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KA - Frilliks Tide

This is part of the Kunark Ascending Housing and Crafting Preview. Information contained within it can change drastically during the beta testing phase, so the below information can change without warning.


This instance is used for a crafting quest and an adventuring quest with only a few notable additions added for the tradeskill line. In both, players will find themselves upon the slaver/pirate ship Frillik's Tide without their armor, and will have to navigate through the populated ship to regain their gear and their freedom. In addition, once you have completed this instance for either adventuring quest or tradeskilling, you will be able to trigger a 5-minute timed version of the instance. (I have not yet tested this, but will try to have more details at some point regarding "Memories of the Frillik's Tide", where the trigger point is, and what the reward is.)

Anyway, back to your first time through it ... The steps near the end that are needed for only the tradeskill version (not for the adventuring version) will be in bold blue text to make it easy to figure out the added steps needed for crafters.

This instance is VERY particular about how you do things, what order you do them in, etc. Failure to do so often results in you having to redo a painstaking sneak across part of the ship. Hopefully the below will help cut down on your frustration level ... and on how many times you get sent back to the cell.

In several spots, there may/may not be a need to crouch, and I may crouch a bit more than other people do. This is just what I have found works best for me.

You'll also find that you're talking to yourself a lot in this instance. Thankfully, the guards don't hear you, but you may be able to get through much of this ship by simply paying attention to what you say. :D


If you click on a quest writeup, you really should be expecting spoilers, but for those who want it spelled out, yes, the rest of this page contains outright spoilers.

Initial Imprisonment

When you are ported out of the Arcanna'se Spire, you regain consciousness to find yourself without your gear in a cell that you share with an iksar.

Speak with him, then go to the cell door on the left and listen to the captain bragging as he models your armor. (Only with magic could my female ogress's gear fit on that puny iksar ... but she'd still look better in it than he does! ;D) This is the only time you should have to go to the cell door on the left. All other mentions of the cell door will mean the cell door on the right.

A rat then joins you in the cell, and from the way the iksar slave greets it, it is a familiar sight. When the slave mentions that Killten (the rat) slips through the bars, an idea begins to form in your head. Speak to the rat, and appeal to his hunger. Aren't you glad that he understands Common so well? Aren't you also glad that the slavers took your gear, but left your food with you?

When the rat returns, hail him to give him the promised food. Click on the keys to pick them up. These (virtual) keys should stay with you even if you are returned to the cell ... NO, I do NOT want to know where you hid them to keep the slavers from finding them, k?

Go to the righthand cell door and crouch. (Z is a common default for it, but you may have to check your settings to see what you have it keymapped to.) Certain mounts and illusions will block crouch, so you may have to fuss a bit before you are truly crouching. Anyway, watch the pathing outside the cell for a bit, and when the pathing slaver paths to your LEFT, exit the cell, close the cell door, and head to your RIGHT. There are crates at the base of the stairs to your right, and you will find a pick there that you need to grab.

Return to your cell and close the door. While there may be a way to combine the pick-grab with the rope grab without returning to the cell, I find it best just to return to the cell, especially since this is the breakpoint where things start to "loop" if you get captured from this point onwards.

Repeat as Needed

If you get spotted during the following steps, you will be thrown back in your cell, and have to repeat from this point onward. (Once you have burned the rum, you'll do an abbreviated version of the run, since most of the slavers will be otherwise occupied.)

Crouch and stand at the right cell door. Watch for the pathing slaver to path to your RIGHT. Exit the cell. Close the door. Hug LEFT until you get to the stairs, go up the stairs. Your first time through here, you will need to get the rope, the rest of the time, you start with the grappling step.

(You should only need to do this paragraph once. After you have completed it, any time you reset to the cell you should skip this paragraph and resume with the paragraph below.) To get the rope, stay crouched and swing wide (towards the end of the ship) behind the brig guard and move up until you can grab the rope on the railing behind him (circled in the picture below). Once you have the rope, find either it or the pick in your inventory, click examine to get the option to combine them to make a grappling hook.

You will then find a sparkly blue spot on the bowsprit (beam) above you, on the right-hand side of the picture above. Click on that to toss the grapple up, click on the rope to climb it. Grab the grappling hook because you will need it after you recover all your gear. Stay crouched, and run along the bowsprit to progress further into the ship. Stop at the railing, and wait for the patrolling slaver on the top deck (pictured below) to path all the way to your RIGHT. Once he is there, uncrouch, quickly jump over the railing, recrouch and head to your LEFT and the stairs there (19, 17, 7).

Still crouched, go down the stairs and head west towards a crate you see on the deck. You will also see a slaver come out of the room that the crate is in front of, and he is wearing your helmet! Mentally make note of him, but you're not going after him quite yet.

Click on the crate and hop into it, then creep a couple steps forward to enter the room it was in front of. Slowly. Really. Don't rush, k? You should see the following message come up in your chat window.

Hug LEFT and take baby steps inside your crate. I find taking a single step, a pause, another step, another pause, to work best. If you move too much too fast, the captain will spot you and send you to the cell again, making you redo this "Repeat As Needed" section.Turning while in the crate is counted as moving, so move and turn SLOWLY

Regardless of what you do, there will be at least 2 points where the Captain will think he has spotted you. The moment he does, STOP. Do not move, do not turn. The following text will start going through your chat box. Freeze the moment the captain starts speaking, do not move until he finishes with this dialog chunk.

