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ToT: Crafting Questline

Welcome to Terrors of Thalumbra crafting quests!

Level 100 tradeskillers who have also completed "The Captains Lament" will receive email to start the quest that sends you to Captain Ethan Dariani in the Isle of Mara bar. (To be fully clear, you will have to complete "The Captain's Lament" part of the ToV crafting line in order to obtain the ToT crafting signature quest.) The signature line will lead you into the new zones while giving you a bit of the story and background.

Later on in the questline, you'll also find Charles Q Tinkersmith down in the lower level of the forge, and Gwynvyn's daily and weekly quests will unlock once you finish the main questline (minus Tinkersmith). (Note that there is nothing that directs you to find Tinkersmith - you will have to search him out on your own.)

These quests will give you coin, AAXP, and 13200 guild status for each quest (36449 for the signature quest hand-in). The later ones will also give you faction with the Maldura crafters ("Deepforge Founders"), faction with the city of Maldura ("Shields of Maldura") and Coins of the Grand Artificer which can be used to purchase your recipe books and other items within Maldura. You will also be awarded with an offhand censer with tradeskill buffs on it AND an offhand item for level 100 adventurers.


Complete ToT crafting quest list, with the questgiver (detailed walkthrough in a section below):

  • "What Lies Beneath" (Captain Ethan Dariani) -- signature quest
  • "Assay of Origin" (Captain Ethan Dariani)
  • "Ore of Yore" (Dror)
  • "More Ore of Yore" (Einva)
  • "Underfoot Defender" (Duality)
  • "Subtunarian Subterfuge" (Duality)
  • "Into the Unknown" (Duality)
  • "Stranger in Distress" (Brytthel)
  • "Menace in the Mine" (Brytthel)
  • "Scanning the Seals" (Brumley Langboom)
  • "Monitoring the Situation" (Brumley Langboom)
  • "Attuning the Portal" (Brumley Langboom)
  • "Monitor Malfunction" (Brumley Langboom)
  • "Researching a Solution" (Brytthel)
  • "Containing the Stone" (Brytthel)

At this point, you complete the signature line, and can return to Captain Ethan Dariani for your reward. You are not, however, done in Maldura.

  • "Scuttling to Safety" (Charles Q Tinkersmith - unlocks after "Attuning the Portal")
  • "Fire Striker" (Charles Q Tinkersmith)
  • "You Only Test Twice" (Charles Q Tinkersmith)
  • "The Man with the Tinkered Eye" (Charles Q Tinkersmith)
  • "Fuels Are Forever" (Charles Q Tinkersmith)
  • "For Your Eyes Only" (Charles Q Tinkersmith)

And, last but not least, the Maldura dailies and weekly, which are being split out into a separate article: ToT Daily/Weekly Crafting Quests

A Note About Low Level Adventurers

Even if you don't adventure, or adventure very rarely, one would hope that, by the time you reach level 100 as a crafter, you would know how to dodge aggro mobs in the pursuit of your crafting quests and resources. So, before anyone screams more about the fact that you have to enter a couple heroic dungeons, let me stress that you don't have to do any combat. None, nada.

You do, however, have to use your common sense and sharp eyes.

I tested this with a level 3, yes, level 3 adventurer. By the end of the quest series, she had died once, in Kaladim, when she flew just a bit too low through a low archway. Everything else, including the two level 100 heroic instances, were just fine. She was also level 7 by the end, due to discovery xp, but that's another story. ;D

All right, all right, she really died twice, but the second time didn't count. I intentionally had her stand in the Great Forge of Brell just to verify that, yes, that pit of coals IS more than hot enough to kill you. No coal walking there, k?

Getting Around Maldura

If you are prone to being direction-impaired, you will want to make careful note of NPC names in the quest writeup. That way, when you get lost in Maldura, you can ask a guard to point the way to your target.

