn't have to be the only time that you see the Frillik's Tide, however. Not only do adventurers now have an optional quest involving it, but once you have been sent there once there is a 5-minute timed version of the Frillik's Tide. The following was from Daybreak Dev "Chrol" in the beta forums:

Memories of The Frillik Tide is a timed quest that unlocks after you complete either the adventure or tradeskill quests that first take you to the ship. The timer starts after speaking with the iksar slave for the first time in the brig. There's also a bell inside the brig that you can ring to take you off the boat early if you want to forfeit the timed quest.

I hope to find time before the end of beta to find the right loc on the beach to trigger it and run through the timed version to check on the rewards, but there's a lot of other stuff for me to do as well before I get to it.

Tradeskill Quests!

In addition to a new grandmaster cloak that is a seriously souped-up version of your old mastery cloak from the Proof in the Pudding Line, crafters who complete the entirety of the new tradeskill line will obtain this lovely mount:

Further details can now be found on the KA Tradeskill Quests master page.

Tradeskill Collections

There are three tradeskill collections in this collection ... sort of. One is a traditional red shiny collection, the second is partially a red shiny collection and partially quested, and the third is a subclass-specific tome collection as part of your new epic quest.

Gardener's Supplies - this red shiny collection will be found in the Gardens of Nye'Caelona. As such, you will not only need your earring of the solstice in order to see them, but also faction with Nye'Caelona, which you can earn partway through the Kunark Ascending Crafting Timeline. The rewards are a Watering Can house item and a Gardener's Watering Can collectible.

Gardener's Tools - this red shiny-ish collection requires the Gardener's Watering Can collectible from the Gardener's Supplies, plus 3 collectibles from the Gardening Goblin quests, plus three red shinies from the Abandoned Mine Tunnel that connects Obulus and the Fens (crafters are sent into this tunnel twice during their questing). Due to all of the above, you will not only need your earring of the solstice, and certain progress on the Kunark Ascending Crafting Timeline, but will have to also complete the Gardening Goblin questline, which requires permanently surrending your gathering goblin. Reward is a 64-slot Gardener's Backpack that is heirloom. Collection parts are lore.

Epic Tome Collection - As part of your new crafting epic, you will need to complete a special tome collection in Bathezid's Watch that you can only see when you're on the right step of the epic. Each subclass gets a completed house item book out of it, and title and text inside vary based on subclass. The appearance of the book, however, is the same for all three subclasses.

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