DoV: Iceclad Crafting Quests

This is part of the Destiny of Velious expansion preview. As with all other parts of the expansion preview, information was gathered during the beta testing phase, and last-minute changes are always a possibility. Note that this expansion contains content for level 85+ crafters.

Note: I did not use all the quest dialog, but I tried to include enough to give you some of the flavor of these lovely little storylines. ~Mum

Matthew & Mira

Meet The Locals

Your first stop in the Iceclad Ocean series of crafting quests will be Matthew (-1637, -533, -2380), who is located neat Lodizal in Fina's Retreat. Like most representatives of the Far Seas Supply Divison (FSSD), he's looking to hire someone to run around while he gets to stay in one place. :)

His excuse is a good one, though, as he wants to set up shop while watching local commerce. He'd like someone to talk with the othmir about trade possibilities -- what they might have to offer, and what they might be looking for.

Head south until you find Mira, and speak to her about local crafts and trade, offering her an improved shellfish trap as the FSSD's part of the trade. She's not sure quite what they're looking for in return, but mentions that they value shells highly.

Wellll, it may or may not be what Matthew is looking for, but it can't hurt to check, right?

Reward: 1000 Far Seas Supply Division faction, 29+ gold

Shell Game

Mira suggests that you check the sloping ice floe to the south of her for some shells to bring back to the Far Seas representative, while she takes a closer look at the trap recipe.

Head to the ice floe at -1334, -541, -2062, and grab up 5 of the ground spawn shells along the area where the ice meets the water. Then return to Mira, who suggests that they'd make a lovely piece of armor, and asks you to see if Matthew will accept the shells in trade for the recipe.

Matthew is a bit underwhelmed with shells, but would like to know more about what they make with them.

"You brought me shells? Hm, you can keep those, shells are not usually in short supply in Norrath. I'm interested in what they make out of the shells though, that might have more value."

When you explain that they make armor from them, among other things, he is definitely more interested, and sends you back to learn more about the armor.

Reward: 1500 Othmir Artisans faction, 29+ gold

Snowy Business

Return to Mira to explain that they would be more interested in a finished product, such as the armor she mentioned earlier.

"Unfortunately, the armor requires some other materials that are hard to get lately: badger pelts. The tribe of gnolls that lives near here have been hunting them fairly heavily, and we haven't seen any for some time."

When questioned further, she mentions that they don't seem to use the pelts, only eat the badgers. She also mentions that other ingredients are needed, and naturally, you offer to help.

Reward: 1000 Far Seas Supply Division faction, 29+ gold

Trap Trip

"I need crab sinew too: it binds the armor together and keeps it flexible. Perhaps you could take the opportunity to test out this improved trap recipe that you brought, while I gather more shells."

Mira hands you you the recipe "Modified Shellfish Trap for Arctic Climates" and puts you to work.

If you don't have a portable woodworking table handy, run back to Matthew and the woodworking table located beside him. You will need to craft two shellfish trap, and you will need a total of 2 titanium, 4 quicksilver, 4 sumac, and 2 ethereal sandpaper.

When you have completed the traps, head back to the ice floe on which you found the shells and you need to place the traps just under the water's surface on the lip of the ice floe. There will be green glowies where you need to place the traps, but they can be hard to see, so the spots that you need are roughly -1316, -544, -2067 and -1311, -544, -2058.

Return to Mira for your reward, and to get the next task.

Reward: 1500 Othmir Artisans faction, 29+ gold

Snappy Trapping

Since the shellfish have been plentiful recently, Mira sends you right back out to check on the traps. Sure enough, both traps have crabs in the, which you collect, then return to Mira for your reward and the next task.

Reward 1500 Othmir Artisans faction,29+ gold and Trapped Iceclad Crab (house item)

Trapped Iceclad Crab
(Quest Reward)

At this point, quests from Misa, a young othmir near Mira, also become available. To save confusion, though, I will finish with Mira's quests before listing Misa's. You can work on Misa's quests at the same time you finish the rest of Mira's, if you wish.