From the map, Maldura looks simple - basically a wheel with several spokes. However, it is the product of dwarven-types ("Dhalgar") and gnomish-types ("Gnemlin") working together. Just think about that for a minute. It has layers. It has spots where you have to go up to go down, and other fun stuff. After the first few times through it, you will get a better feel for things and know when you have to go up a ramp at the Mushroom Bar and Grill, and when you want to go down the other ramp there, and so on. In the meantime, just blame it all on gnomes and dwarves, living together, and leave it at that. ;P


Shopping List

Here's a list of resources and fuels to bring with you if you want to save some travel time. A few totem of escape and your crafter-specific port item wouldn't go amiss, either. :D

  • 1 adamantine cluster
  • 1 ferrite cluster
  • 1 titanium ore
  • 1 rhenium ore
  • 1 cadmium ore
  • 2 incandescent material
  • 5 effulgent coal
  • 3 effulgent incense
  • 1 effulgent candle
  • 35 bornite nodule (common level 100 harvest)
  • 10 splitiron ore (common level 100 harvest)
  • 35 umbrite (common level 100 harvest)
  • 10 thalumbral root(common level 100 harvest)
  • 2 arcannium (rare level 100 soft metal)
  • 1 thaumic material (uncommon level 100 harvest)
  • 3 malduran lumber (common level 100 harvest)
  • 1 thaumic incense(?)
  • 34 thaumic coal


I was originally going to post the quest dialog, which is filled with tons of expansion lore. Upon realizing how huge this document already is going to be, I decided not to. You'll just have to read it as you go along. :D

So, are you a level 100 crafter? Check. Do you own the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion? Check. Have you completed "The Captains Lament" quest? Check.

Then it is time to visit Captain Ethan Dariani, who is now waiting for you at the bar in the Isle of Mara.

What Lies Beneath

This is the signature line that follows you through most of your ToT crafting questline. Captain Ethan will not only give you this quest, but then give you:

Assay of Origin

Ethan sends you to speak with Trader Cyliana, who is outside the building holding the banker in the Isle of Mara. She will have you examine (harvest) the elemental remains beside her to get a metal mechanism, then speak with her again. She will then ask you to perform assays comparing it to different ores (while she is performing some on other ores). You will want to harvest SIX metal mechanisms - you will need 5 for the assays, and 1 for a later quest. You will also need 1 adamantine cluster, 1 ferrite cluster, 1 titanium ore, 1 rhenium ore, 1 cadmium ore, plus 5 effulgent coal. You can perform the assays, which autoscribed into your recipe book, at the nearby forge, completing one for each metal type I just listed.

Return to her with the negative results, and then return to Captain Ethan.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin.

Ore of Yore

After speaking with Ethan, the signature quest should be telling you to consult with an expert on the Kaladim dwarves. Even if your memory of the Shadows of the Betrayed sig line is foggy (or nonexistant), you may have a brainstorm at this point that Butcherblock Mountains might be a good spot to visit. The dwarf you wish to speak with is Dror in West Fort Irontoe at -231, 214, -191. You will find that he has a quest feather over his head, since he isn't (yet) ready to update the sig line for you, so you will need to speak with him to obtain "Ore of Yore".

Dror will send you into Kaladim. (If you're a low-level squishy, make sure to use your flying mount, so you can fly above the aggro!) Your destination is at the very back center of the Kaladim zone, a giant hammer mounted on the wall.

Click on it, which you can do while flying, then return to Dror. This will complete "More Ore of Yore", and the signature line will update, telling you to speak with the crafters of Thurgadin.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin.

Ore of Yore

Head to Thurgadin and speak with Forgemaster Gert in the crafting area of Thurgadin. She will then send you outside, to the library above the docks in Thurgadin Harbor to speak with Loremaster Einva.

If you are going to interrupt a busy Loremaster, it stands to reason that you should expect to help her free up some of her time for your research. Head to just outside the back entrance to Thurgadin and harvest up 3 spiceleaf plants. You will find that the recipe for Sheaf of Spiceleaf Paper has been autoscribed in your book. You will need to combine the 3 spiceleaf plants with 1 effulgent incence at an engraved desk.

