Frostfell: Shiny Boxes All Do Hide

This information is from Frostfell 2013 and is information that is only of use during the yearly Frostfell event in EQ2

Shiny boxes all do hide outside cities where mens reside

With that quote from Ginneldarf Gigglegibber, the great chest hunt began. (You may need to have the keys already in your possession before he will verbalize the clue, but you don't need him to tell you the clue if you're reading this article.)

What chest hunt, you ask? Well, it seems that the above-mentioned Ginneldarf, the fuel vendor in the Frostfell crafting instance, sells three key recipes for 1p 20g each. These recipes can only be scribed/crafted by level 90+ crafters, but they can be commissioned. They must be crafted on the Frosftell workbench (which looks like a woodworking table) in the Frostfell Wonderland Village. They are lore, no trade.

And what do those keys go to? Three different chests that contain no-trade crafting stations that can go in your home or guildhall, that can handle Frostfell crafting combines year-round.

Merry Stove & Keg
Cheery Loom
Festive Workbench

The chest that you are looking for looks like the below, with the name being cheery, merry or festive, based on which key is needed.

Hint: notice how "chest" has been typed into the bar near the top of the tracking window? That will make it so that the tracking window will only show the Frostfell chests, if there are any in sensing range. If the tracking window shows nothing while you are in the proper zone, keep the window open and wander around until one pops up on track.

We are starting to get possible locations in for these - as you can see, they can move around a lot, and this isn't meant to be a complete spoiler list, just something to get you started.

If you find additional locations, please drop Niami on Test an ingame email with the zone and loc. (Alternately, drop Niami Denmother on the SOE forums a PM :D) Thanks! (Some new locs already added after launch ~Mum)

Many, many thanks to the folks who provided extra eyeballs on Test, and who have been sharing information and locations. It made solving this a much saner task!

More general details about other Frostfell 2013 offerings can be found here.

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