Pelt Parlay

Since the meat from the crabs that you caught would make a lovely meal, and the gnolls always seem half-starved, why not cook up some crab casserole and see if you can find a gnoll that is "civilized enough to talk to."

Scribe the scroll that she gives you, Mira's Succulent Crab Casserole Recipe, and use the cooking fire beside her to cook it up. She provides you with two crab meat, and you need to provide the aerated mineral water and ethereal kindling that are also needed for the recipe.

Reward 1500 Othmir Artisans faction, 29+ gold


Pelt Parlay (continued

At this point, you need to go find the gnolls. While there are several ways to go about it, some of them are safer than others. If you're on the squishy side when compared to the mobs in the area and want an aggro-free run, I recommend going NE from Misa, then going for a roundabout swim to aim for the ladder at -911, -544, -2191. This route is pictured below, with your ladder destination at the red arrow.

Seek out the gnoll Ruffin, who threatens to eat you if you don't leave him alone. However, the offer of some baked crab casserole sounds even more appealing to the starving creature.

While suspicious of the offer, he's willing to chat about the badger pelts the othmir are looking for.

"Food we are very short of, yes. More food would save lives. But we do not understand what they want. Pelts of badgers? When we find badgers, we eat the whole badger. Nothing left. "

Of course, this requires that you explain about skinning knives, and you can probably guess where this will lead ....

Reward: 1500 Othmir Artisans faction, 29+ gold

Snowfang Skinning

"Skinning knife? We do not have these. How can we get?"

Yep, it is up to you to find a skinning knife recipe and teach them how to make it. Thankfully, Matthew, back at the docks, suddenly has a recipe scroll for "Far Seas Trading Company Recipe: Basic Skinning Knives" in his vendor inventory, so it is time to run/swim or evac back to him for some shopping before you head back to Ruffin with the recipe in-hand.

Make sure to also bring along 2 titanium, a mottled pelt and an ethereal coal, hail him, scribe the recipe, and then combine it in the Snowfang Campfire next to Ruffin.

Reward: 29+ gold

Herbal Cure

Of course, the pelts would be more valuable if they were cured first, so you task Ruffin with gathering more pelts while you grab some herbs for curing.

You will find that the herbs are a twiggy-looking little ground spawn in the fissure between the safe area of the gnoll campsite and the combat area beside it (your map will have it highlighted). Collect five of them.

Of course, you need a recipe to go with them, so back to Matthew you go, again, and buy "Far Seas Trading Company Recipe: Leather Pelt Curatives" from him. Make sure to also pick up an aerated mineral water and an etheral coal, if you don't have any on you, scribe the recipe for Curing Solution, then return to Ruffin. Show him the herbs (he's not impressed, since they apparently taste horrible), then craft with them in the Snowfang Container beside him.

Reward: 29+ gold

Snowfang Starvation

The pelts, of course, need some time to cure, and in the meantime, the gnolls are hungry! There are some root vegetables nearby, which they sometimes eat, but their growing season is too short.

So, you decide you're going to teach them how to preserve them, so they'll keep longer.

You'll find the frostbitten parsnips as a shrub spawn in the area, and you'll need to collect 10. Since you'll need these for the crafter gryphon mount quest and you can also make a house item from them, it won't hurt to grab a couple extra, though. Also, if the quest autoupdated the harvesting step, due to you having some in the shared bank, you'll either want to grab them out of shared bank when you go back to Matthew, or harvest a couple to craft with.

You then need a recipe again, and I'll give you one guess as to where to buy it! Yep, Matthew, again, to buy a copy of Seas Trading Company Recipe: Basic Root Preserves. Snag another aerated mineral water and an ethereal coal, if you don't have some already and head back to Ruffin.

Hail him and give him a basic lesson before you combine in the fire beside him.