Then Einva will have you search the library for 3 books on a place called Maldura. You will be searching the shelves of BOTH levels of the library for 3 clickable books. Locations vary, and I believe that only one is up at a time, so don't be surprised if you find one in a spot that you already searched. Once you have found all three books, use the engraved desk next to Einva to create the autoscribed "Transcribe Notes on Maldura". You will also need 1 effulgent incense for this combine.

Talk with Einva again to complete the quest, and to update the signature quest.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin and a no-trade copy of Transcribed Notes on Maldura.

Underfoot Defender

The signature line now sends you to find an expert in the Underfoot. If you finished the Altar of Malice crafting series, you may remember that the Duality is a font of knowledge. (If you didn't do that line, no worries, it isn't a pre-requisite, just a memory jog. :D) Head to Paineel in the Sundered Frontier, and head down to the area below Paineel where the Hole zones are. The Duality's Vigilant Sanctum instance should be available on the left-most door.

First off, he's going to have you find a Map of Old Tunaria (you get to keep the map), which should be in the lower part of his sanctum on a table at 538, 121, -66. Speak with him once you have found it, and you will be sent for some roekillik fur.

The spot you want is justinside the roekillik caverns in the Sundered Frontier, on the ground to your right. (It will sparkle.) Click on it to obtain some fur, then return to the Duality. He will then have you create a roekillik illusion spell. The recipe is autoscribed, and in addition to the tuft of roekillik fur, you will need 1 incandescent material and 1 effulgent incense. There is an engraved desk there in the Duality's sanctum that you can use.

Once you have created the roekillik illusion spell, head back to the roekillik caverns. Go just a couple steps further in than you did to get the fur, and there should be a clickable fur door-type covering to your LEFT. Click on it to zone in. Once inside, don't move a step until you have used the roekillik illusion scroll from inventory. Otherwise those epic roekillik guards will happily smish you!

Once illusioned, they will leave you alone and you may speak to the roekillik elder. He will complete the current quest, and give you a new one, all the while bemoaining disrespectful youngsters.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin

Subtunarian Subterfuge

Apparently, the roekillik elder finds that juicy fish rolls are a suitably respectful offering for one such as he. The recipe will autoscribe in your recipe book, and the ingredients needed are found right there in the instance. First off is some fish that will be located somewhere in the water. Then a cluster of fungi will be found somewhere near the water, suitable for seasoning. After that, some kelp can be found in the water in which to wrap the fish. Craft the juicy fish roll at the cook pot near the elder, then speak with him again.

Ah, that is proper respect, and the elder feels that just maybe he misjudged you. If you get him some parchment, he can draw you a map of the area in question. Find the rolled up parchment on a nearby table, and speak with him again.

He will draw you a map, which you must then bring back to the Duality.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin

Into The Unknown

Before the Duality can send you on your way, he will need you to create an Ore Reagent for Portal Spell. (If you missed my earlier warning about harvesting an extra metal mechanism during the Assay of Origin quest, you will be making an extra round trip to Mara and back, in order to obtain one.) In addition to the metal mechanism, you will need 1 incandescent material and 1 effulgent candle. You can make the combine on any chemistry table (there is one in the Duality's zone.)

Speak with the Duality once you have created the reagent, and he will open a portal to Thalumbra for you. Enter the portal to complete the quest, and to progress the signature line.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin

Stranger in Distress

Read before you move if you aren't a level 100 adventurer!! You will port in facing aggro mobs. Do a 180 degree turn to face the opposite direction before you take a single step, or you might end up in more aggro than you can handle.

You'll find Brytthel lying on the ground. She doesn't look so good, even taking into account that the dhalgar and gnemlin are kind of creepy looking, does she?

After you speak with her, turn in place to face the same wall that she is facing and you will find a small bag. Click on it to autoscribe the recipe for healing salve infused bandages, and to obtain a tinkered portable loom.

