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KA Furniture Goodies from Twark

This is part of the Kunark Ascending Crafting and Housing Preview. Please refer back to that article for important disclaimers and details.

There are seven faction buyables from Scribbleclaw in Twark (the goblin area of Obulus Frontier), and one crafted house item from a Twark quest.

Faction Buyables

The Twark faction buyables each require 20,000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction and one Sovereign of Rile currency (obtained from some KA crafting quests, as well as the new crafting dailies/weekly). The ivy is wall-placed.

Climbing Ivy
Clump of Lavagrass
Flowering Warslik Tree
Deciduous Warslik Tree
Nye'Caelona Pine
Violet Dogwood
Warslik Thyme

Crafted Quest Item

During the optional Gathering Goblin quest series, you not only craft a Fancy Plant Pot or three for Growf, but you get to keep the recipe to make more of these decorations at will. Each one will require 2 warslik's clay that can be harvested from the Warslik's River once you are on (or have completed) the quest. Link to the quest writeup will follow once I am finished with that section of the quest walkthroughs.

Fancy Plant Pot

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