"Now we cook the vegetables in boiling water. Then put them in the jars with some salt, boil some more, and seal the lid."

Ruffin seems appreciative...

"Thank you. We can do this easily, store up food for later, safe from animals. With the lack of fish, this is a big help."

Reward: 29+ gold, plus you get to keep the recipe for Preserved Parsnips, which makes a lovely house item. (Note: You will need to return to the snowfang campfire whenever you want to make any.)

It's a Long Way Down

Buh? It seemed like fish were plentiful around the othmir village. Why is there a problem around here?
"Plentiful they are, but we are mostly cut off from easy fishing by the high cliffs and the evil spirits. Our fishing poles are not long enough to reach the fish in most places without putting the fishers in danger, so we are running out of fish."

Ohyes, you really wanted another run back to Matthew for another recipe, didn't you? This time, you will be buying Far Seas Trading Company Recipe: Extended Fishing Rod. Scribe it and do not immediately run back to Ruffin.

This time, you stay right next to Matthew and craft up five of the Extended Fishing Rod. Each one will require 2 titanium ore, 1 sumac lumber, 1 ethereal coal (So, 10 titanium, 5 sumac, 5 ethereal coal.)

Return to Ruffin for some gratitude and your cash reward.

Reward: 29+ gold

Badger of Success

"You know so much about crafting. It is something we are only just learning. You have our gratitude."

However, those pelts are getting pretty smelly, are they ready yet? And they really could use more food, and would like to trade for it. Can you bring the pelts back to the othmir while the gnolls start curing more pelts?

Return to Mira and let her know the news.

Yes, I got the pelts from the gnolls. They have been going through a hard time, but would be very interested in further trade of food for pelts.

Reward: 1500 Othmir Artisans faction, 29+ gold

Mira & Matthew Again

Snappy Dressing

Mira says to you, "Excellent news! I will find someone who can arrange a regular trade. And now, with these pelts and the shells we collected earlier, we have all the ingredients needed to make the armor. Here's my recipe, follow it carefully."

Mira hands you an iceclad crab sinew, a pretty shell and a snow cougar pelt, along with the recipe Othmir Shell Armor. (I've just now realized that they use a snow cougar pelt when we just cured all those badger pelts ... hmmmmm) You will need to combine them along with an ethereal filament on a sewing table, such as the one next to Matthew (since you need to bring him the finished product anyway).

Finish the combine, then speak with Matthew, who will reward you with a wearable version of the armor. (Note that the armor has a different look on males than it does on females)

Reward: 1500 Othmir Artisans faction, 29+ gold, Othmir Shell Armor (chest slot with crafting stats)

If you speak with Matthew again at this point, he is willing to chat a bit about Thurgadin, and tells you how to get there. Before you head over, though, be sure to finish the quests listed below for Misa and Arjon, so you can also do the quests for the gnomish pirates on the Thurgadin docks!


Once you have proven your trap-making and trap-placing prowess for Mira in the above questlines, a young othmir by the name of Misa seeks out your help. It is totally up to you if you wish to work on these quests before, during or after you help the gnolls on Mira's behalf.

Monster Monster

Misa says to you, "Excuse me, I saw you making and carrying those big trap things around. Are you a monster-hunter?"

A monster hunter? What is this young pup up to? Apparently she saw you with the shellfish traps, and hopes you will make her a trap big enough for a monster.

Misa says to you, "Nobody believes me, but I know there's a monster nearby, I heard it and I saw its flippery tracks! I think it's an ulthork come to eat us all up, and I'm going to catch it before it can get us."

While you're sure it isn't a monster, she's just as sure that it is, and she directs you to the tracks on the far side of the ridge to the west of her.

Head to about -1253, -538, -2,97 and you will find that she was right about the tracks being there -- those are definitely tracks that don't match anything native to the area, but that still doesn't mean it is one of the legendary ulthork.