Now, carefully head out of the tunnel (north-ish). You are still KoS to the guards in the area, so you may want to fly upwards as soon as possible, even though your next destination will be down. :D Once you get your bearings, keep an eye on your mini-map for the quest ROIs - you'll want to head north and then dive straight down once you get to the giant drill. Harvest 2 fibrous roots (one per quest node.) These and the fungi can also be found via track harvestables.

Then head for the fungus in a blocked off tunnel at about 311, 127, 227 (the tunnel becomes unblocked with an adventuring quest, but you don't need to go past the blocked spot for the fungi). Watch for aggro bats and aggro guards on your way to the tunnel, but the NPCs inside the tunnel will leave you alone. Once you have harvested the healing fungus, you can use the provided tinkered portable loom to craft the bandages, then return to Brytthel.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin, 5000 faction with Shields of Maldura (guards, etc), 1000 faction with Deepforge Founders (crafters), Brytthel's Signet Ring.

(See that green glow on Brytthel's finger in the picture of her a couple paragraphs up? Yep, that's the appearance on the signet ring.)

Menace in the Mine

Brytthel's signet (aka, the faction you just earned) will now allow you to travel safely into the city of Maldura without being harassed by the guards. Head for 265, 150, 480 and zone into Maldura. Once there, you need to speak with Brumley Langboom in the Alcove of Reason, and let him know that Brytthel was hurt. While his loc is around -80, 13, 194, if you get turned about or sidetracked while in the city, the guards will be happy to give you a wisp to his location.

Um, yeah, wow. Looks like a gnome ... sorta. Talks like a gnome ... definitely. Once you finally get in a word or three edgewise, Brumley wants you to scan the mine where Brytthel was hurt. Exit the city and head to 521, 130, 433. Click on the swirly spot on the ground, then return to Brumley in Thalumbra.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin, 5000 faction with Shields of Maldura (guards, etc), 1000 faction with Deepforge Founders (crafters), Coin of the Grand Artificer (crafter faction coin).

Scanning the Seals

Yep, it is bad news, and Brumley's decided to have you check a few places within the city, just in case more trouble is coming from within. First click the swirly spot at the door near the Alcove of Reason (-68, 9, 117). Then head to the north of the Sublevel Access Antechamber (-108, 1, -44), then head to the south of the Sublevel Access Antechamber (-107, 1, 45), then finally head down the ramp at the Mushroom Bar and Grill and head to the door at -44, -4, 43. Return to Brumley after you have received all 4 updates.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin, 5000 faction with Shields of Maldura (guards, etc), 1000 faction with Deepforge Founders (crafters), Coin of the Grand Artificer (crafter faction coin).

Monitoring the Situation

Next, Brumley wants you to craft and place some monitoring devices in the 5 locations you scanning during the last two quests. The recipe for Tinkered Monitoring Device is auto-scribed. You will need to make 5 devices, so will need a total of 5 bornite nodule, 5 splitiron ore, 5 umbrite, 5 thaumic coal. (Quests from this point onward in the series will start requiring harvests from the new zone, and new fuels. Thankfully, there's a fuel vendor right near Brumley!)

Head to the nearby door that you just scanned, then to the doors north then south of the Sublevel Access Chamber, then down near the Mushroom Bar and Grill, then out in Thalumbra at the mine entrance at 521, 130, 433. Finally, return to Brumley again.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin, 5000 faction with Shields of Maldura (guards, etc), 1000 faction with Deepforge Founders (crafters), Coin of the Grand Artificer (crafter faction coin).

Attuning the Portal

Now comes setting up a more permanent portal between Thalumbra and the world above. Brumley wants you to craft first a Resonance Crystal, then a Portal Attunement Device (both recipes autoscribed). The resonance crystal will need 1 umbrite, 1 thalumbral root, 1 bornite nodule, 1 thaumic coal. The portal attunement device: resonance crystal, 5 umbrite, 5 bornite nodule, and 1 thaumic coal. Both are crafted on the work bench, and there is one conveniently located near Brumley.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin, 5000 faction with Shields of Maldura (guards, etc), 1000 faction with Deepforge Founders (crafters), Coin of the Grand Artificer (crafter faction coin).

