Feeling Beastly

Oh, those rascally wabbits ... erm ... beasts ... or something ...

With no announcement, an eggstra special surprise appeared in Norrath on April 13, 2017. The event will only run through the end of April 19, so you might want to get hopping on this as soon as you have time. (If you don't manage to find them all in time, and really want the full collection they will be in the Marketplace from Thursday the 20th until 11:59 PM PT April 30th.)

Fluff pets, called "beast'r eggs" have spawned in all city and starting/newbie areas. There are five different ones, and finding all five will grant an achievement and the title "the Eggcellent Adventurer". The harvestable egg spells are Heirloom, so you can trade the eggs around on your account, but only the one(s) who actually found all five in the "wild" will earn the title.

While traditional tracking will not work, city guards can point you to the nearest "beast'r". Be aware, though, that anyone who has a summoned beast'r pet out will also show up on the guard's tracking. (So please, be considerate to other egg hunters and stuff your beast'r pets away for a few days if you are hanging around in city areas.)


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