Reward: 1500 Othmir Artisans Faction, 29+ gold.

Trap Happy

Misa says to you, "If you'll build me a trap to catch the monster, then I can prove it exists and is an ulthork come to eat us all! Please, won't you make me one? You're clearly a very skilled crafter, you made it look so easy."

What is it about begging children appealing to our ego? Of course you're going to help her. Trundle over to the woodworking table, make another shellfish trap, then place it at the loc listed above for the flipper tracks, then return to Misa.

Reward: 1500 Othmir Artisans faction, 29+ gold

On the Defensive

Mira is grateful, and can't wait to tell her dad about it. When you ask why her dad isn't help with the monster issue, you get yet another tug on the old heart-strings to make sure that you keep helping her.

Misa says to you, "He's on patrol duty. Both my parents were guards, that's how my mother was killed when I was young. I'm going to be a guard too when I grow up, and I want to start now by helping keep my dad safe. Hey! That gives me another idea."

Ut-oh. Did warning bells just go off in your head? :D

Misa says to you, "What if the trap isn't strong enough to hold the monster? What if it breaks out? How can I defend us? Will you make me a weapon? Maybe you can fix up some of my father's old ones."

Ouff. Well, maybe she'd be safe with a blunt weapon. You definitely don't want to make anything sharp and pointy for the pup.

You will find two old weapons on the ground beside her, gather them up, then head to Matthew to buy Far Seas Trading Company Recipe: Weapon Repair Manual, (buy an ethereal sandpaper from him if you don't have any on-hand). Scribe the recipe for Sturdy Club, and craft it at the woodworking table. Then return to Misa.

You say to Misa, "Here's a good strong club. Try not to hit anything with it."

Reward: 1500 Othmir Artisans faction, 29+ gold

A Case of Mistaken Monstrosity

Misa says to you, "Thank you! Now I can help keep my father safe. Speaking of which ... would you mind checking that trap to see if we caught any monsters yet?"

A bit of begging and pleading later, even though you're sure there won't be any monsters in it, you trundle off to check the trap ... and find something in it!

Click on the trap, release the hapless froglock, and hail her.

Finnegan says to you, "Thank you for freeing me, stranger. I'm Finnegan, healer and historian by profession. And you are?"

Now, what was she doing in something that was clearly an obvious trap?

Finnegan says to you, "Yes, I could see it was a trap, but I thought I would try to disarm it in case any of the young othmir got caught. But I accidentally trapped myself. How embarrassing."

Whoops! And it was your fault, on behalf of a young othmir, that the trap was there in the first place.

Finnegan says to you, "Let me guess. Flipper tracks? Like mine? I've been studying the area, though I'm trying not to disturb the othmir's work. This region has some interesting history. Did you know Brell himself once manifested near here?"

With a few more apologies, and a very good-natured response from her, you leave her to her studies and head back to Misa to give her the news.

Reward: 1500 Othmir Artisans faction, 29+ gold

Errand of Mercy

Misa is so excited that it is hard to get a word in edgewise for a moment, but finally you manage to get the important information across.

You say to Misa, "Slow down. First of all, it's not a monster we caught, it's an innocent traveler. And second of all, no I did not kill her, I let her go and apologized, and I've removed the trap."

After a bit, you get across the concept of frogloks to the young othmir, since they don't normally visit such a cold climate.

Misa says to you, "A person, with flippers? Not a monster? Oh no. I'm going to be in trouble again, if my father comes back."

If? That doesn't sound good. Apparently while you were gone, she heard that her father had been injured, and she's worried because their healer is old and slow-moving.

"... Hey, wait! Didn't you say this froglok thing was a healer? Could she help?"

Since the froglok seemed very good-natured, despite the trap incident, you get directions to her father from Misa, then go back to request Finnegan's aid.

Finnegan says to you, "Certainly, a healer always strives to aid the wounded. Lead me to him, I will do my best."