Monitoring Malfunction

Brumley tells you that something seems wrong with one of the monitoring devices that you placed. Head to the door near the Mushroom Bar and Grill and you find two dead dhalgar. Click on either corpse ... yep ... definitely dead. Return to Brumley with the news.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin, 5000 faction with Shields of Maldura (guards, etc), 1000 faction with Deepforge Founders (crafters), Coin of the Grand Artificer (crafter faction coin).

Researching a Solution

Brumley sends you to speak with Brytthel, who is now guarding the queen in the Palace of Unity in the back part of Maldura.

I must say, she's looking a LOT better than she did when you first met her, even if I still do think the dhalgar look a bit creepy. :D

Read her dialog carefully if you want to hear more of the story lore of what is going on, and what they need you to do, or just zip through and be on your merry way. You will need to head back out to Thalumbra and trek across a goodly chunk of the zone.

The area where the glaufaye are found is rather lovely, in a way. Just be careful of aggro mobs on top of some of those lovely leafy areas on your way to your destination!

Find the glaufaye, Elanluelle, at -484, 236, 346. She suggests that you check within the tomes of the dhalgar, back in Maldura, for information on working with magical gemstones. So, back you go to the city of Maldura.

Head to the bookshelves in the Alcove of Reason (where Brumley is). You are looking for a small open book that can spawn on any of the shelves in that area. Once you have harvested one, the second will become visible, then the third once you have harvested the second. As with the Thurgadin step near the start of this series, you may end up re-scanning over spots botn on and in front of the shelves where you have already searched, since these are random spawn spots.

Once you have all three books, you will use the engraved desk to craft Research on Containing Magical Gemstones, which should have been autoscribed in your recipe book already, and return to Brytthel. You should need 1 thaumic incense for the combine ... I think. (It seems I forgot to make note of it, so will have to edit this after launch.)

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin, 5000 faction with Shields of Maldura (guards, etc), 1000 faction with Deepforge Founders (crafters), Coin of the Grand Artificer (crafter faction coin).

Containing the Stone

Fly BACK out to the glaufaye, Elanuelle, to consult with her about your findings. She sends you BACK to Maldura, to the Great Forge of Brell in the crafting area. (Ask a guard for Gwynvyn if you don't know how to get to the main crafting area.) Note: If you have finished the Traditional Dhalgar Forgework red shiny collection, you can save a trip back to Maldura by placing the Forge of Brell that you got as a quest reward in a house or guildhall and using either the /house_ratings system or a guild rally banner to warp to forge, then warp back to the glaufaye.

The Great Forge of Brell is pictured up in the notes about Low Level Adventurers. It is a pair of huge pits filled with REALLY hot coals. Do not stand too close to it, much less in it, or you will take damage and die. Fire hurts, k? Also when you are told to "carefully" make something, be careful. The two censer combines WILL kill you if you miss a counter.

Craft the Censer of Containment by combining 2 arcannium (rare), 20 bornite, 20 umbrite, 1 thaumic coal. Again, don't miss counters. Also be aware that if you get a shawl/conservation proc on this step, it does NOT save you the arcannium. (This is common with quest combines, and is intended.)

Fly BACK out to the glaufaye Elanuelle and speak with her to start their spellcasting. You will then reheat the censer in the fire near her feet ... um ... thorax. Again, this is a step to do carefully. A missed counter sends the spell awry and will kill you.

Once you are done, head BACK to Maldura, wondering where on earth you go to claim frequent flyer miles, and speak with Brytthel once more. She provides you with bad news that finishes the quest, and also updates the signature line.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin, 5000 faction with Shields of Maldura (guards, etc), 1000 faction with Deepforge Founders (crafters), Coin of the Grand Artificer (crafter faction coin), Empowered Censer of Containment.

