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Are You the Answer Person?

Are you the one your guild comes to when something new is out, asking for information? It can be a bit wearing, when you're trying to dive into new content, but are being peppered with questions. As a self-defense mechanism a few expansions ago, I started placing a player-made notebook at the entrance to my guildhall with some of the most commonly asked questions. This year I am including the text here for those who want to cut & paste it into a notebook on their server.

Q: How do I get to the new content?
A: Take any wizard spire to Plane of Magic

Q: How do I travel around the zone?
There are 7 port pads in PoM, and you need to visit each one to activate it:

  • /way 1113, 771, -1456 Scintillating Spires
  • /way 100, 583, -720 Khali'Yrzu
  • /way -114, 574, -727 Khali'Vahla
  • /way -840, 83, -163 Pakiat Bluffs
  • /way -127, 206, 742 Zivier's Reach
  • /way -756, 345, 1027 Valor's Roost
  • /way 811, 44, 500 The Stratafold

Q: How do I get started with adventuring?
A: The sig line starts with Aunsellus Tishan in the Plane of Magic (/way 1170, 792, -1585). BR SURE TO GRAB YOUR FREE LEVEL 100 GEAR from Tishan's Lockbox on the ground beside him - you will need it!

Q: How do I get to the instances?
A: The instances in Plane of Valor require sig quest unlocks. To progress very far in the sig quest, you will need to have done a goodly portion of one of the three faction lines.

Q: How do I find these faction quests?
A: Faction starter NPCs:

  • Pakiat faction: Izle Tot at -931, 80, -32
  • Vahla faction: Shirada at -159, 573, -535
  • Yrzu faction: Malusia at 57, 127, -39

Work on only one faction at a time, and finish it all the way through to the end (achievement earned) before you swap to working on another faction, due to how faction works. (Once you max a faction and work on another, the first faction will only drop to 20K and no further.)

Q: How do I find ____ for ____ quest?
A: The wiki is an utter godsend for this expansion. The sig line information and faction quest information was added very quickly in beta. The wiki is your friend. Use it lots!

Q: How do I level crafting?
A: Our sig line is delayed, but should be in "soon". In the meantime use level 100 rush orders to level from 100 to 101. Then swap to the "level 110" rush orders from 101 to 110 (those rush orders require recipes from your level 101 essentials book). Normal item grinding or running pre-expansion crafting quests will NOT really budge your xp bar. Remember your Mark of the Far Seas and other TS xp boost items, plus progress and innovation potions. Your Hammer of Adept Hands is also handy to refill your TS vitality.

Q: What rares am I looking for?

  • Food (ultra rare): Matron's Heart
  • Leather: Cnidcara Hide
  • Ore: Rubicite Ore
  • Root: Strand of Ether (comes from both root and fungi nodes)
  • Stone: Darkstone (only ONE rare from stone nodes)
  • Wood: Stone Ent Heartwood

"Planar Energy" can also come from any node type and is used in crafting level 11-15 ascension spells.

This information is courtesy of http://eq2.eqtraders.com

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