Head north with her to about -1207, -542, -2455. Be careful when crossing the ice where the flying snakes are located. While they are not aggro, there is sometimes a heroic group up with an aggro named Venomwing. (Yes, his poison is pretty nasty if you don't cure it quickly.) You can easily avoid him, as long as you're aware that you need to be looking for him!

Hail Arjon, introduce him to Finnegan, and then head back to Misa with the news.

Reward: 1500 Othmir Artisans faction, 29+ gold

Necessary Preparations

Misa is quite grateful, to say the least, but of course she wants even more help!

Misa says to you, "Would you help me once more? If my father is going to be recovering for a while, I'd like to make sure he's comfortable. I heard Mira say those traders have lots of useful recipes. Do you think they might have one for some cushions?"

Back to Matthew you go to buy a copy of Far Seas Trading Company Recipe: Insulating Cushion for Cool Climates. You will need 2 bamboo shoot, a mottled pelt and an ethereal filament, plus the sewing table that is near him. Note that this Insulating Cushion recipe stays in your recipe book after you complete the quest, and that it makes a house item!

The larger of the two beds beside Misa is clickable, so click on it to place the new cushion.

Insulating Cushion
(house item)

Reward: 1500 Othmir Artisans faction, 29+ gold

Escort Duty

Misa is grateful, but ...
Misa says to you, "Do you think you could help me just one more time, and then I promise I won't bother you any more? I hoped that maybe you could go and help my father get home safely, if he's ready to travel yet."

Head back over to where you found Arjon, chat with him a bit, then lead him back to Misa.

Reward: 1500 Othmir Artisans faction, 29+ gold


Now that Misa's her father Arjon is safely back home, he could use some help. (He's supposed to be resting from his injuries after all, and you've proven that you're able-bodied!)

A Heartfelt Thank You

It seems that Arjon was quite impressed with the first froglok that he has ever met. Quite.

Arjon says to you, "___, I would like to express my gratitude properly, but I'm supposed to be resting up here while I recover. Some beautiful flowers grow up on that ridge there. Would you take her a bunch of flowers and a thank you note from me? "

Do you remember seeing some shrublike-stuff on the ridge between where Misa and Arjon are, and where you trapped Finnegan? Yep. Those are flowers. They're also a house item, and you may want to remember them when/if you have further dealings with Qho as well! (Gathering skill of 5 required.)

Deliver the flowers to Finnegan, and report back to Arjon.

Reward: 1500 Othmir Artisans faction, 29+ gold, Windswept Frostflower ground spawn unlocked for future grabbing.

Mood Music

Arjon says to you, "I wonder ... she seemed interested in learning about the othmir and our traditions. Do you think she might like to hear our music?"

You concede that it is possible, and Arjon sends you off with a Traditional Othmir Drum recipe. Head over to the woodworking table. You will need 2 sumac, 1 titanium, 1 ethereal sandpaper.

Bring the finished drum to Finnegan, who seems very pleased with the gift. In fact, she is so pleased that she wants you to deliver a note of thanks to him. Deliver the note to Arjon for your reward.

Reward: 1500 Othmir Artisans faction, 29+ gold, and you get to keep the recipe for the Traditional Othmir Drum, which is not only a house item, but plays music!

Traditional Othmir Drum

Special Ingredients

Arjon says to you, "Let me read ... oh! She is so gracious. And rather charming, despite the lack of fur. I wonder ... do you think it would be improper to invite her to join me for dinner?"

Sounds like he's angling for a date to me! Best not to venture an opinion on that one, eh?

Arjon says to you, "Could you help me again? I can do the cooking, but I'll need help gathering the special ingredient, and preparing a table."

As with the other Velious crafting quests, your map will have highlights for you, this time to the NE of Arjon (just south of where the gryphon is. Gather 10 shells, that are just underwater on the lip of ice, then return to Arjon.

Reward: 1500 Othmir Artisans faction, 29+ gold.