Finishing "What Lies Beneath"

Return to Captain Ethan Dariani in the Isle of Mara bar to update him on the situation.

Reward: 36449 status, AAXP, coin and the appropriate censer for your adventuring class (depending on adventuring class, you get to choose between two). Note that the cooldown timer is actually 1 day for all, but since the adventure cooldown timers can be impacted by abilities, the screenshots from my alts display different times.

At some point in your wanderings through Maldura, you may have realized that there was a fellow named Charles Q Tinkersmith who wanted your attention. He is located directly below Gwynvyn and the crafting faction merchant. (There is an elevator near them, though it is easy to overlook if you don't know to look for it.) He's also relatively easy to find if you come down the ramp into the Mushroom Bar and Grill, and hang a right through an archway. Guards will also happily give you a wisp to him. (Addendum - his quests unlock after "Attuning the Portal")

If you didn't run into him before this point, now is a good time to head back into Maldura and do his quests.

Scuttling to Safety

Charles wants you to craft him a tinkered beetle trap (recipe autoscribed into your book.) While it, and other things in this questline mention "tinkered", don't worry, they just use normal geocraft skills, so non-tinkerers can craft them just fine.

You will need 1 thaumic material, 3 splitiron ore, 3 umbrite, and 5 thaumic coal for the combine. Once you have it crafted, you will need to head out to Thalumbra and look for the aggro "armored scuttler" mobs on rocks near 390, 79, -319. You cannot trap them if they are in combat, so you will want to edge in carefully to find that tiny range between where you can trigger the trap and where you trigger their aggro. Return to Tinkersmith once you have captured one.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin, 5000 faction with Shields of Maldura (guards, etc), 1000 faction with Deepforge Founders (crafters), Coin of the Grand Artificer (crafter faction coin)

Fire Striker

Ahhh, gnemlin. Yep, they're still gnomes at heart, and still want to create unsafe things that go BOOM ...

Tinkersmith wants you to craft an Explosive Hammer Prototype (autoscribed in your book). What could go wrong with an idea like that, right? Head out to Thalumbra and harvest a couple chert nodules from in the mines (the area will be marked on your map, and the tiny nodules can be tracked with track harvestables), grab 10 splitiron ore from the ore nodes of the zone (must be freshly harvested), and then grab two amadou fungus bits from the "bracket fungi" at around 802, 44, 276. These can be tracked. Watch out for flying things with tentacles as you head to grab the fungi, k?

Craft the Explosive Hammer Prototype and speak with Tinkersmith once again.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin, 5000 faction with Shields of Maldura (guards, etc), 1000 faction with Deepforge Founders (crafters), Coin of the Grand Artificer (crafter faction coin)

You Only Test Twice

He wasn't about to use you as his test dummy, was he? Of COURSE not. {shifty} How about you craft up a Target Clockwork (recipe autoscribed) and take the 5 prototype hammers that he gave you and give it a solid hit or two, eh? You will need 1 splitiron ore, 3 thalumbral root, 3 umbrite, and 5 thaumic coal for the combine. You will find a glowie spot on the floor for clockwork placement.

Now, a gnemlin may as well be a creepy-looking gnome, and you're holding an explosive hammer. I advise standing at maximum striking range before you hit that clockwork to test out both hammer and armor.

Yep, that one can actually hurt you a bit. (it won't kill you, and everything will grow back ... right?) Speak with Tinkersmith again, who already has ideas about other things he needs/wants.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin, 5000 faction with Shields of Maldura (guards, etc), 1000 faction with Deepforge Founders (crafters), Coin of the Grand Artificer (crafter faction coin)

The Man with the Tinkered Eye

Talk with Tinkersmith some more - They were really onto something with some tinkered eyepieces they'd been working on. Could you go into the now-infested lab and recover the spare lenses and prototype eyepieces?

