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Epic Quest 4: Craftsman Errands

This is the only step of the tradeskill epic quest that is archetype-specific.

This page is specifically for the Craftsman version of the quest (Carpenters, Woodworkers, Provisioners) and is based on information provided by EQ2TC community member Bolinda with enhancements by Mum.

Neeta Cabbageleaf has asked me to gather a number of items that will help her research her grandmother's old recipes. She suggested I may find some in old Nektropos Castle, in the north east of Nektulos Forest.

You say, "Hail, Neeta Cabbageleaf"
Neeta Cabbageleaf says to you, "Ahh ... I feel much better! There's nothing like a fresh-baked jumjum pie to fill your stomach, is there? I can't think straight when I'm hungry. Was there anything else you wanted to know?" You say to Neeta Cabbageleaf, "You mentioned some jewelry earlier. Can you tell me more about it? "
Neeta Cabbageleaf says to you, "Oh yes! My grandmother's famous earring. Well, of course, not all the ingredients are available to us any more. But I've been working on finding substitutes, and I'm trying to find a recipe that will work. Tell me, what's your specialty?"
You say to Neeta Cabbageleaf, "Provisioner."
Neeta Cabbageleaf says to you, "Well then, that's great! You can get me some of the information I need, and make one of the items that I think that my new recipe requires. Are you interested?"
You say to Neeta Cabbageleaf, "Yes, I am."
Neeta Cabbageleaf says to you, "Travel up to Nektropos Castle in Nektulos Forest. Careful getting there, that old forest has some strange things in it! The castle has been standing since well before my grandmother's time, and at one point it was a trade center of sorts for the area, though there's nothing but ghosts there now. I'd like you to gather information on a number of items that I'm hoping might be in the castle still."
You say to Neeta Cabbageleaf, "So I should see what I can find out about some items in Nektropos?"
Neeta Cabbageleaf says to you, "Yes! Thank you!"
You say to Neeta Cabbageleaf, "I'll let you know what I find."

Make your way through Nektulos Forest and zone into Nektropos Castle: Craftsman Errands instance. There are heroic aggro rats 15-20 levels or so above your adventuring level all over the instance. Thankfully, they are very nearsighted. Be careful when approaching corners and doors, and you should be fine.

I will search the pantries and dining halls for a bottle of demi-sec champagne.
This was found at 32, -.12, -16. After this small success, however, you will realize (sometimes painfully) that the other spots you need to reach are too rat-infested. What to do? What to do?

I recommend taking a wander towards the forge area. Wait, what's this? There are odd sounds coming from the forge room...

a doll says, "Lift him up!"
a doll says, "Drag him in!"
a doll says, "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"
a doll says, "Oh no!"
a doll says, "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"
Do not jump out of your skin, like Mum did, when the doors to the forge room burst open and several nyth dolls come streaming out. It isn't a sudden attack, you just scared them into fleeing.

It seems they left behind "an unusual cauldron" that they'd been trying to throw in the forge. After the talking dolls, I guess a talking cauldron shouldn't be too much of a stretch, and there's this handy hail option. Chat with the very snobbish bunch of pot metal and he'll eventually gives you the Signature quest: Building a Better Rat Trap

You say, "Hail, An unusual cauldron"
an unusual cauldron says to you, "Well it's about time someone showed up, a little longer and I'd have been a melted lump of ore in the forge! "
You say to an unusual cauldron, "Uh ... you talk?"
an unusual cauldron says to you, "Your powers of observation are truly underwhelming. Stupid skin heap! Of course I talk, are your ears as defective as your mind?"
You say to an unusual cauldron, "Hey now, I just saved your life!" an unusual cauldron says to you, "And that's indeed an honor for you, one that you'll not likely equal again in your sad, short life."
You say to an unusual cauldron, "Right ... I'm honored to be of assistance, your mighty cauldronness."
an unusual cauldron says to you, "You will address me as Orin, fool; I was created by the mighty Al'Kabor long ago, and I will still be around when your grandchildren are long dead. Assuming those accursed dolls don't catch me unawares again, blast them."
You say to an unusual cauldron, "So I guess I did you a favor by scaring them off then."
an unusual cauldron says to you, "A small one, perhaps. I suppose even mortal skin heaps like yourself have some use on rare occasions." You say to an unusual cauldron, "Then perhaps I could ask your advice in return for the favor, oh great Orin?"
an unusual cauldron says to you, "Isn't the satisfaction of assisting those in need enough? Now you demand payment?"
You say to an unusual cauldron, "Not payment, just advice! I need to travel through the castle on an errand, but there seems to be a severe rat infestation. I was hoping you might know a way to scare off the rats, as I scared off the dolls."
an unusual cauldron says to you, "I am a powerful magical item! I only wish to enjoy peace and quiet in my solitude. I am not to be used for scaring rats!"
You say to an unusual cauldron, "I bet that means you don't know the answer..."
an unusual cauldron says to you, "Don't attempt to manipulate me, skin heap. I've forgotten more than you'll ever know. If you really want to get rid of the rats, I suggest you put your own tiny mind to work and look around you. The former forge master made quite a hobby of building rat traps long ago, no doubt there are still enough scraps around that you can come up with something ... if you have the wit, which I doubt." You say to an unusual cauldron, "Thank you, cauldron. I'll look around." an unusual cauldron says to you, "Don't call me cauldron! The name is Orin! That's it, I'm going back to my quiet nook in the collection room. And don't come bothering me again!"
And with that, he casts a spell and vanishes in a puff of illogic.
  • Find a recipe: On the bookshelf in the forge room, a level 100 spell (don't forget to scribe it once you grab it!)
  • Find bait: In cauldron over the fire in the kitchen (loc 13, 0, -27) ... eugh! I hope the rats will eat it, as it isn't fit for human consumption!
  • Find scrap metal: barrel in forge room
  • Find Kindling: in the stables right of the doorway on the floor (loc -16, 0, -9)

Go back to the forge and make your traps. Yield is 20 on pristine, which is handy because it may take a couple tries to get the right range on the trap. Face a rat just a little ways out of aggro range, throw a trap on the ground. If the rat walks up to it and dies, you've got a good throwing range. If not, edge up another tiny step and try again. Each trap is only good for one rat, so if you're working on some clustered close together, throw down a second trap after you trap the first rat and try for another.

There are two rats in the storage room. Open the door and place two traps inside. Go in and grab the fish bucket located at 37,0,-52

There are three rats in the Storeroom. Open the door, place the two traps inside. Move into the room and place the third closer to the last rat. Get the basket located at 22,-.79,-69

Return to Neeta to be awarded achievement experience, 30-some gold, and your class recipe. (Woodworkers: Blessed Fishing Rod, Provisioners: Demi-Sec Champagne, Carpenters: Misty Thicket Picnic Basket.) You are then ready to proceed to the 5th quest: Proof in the Pudding

You say, "Hail, Neeta Cabbageleaf"
Neeta Cabbageleaf says to you, "Great work! This information helps me figure out some of these old recipe notes. Here, take a look at this, maybe you can make something out of it while I take a look at what you brought me."
You say to Neeta Cabbageleaf, "I hope it's what you needed."

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