Setting the Scene

Ohyes, he's definitely smitten!

Arjon says to you, "Excellent! This is perfect. And finally, could I ask you to arrange the table settings for me? I thought a nice meal down on the floating dock would be perfect. We can watch the sun set over the ocean."

Take the recipe he's given you for an Othmir Folding Table, and head to the woodworking table. You will also need 2 sumac, 1 titanium, and 1 ethereal sandpaper. When you have finished, there will be a green glowie on the dock near Arjon, where you can set the table down before returning to Arjon.

Reward: 1500 Othmir Artisans faction, 29+ gold, plus you keep the recipe for the Othmir Folding Table house item.

Othmir Folding Table

Dinner for Two

You're not done quite yet. After all, Finnegan needs to be invited, still, and he can't do himself because he's going to be busy cooking or grooming his fur ... or something!

It's a date, or something like that, as she accepts the invitation, and admits he is "quite charming, despite the fur".

Don't run back to Arjon just yet, though. Chat with her a bit more as she has a favor to ask of (and a quest to offer) you.

She asks you to return a borrowed map to the gnomes on the Thurgadin dock, and tells you a bit more about what she's studying in the area. (Yep, another chunk of lore for the lore junkies, including a bit about Brell, within her conversation.)

Ok, once you've accepted the Letter to Thurgadin quest, you can return to Arjob for your reward, and the conclusion of the othmir portion of the Iceclad crafting quests.

Reward: 1500 Othmir of Velious faction, 29+ gold, plus you keep the recipe for the Othmir Folding Table

Gnomish Pirates - Fenwick (All Crafting Classes)

Letter to Thurgadin

After you have finished chatting with Arjon, head to the griffon post in Fina's Retreat, and fly to the Thurgadin docks. Fenwick should be standing next to the work bench on the docks.

Speak with him, and claim your reward.

Reward: 2000(?) Iceclad Pirates faction, 29+ gold

Clockwork Dockwork

Fenwick says to you, "It were our pleasure to help the froglok lass, aye. I'm sad she didn't return though, because I was hoping to ask for her help. She seemed a handy lass with a workbench as well as her healing."

Of course you offer your services with crafting, and Fenwick takes you up on it, since "ye have the look of an artisan for all ye appear to be a landlubber."

First, there are some repairs that need doing. Wander around the dock area, looking forwidgets.

Which-its? Widgets!
(As you can see from this overhead view
of a high elf, they're a decent size!)

Once you have collected five broken widgets, you will need to scribe the Blueprint: Widget Repair from Fenwick and make 5 Repaired Widget. Each one will require 1 quicksilver, 1 titanium, and 1 ethereal coal. Once done, speak with Fenwick.

Reward: 2000 Iceclad Pirates faction, 29+ gold

Fenwick - Tinkerer Only

Fenwick could use some more help, but only from a skilled tinkerer (I think it needs 400 skill, but may be higher)

Tinkered Technology (Tinkerer only)

Admit that you are a skilled tinkerer and

Fenwick says to you, "Excellent! Then I have a few tasks for ye. First and foremost, the Captain's been right worried lately about tales of a great sea beasty bein' sighted out at sea. She worries it'll capsize the ship and take all hands down to Prexus's watery depths!"

The fact that you're not on a ship is apparently an irrelevant detail, so just tinker up a detection system to set the captain's mind at rest, k?

Fenwick gives you Blueprint" Advanced Beasty Warning System to tinker. You will also need 1 each of titanium, quicksilver, amber and ethereal coal. You will find a green glowie to click on to place the system at 1295, -540, 410. Then return to Fenwick for your reward.

You say to Fenwick, "I completed the Advanced Beasty Warning System, based on your schematics. I'm not sure it does anything, but it looks very impressive."

Reward: 2000 Iceclad Pirates faction, 29+ gold

Clockwork Spybots (Tinkerer only)

Fenwick is confident that it will work, so now wants to turn your attention to possible attacks from the other (inland) direction.