You will need to head to the Algorithm of Destruction Heroic instance. This can be found at the southern side of the Sublevel Access Chamber, where you placed a detector for Brumley. Before you get into a tailspin about a heroic instance, you do NOT need a group, and you do NOT need to get into combat.

Zone in (the area you enter looks a lot like the Alcove of Reason where you did so much work for Brumley). The lenses can be found in a crate on a shelf at around -85, 13, 198.

Then, well, you're going to have to rob the dead. Ignore the deactivated clockworks, ignore the skeletons. Instead, look for "a dead assistant" or three on the ground. They can be very close to aggro heroics, so tread carefully as you look around the central area, then creep down both branchings until you've found and clicked on three of them.

Return to Tinkersmith once you have the lenses and the 3 prototype eyepieces updated in your journal.

Fuels Are Forever

Next up is special fuel, which is, of course, in another infested area. Speak with Tinkersmith and he will send you to the District of Ash (Heroic).

Yep, another heroic instance, on the north side of the Sublevel Access Chamber. This is the same deal as the other one - no need for a group, no need for combat. You just need caution and common sense.

Enter the zone and hang a hard right. You will find a broken clockwork on the ground at roughly -84, 3, -114, with the gear that you need lying next to it.

The coal is in a cart at about -36, 15, -131.

The solvent is in a barrel at about 9, 29, -140 and is pretty close to aggro, so edge in there and grab it carefully.

Once you have it all, you need to return to the area where Charles is, and craft up the Liquid Fuel in the large High Pressure Steam Tank near him (22, -7, -181). Speak with Tinkersmith once again when done.

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin, 5000 faction with Shields of Maldura (guards, etc), 1000 faction with Deepforge Founders (crafters), Coin of the Grand Artificer (crafter faction coin)

For Your Eyes Only

You're in the home stretch and Tinkersmith would like you to craft a Prototype Viewfinder (yep, it got auto-added to your recipe book). He provides you with everything that you need other than the 5 thaumic coal.

Once you have finished crafting it, Tinkersmith would like YOU to deliver it to the Grand Artificer, and to sing his praises. (Apparently you're some sort of hero or something, eh?) Head out of Tinkersmith's area and you are ambushed and knocked out.

You come to in the healer area to find that the prototype has been stolen. Return to Tinkersmith with the news, and he seems actually excited about one of Black Bolt's thugs stealing it. After all, who'd steal it if it wasn't a worthwhile prototype, eh?

Gnomes. {shakes head}

Reward: 13200 guild status, AAXP, coin, 5000 faction with Shields of Maldura (guards, etc), 1000 faction with Deepforge Founders (crafters), Coin of the Grand Artificer (crafter faction coin) and the appearance-only Tinkersmith's Prototype Eyepiece.


That's it, you're done the questline, and should have about 14000 faction with the Deepforge Founders, if my mental math is correct. You can obtain more faction by doing the ToT Daily/Weekly Crafting Quests. (You'll need 10K faction to buy your basic class recipe books, and then will need more to buy the all-class books and the crafting equipment.) Doing all of the questline, plus one round of dailies and the weekly will net you 30K faction.

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The fine print. This is a research and information site. All of the information on this site has been gathered and submitted by the players and Niami Denmother. While we try our best to keep the information here as accurate and up to date as possible, rely upon it at your own risk. By submitting information and graphics to this site, you are granting us permission to use the materials in any way that we deem appropriate. EverQuest is a registered trademark of Darkpaw Games LLC. Except as is disclosed on the "about" page, this site has no official connection with EverQuest or Darkpaw Games LLC. All information, articles and graphics on this site are the copyright of EQ Traders Corner, its owners and/or Darkpaw Games LLC and may not be copied or reprinted without the express written approval of the copyright holder. This site is not meant to represent official EverQuest (Darkpaw Games) policy, and we are not responsible for errors and/or omissions that occur due to changes in EverQuest trade skills or information that we recieved from the community that is in error.

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