LU18 Patch Notes

*** Headlines ***

*** Frostfell ***

*** Questing ***

- An NPC that will offer, update, or complete a quest now has an indicator above its head. - Zone maps now display a circle where there is a nearby NPC that offers, updates, or completes a quest. - The Quest Journal will now display quest rewards--no more guessing what you'll receive for performing a task. You will also be able to see quest rewards before accepting a new quest.

*** New Guild Level 40 Mounts ***

*** Subclass Armor Quests ***

*** Dungeon Exploration ***

Fallen Gate

*** Summoned Pets ***

*** Enemy Mastery ***

*** Veteran Rewards ***

*** Desert of Flames ***

Zones and Population Quests

*** The Splitpaw Saga ***

*** Gameplay ***

*** Quests ***

*** Zones and Population ***

*** Items ***

*** Spells and Combat Arts ***

Assassin changes: Berserker changes: Coercer changes: Enchanter changes: Guardian changes: Illusionist changes: Paladin changes: Priest changes: Ranger changes: Shadowknight changes: Sorcerer changes: Summoner changes: Swashbuckler changes: Templar changes: Warden changes: Warlock changes: Warrior changes: Wizard changes:

*** Tradeskills ***

*** Art ***

The following items now have an updated appearance: Gloves of the Dark Disciple, Sandals of the Dark Disciple, Gi of the Dark Disciple, Shoulder Pads of the Dark Disciple, Skullcap of the Dark Disciple, Rujarkian Woven Gi.

*** Commands, Controls, and User Interface ***

*** UI Files Updated ***

-The EverQuest II Team

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