Fenwick says to you, "If ye haven't heard yet, Thurgadin is besieged by a nasty bunch o' scallywags callin' themselves the Order of Rime, their leader bein' a nasty piece o' work called Kraytoc. Besides defendin' the harbor from beasties and the like, we pirates are helping that battle in the Storm Gorge."

Progress through high technology with an element of surprise, of course, is how they're helping, and he'd like you to tinker up some tinkered spybots from the provided Blueprint: Tinkered Spybot.

The Pirate Spybot will require 1 titanium, 1 quicksilver, 1 amber, 1 ethereal coal -- then a trip to place it.

You'll find an elevator at 1215, -528, 512. Head either diagonally right or diagonally left to go through the archways, then go up the ramps. You will exit out the other side into the Storm Gorge area. The release point is at roughly 746, -376, 857 (you will get an onscreen message telling you that you are in the right spot, and it should also be a highlighted area on your map.)

Return to Fenwick for your reward.

Reward: 2000 Iceclad Pirates faction, 29+ gold

Better Living Trhough Tinkering (Tinkerer only)

Fenwick says to you, "Excellent work, matey! Shiver me biscuits, ye're a fast worker. While we wait for the spybot to return, there's a spot of more domestic trouble ye may be able to help with."

It is a terrible, terrible disaster. A catastrophe, even! One that might inspire rebellion and mutiny!

Strip out all the fancy words and ... their tinkered still blew up.

Fenwick says to you, "Let's just call it an unfortunate spontaneous combustion incident. But aye. We may have been workin' it a wee bit over capacity. But now we need a new one, and that's where ye can help!"

Scribe the Blueprint: Gnomish Pirate Distillery that he gives you, and craft up a Gnomish Spirits Distillery using 1 quicksilver, 1 amber, 1 ethereal coal. The placement spot for it is behind Fenwick at 1292, -540, 478. After placing it, hail Fenwick for your reward.

Reward: 2000 Iceclad Pirates faction, 29+ gold.

High Spirits (Tinkerer only)

While you personally think he just wants you to try it first in case it blows up again, you agree when Fewnwick asks you to do the honors of giving it a first try.

You will need 1 frostbitten parsnip, that ground spawn you found in the gnoll area for Ruffin. In addition, you will need 1 aerated mineral water and 1 ethereal kindling. If you don't have the water and kindling handy, there should be a bartender in the bar area (up the elevator, arch ahead and to your right) that will sell you some.

Combine the ingredients in the distillery that you placed and you'll be pleasantly surprised to see that the result is also a house item. (While the one you just made is needed for the quest, you can always come back to make more, and you WILL need to make more if you work on the prayer shawl quest!)

Reward: 2000 Iceclad Pirates faction, 29+ gold, and you get to keep the recipe for Gnomish Pirate Spirits (house item, also needed by yourself and others for the prayer shawl quest)
Gnomish Pirate Spirits

Toasting the Creator (Tinkerer only)

Fenwick says to you, "Excellent work, Foiwomx! This'd put a sea beasty ta sleep! We'll get this distillery hard at work right away. In the mean time, you know what to do with the first batch of spirits."

Sadly, he doesn't mean to drink it, other than a sip to ensure proper quality. The first batch belongs to ... Brell?

Fenwick says to you, "What do ye mean, why Brell? He created the gnomish race, ye know. The ratongas and dwarves were his first attempts, but he was not satisfied until he created gnomes. We are clearly his master work, pinnacle of his creation! Arrr!"

Dwarves! Don't shoot the messenger! I'm only telling you what he told me! Argue with the gnome!

Head back up the elevator, but this time turn left and head for the big door that will zone you into Thurgadin.

If you can't find the Temple of Brell on your map, it is the east branch from the Icebridge Crossway. If all else fails, ask a guard to point you to "priest" and it should send you towards the temple.