Keep hugging left and creeping along, referring to the following picture:

The chair at the bottom left of the above picture is the first of 2 spots where the captain's alertness will force you to stop for a moment. The second forced stop will be at the file cabinet pictured at the top of that same image. Roughly where the crate is, is where you want to be approaching the step at a bit of a diagonal, so you can slide right up that small step. When all else fails, you can "jump" while in the crate to get up that step, but I find it a bit risky on the spotting front, personally.

Baby steps are the name of the game as you continue to creep towards that small hallway you can just see on the upper left of the picture above. When you are fully into that hallway, you can move a bit more normally, to that doorway that is to your right in that small hallway. Enter that room to find some kegs of rum.

Hop out of the crate (click the crate illusion buff off) and commit alcohol abuse. Yep, click on both sets of rum barrels to spill it on the floor, then click on a torch to set it on fire. Hop back into the crate and zip to the doorway as the slavers and the captain all come rushing in to deal with the fire.

Remember that slaver who had your helmet? Head north across a now-empty deck, to the next room, where you will find a bunch of crates and such, plus a slaver wandering around looking at them. Crouch. Sneak up behind him and click on him (should be the hand icon) to knock him out. Click on him again to grab your helmet from his unconscious body.

Did you fail to crouch? Did you dither around until he turned and saw you? If so, you'll be sent back to your cell and need to do an abbreviated run - crouch, wait for the patrolling slaver to head to the far right, exit the cell, close the cell door, run left, go up the stairs, run to the grapple spot, throw the grapple up, grab the grapple, run (no need to crouch) across the bowsprit, down the stairs to your left, run across the deck to the room to the north, then try to sneak up on the slaver again for your helm.

Once you have your helm, exit the room, run south across the deck to the stairs that are now ahead and to your right. At the top of those stairs, the rigging should have a blue glow where you can climb it. (Rough loc is 20, 21, 19). Climb the rigging to get into the crow's nest.

You may or may not have to crouch, but I do so to be on the safe side, to sneak up on that slaver on lookout on this platform of the crow's nest. Click on him (hand icon should appear on mouseover when you are close enough), and kick him right off the ship. Wasn't that satisfying?

Look for a blue glow on a rope above you to climb up another level in the rigging.

Whoah! It sure is windy this high up! Run across the rope, but be sure to be watching for text messages warning you about the wind. When this happens, the rope should have a hand icon on mouseover. Click and hold on for dear life until the wind settles.

The wind, at least for me, did this twice on the climb across the rope, so be braced for it.

When you reach the other end of the rope, jump down carefully. (You can fall to your "death" and end up back in the cell if you miss the platform and jump through the hole in the platform where the lines cut through it, etc., as I found out the hard way!) Crouch and sneak up behind another slaver on lookout duty, and boot him the same way you did the other slaver. (His/her response is slightly different than the other slaver's response, and is likely good for a giggle.)

You're Almost There!

Unless you're horifically unlucky, you're almost done and "should" be past all the spots that will return you to that frassenrassen cell.

Now that the lookout is gone, look for a glowie spot in the rigging and zipline down a level. Fwoosh! Wasn't that fun? Look for another blue glowie spot, this time on a mast (vertical pole), if memory serves, and zipline again.

Wheeeeeeeee! THUD! Oh, how clumsy! You crashed into the cannoneer and knocked him out! Take advantage of this fact and grab a cannonball. Turn to face south, and you'll see a square opening in front of you that looks down into the captain's quarters. Jump up on the lip of that opening and angle your view so you can peer down on the captain's area. Once the captain paths into view, you should be able to click on him and cosh him over the head with the cannonball. Bombs awayyyyyyy!

Once he's been KO'ed, jump down into the room with him and click on him to grab your gear. Ah, it still fits - isn't magic wonderful?

For crafters on the "Pirates!" quest, you will find Raffik and two other ratonga in a cage in the room with the now-naked unconscious captain. A quick scan around the room finds a keyring on the writing desk. Grab the keys and click on the cage to unlock it. Then talk to Raffik and the other two ratonga (his parents) to get caught up on why they were caged in there in the first place, and so on. Then you "lead" them out of there. (You don't see them trailing along after you, just rest assured if your quest journal now tells you to find a way off the ship that you have your needed update and you can continue with the walkthrough below.)

If you remembered to grab the grappling hook the most recent time you snuck out of your cell, there should be a blue glowie spot above you at the top of that square opening, so you can grapple up to the cannon.

If you forgot your grappling hook, never fear. With the captain gone, the slavers will leave you be, so it is "just" some running (and some amusing comments from slavers as you pass them). Run out of his room, across the deck, up the stairs, into the rigging, across the rope (remember the wind warnings, and grab as needed), into the crow's nest, up a level, zipline, zipline, and you're back at the cannon.

Once you're at the cannon, make like the gnomes in the Moors of Ykesha, and you're going to use a barrel to fire yourself out of a cannon. (Click on the barrel, click on the cannon ... fwoooosh!)

What happens from there will depend on whether you're doing the adventuring version or the crafting version.

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