Fan Faire 2006

The 2006 Fan Faire in Atlanta was a ton of fun, and I've a huge amount of notes to go through, including some that will be tacked on at the end regarding non-tradeskill news. Hold on to your hats, this is going to be a long one, but hopefully worth it!

First, however, comes the traditional grumpy redhead disclaimer, since I have seen lots of examples of misreading and misquoting things in the past. Time estimates are guesses based on current workloads, and don't take into account being sidetracked by high-priority emergencies, troublesome code that just doesn't want to do what it should, etc. They're not hard and fast deadlines, but their "best guess" based on the current situation. So, if you give some dev grief, quoting some "deadline" you read here as if it was some sort of contractual life or death deadline that they failed to meet, I'll be more than happy to loan them the Rolling Pin of Doom with which to defend themselves. ;)

Where's My Revamp?

Let's just get this out of the way now, as I'm sure all of you are asking this. Repeatedly. Ben wants to have the revamp out by LU25 at the latest. He is trying for sooner than that, and really hopes to have it ready sooner than that, but remember, the revamp itself is not "just" converting recipes over, but also the items folks approving the new armor stats to be in-line with what SoE wants to see, and redoing all the potions and poisons totally (removing the old ones, putting in the new ones), and changes to food/drink to get them into the same sort of duration/stat progression we see in T7 foods and drinks. Lots and lots of details that need to be ironed out in order to get it done properly the first time, and it's not the only thing on his plate. Here's praying that it is sooner, rather than later!

Stabilizing Sales

By now, I'm sure we've all run into a time or three where offline sales were totally disabled, and we've been given some details on why that happened, and what's being done to replace the system.

The current offline sales system had a lot of exploit potential. The sort of "a lot" that turns it into a fulltime job, and then some, to babysit it, find the exploits, plug those holes up, deal with the worst offenders, etc. Not fun for the players trying to legitimately buy and sell from the broker or for the SoE folks.

The current system is in the middle of a complete rewrite of the sales system, that they hope to have done somewhere around the time of LU24.

Working on Writs

The current tradeskill writ system has many issues, and we'd heard noises that it was going to be worked on. They announced at the Fan Faire that the existing tradeskill writ system would be totally going away, and that in the new system, you would be able to take items that you made (including stacks of items, so long as you made every item in the stack, and it still had your name on the made by tag on the stack) and sell them to specific merchants for guild status points. No ETA was given, and they're still working on details such as limits on how many could be handed in per day and such. However, it will give those that are grinding items to level an alternative way to make what they want to make and contribute to their guild at the same time.

Hijinks in Harvesting

This is another one with no ETA, so we've no clue when it will be ready to go live, but here goes: There are plans to reduce the number of nodes in some areas BUT increase what is obtained off from each node. The plan is to let you harvest multiples off a single pull of a node. The example used was that the rare harvest might be one rare and 10 normal items. (This is just an example of a possible result. Actual numbers have not yet been determined.) Additionally, there are plans to add a high-end woodworker-made item that will go in the charm slot that will be a 2-second reduction to the current 5-second "cast" time for harvesting. (i.e., down to 3 seconds)

Fun with Furniture

First things first - The plan is to get T6 carpenter rares out sometime before the tradeskill revamp. Depending on how many of the forty-ish items that are currently waiting for Art approval for use, he also hopes to add a few items here and there to expand the look of carpenter furniture, especially in spots like the tier 6 commons, where certain things like the orcish meat bucket were a bit, um, underwhelming. :) To reword, so nobody misunderstands and misquotes, there are many furniture items awaiting art approval before the recipes are being added. This "many" includes not only rares for T6, but also some common items that will be added here and there if all goes well. It is NOT forty-ish items just for T6 rares. Not. Not. Not. That having been said, it was confirmed that a fireplace and the oft-whimpered-for ornate counters are part of the list.

Creative Clothing

There were lots and lots of requests for more street clothes, coloring options on existing clothes, guild cloaks or tabards, etc., etc., etc. and I'm going to lump the whole thing together because it is all part of a larger issue. With the current mechanics for character models and wearable items it is a massively huge issue to add even one single new wearable item, as it actually requires the creation of something insane like 30-some versions of the item in order to get it to work right on all character models. It is just not a happy thing. They are working on redoing the system to make it easier, but until they do, a lot of these requests have to go on the back burner. It doesn't mean some of the lovely ideas won't happen, or that the devs are against it, but that any such plans will have to wait until after they sort out the character model mechanics first, which is still going to take a while. (Sometime in the next year.)

In the meantime, they may consider the possibility of taking some of the existing items and allowing them to be crafted in a couple of colors. That is only a maybe, though.

But Wait, There's More!

Now that I've covered some of the higher-visibility issues, here's a ton of shorter blurbs on various items, including some non-tradeskill stuff at the end. I suspect that I missed quite a bit, but this at least covers the high points of various talks and discussions regarding tradeskills. The Straightjacket of Tradeskilling has been stored away once again, and the Rolling Pin of Doom (RPoD) doesn't have a single dent in it ... yet. The last of DenMother's Trail Mix is being nibbled on now, and it's almost time for me to find a comfy pack to take a nap in.

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