When you enter the temple, you will find a green glowie at the simple altar at 488, -213, 256. Click on it to receive your reward.

Reward: 2000 Iceclad Pirates faction, 29+ gold

More Pirates - Oomba (all crafting classes)

While you've now found your way into Thurgadin, don't forget that there's a second pirate quest NPC on the docks. While he looks more like a relation of Ngranna, the "secksi" ogress from our preview, Oomba claims to be a gnomish pirate, and he has a few more crafting quests for you.

Oomba's Loomba

Hail Ooomba to receive the traditional "ahoy" that the gnomish pirates love to use, as well as a request to help out the "gnomish pirate". Really, that's what he called himself, so you ask for clarification.

Oomba says to you, "Shiver me clockworks, why would ye say such a thing? I've been a gnomish pirate all me life. They say I was teething on a mechanical cog when they rescued me from the shipwreck. I'm as gnomish as they come!"


Oomba says to you, "Oomba's the name. A bit unusual for a gnome, I know, but apparently that's what was embroidered on my clothing when I washed ashore. Anyway, back to business! I need assistance constructing some prototypes. Interested?"

Ok. Fine. He's as delusional as the gnomish pirate captain who thinks she's on a ship in danger from sea monsters. Humor him.

The first thing he wants to make is a clockwork sewing table, which he calls the "Loomba". Head over to the workbench after scribing the Blueprint: Loomba Prototype. This recipe will use the geocraft skill, and requires 1 titanium, 1 quicksilver, 1 amber, 1 ethereal coal.

When you have finished crafting it, head over to the loom near Oomba and set it down (right-click on it in your inventory). Hrm. That didn't go so well, did it? Report back to Oomba and tell him it didn't quite work the way he hoped it would.

Reward: 2000 Iceclad Pirates faction, 29+ gold

Oomba's Zoomba

Oomba says to you, "Bother and bombast, this is no good at all. What did I do wrong? I'll have to study this mess and revise the schematics. In the mean time though, I have a new prototype schematic to test: I'm calling it the Zoomba! A marvelous clockwork cleaner that will keep Thurgadin neat and tidy."

Back to the work bench you go, once Oomba gives you the Blueprint: Zoomba Prototype. Craft it up, and then set it loose in the bar. (Head back up the elevator, and the bar entrance is diagonally to your right. A location in the general area is 1211, -475, 621. Again, this will be a right-click on the item from inventory.

Somehow, I don't think all that black smoke is a good thing ... Head back to Zoomba and break the news to him.

Reward: 2000 Iceclad Pirates faction, 29+ gold

Oomba's Boomba

Oomba says to you, "Blast and bogglechippers! What kind of famous inventor will I be, if I can only make things that explode?"

(Yes, he really speaks like a gnome, doesn't he? Sort of scary from someone that big!)

Perhaps he should intentionally make explosive things, since that seems to be where his strength lies? He's willing to modify a schematic and try it out.

Oomba says to you, "There! Try making that: the Boomba! If my prototype works correctly, it could be Thurgadin's greatest weapon in the fight against the Order of Rime!"

He hands you the Blueprint: Boomba Prototype, and you're off to the work bench again.

This time, you need to release it out near the barricades between the coldain and the Rime. Head up the elevator, through an arch, up the ramp, out the other side, and aim for somewhere around 718, -374, 874. (You'll receive a message onscreen, and the area should be highlighted on your map if the quest is active in your journal.)

Return to Oomba and tell him it headed for the Rime barricade and then exploded. He just might be onto something!

Oomba says to you, "Shiver me clockworks! I'll be the most famous gnomish pirate inventor ever! Thank ye again for your assistance in testing the prototypes. I'll get right to work making more!"

While he's busy shivering clockworks, or something, you can wander off with your reward and the satisfaction of having completed another quest series.

Reward: 2000 Iceclad Pirates faction, 29+ gold

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