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Senior Crafter Service

This quest rewards you with crafting xp, 1250 faction with your city tradeskill society, a (no trade) gender-specific formal ensemble, and your choice of one of your level 60-69 advanced tradeskill books. (Sorry, provisioners, there's no new Provisioner Mastery book with this one!) This quest is for level 60+ crafters, and it requires that you have completed the entire Grandmaster series that starts with Journeyman Service. Your will also need to have the Kingdom of Sky expansion, as this requires a trip to Tenebrous Tangle. There is no combat involved, and it can be completed by low-level adventurers. If you choose to harvest for yourself, you will also need 250 gathering, trapping and foresting skill.

By this time, if you're like Mum, you are likely wondering how these crafting societies managed to get anything done without you! It is nice to feel needed, though, and, they definitely need your help again!

Speak with the Grandmaster in your crafting society. If you don't know how to find him/her by now, you likely have NOT done the above-mentioned Journeyman Service quest, and need to do several quests before you hit this point. Go on, backtrack - it won't take you long before you get to this point, and we're not going anywhere!

The grandmaster has asked me to assist my tradeskill society once again, and seek out news of a harvesting team that was sent to gather tailoring supplies from the Overrealm.

Yep, you read that right. They've lost yet more of their helpers in an odd spot, this time on the Temple Grounds up in Tenebrous Tangle.

Get the appropriate details, and the quest, from your grandmaster, then head out to any wizard portal for a ride up to Tenebrous Tangle.


I will search for clues near the arrival point on Temple Grounds

Clues, clues, gotta be some clues to where those missing harvesters went around here somewhere ... like "a harvester's backpack" on the ground just past the archway leading to the rest of Temple Grounds.

I will search near the waterfall on Temple Grounds

There is more than one waterfall on Temple Grounds, but they're talking about the one ahead and to the left from wear you found the pack. You know, the one where you walk the plank and leap down while aiming for the blue dot. The one where Niami is infamous for missing the blue dot at the darndest times, only to get eaten by the palm trees surrounding the pool. BUT, don't jump yet! What you want is along the edge of the stream before you actually jump down. Examine the badly cracked bottle, then you get to jump down.

I will search for clues at the base of the waterfall on Temple Grounds

Walk the plank, as it were, and really, aim for the water at the bottom as you're falling, not for the rocks, ground, trees, or some other unforgiving hard object. (Or skip the adrenaline rush and use the cloud pad to head down, now that they've interlinked everything.

Once down, try to talk to one of the prone harvesters surrounded the pool. I say "try" as they all seem pretty out of it. Maybe someone around here can help?

Follow the path leading from the pool to the froglok encampment and speak with "a vigilant froglok alchemist". It seems she knows of a restorative healing drink for their fighters, but doesn't have extra at the moment. Perhaps you could gather more ingredients for her?

She will need 5 ravasect meat, 5 aviak meat, 5 rosewood, and 5 squash. Ones already in your inventory will work, or you can go out and harvest some.

Once you have all the required ingredients, return to the froglok alchemist and speak with her. She will have you make a "froglok healing drink" in the mixing bucket next to her. (Scribe the Scribbled froglok recipe notes that she gives you, then use the Create option on the mixing bucket.) Then return to the pool at the base of the falls, and make the rounds off all the harvesters lying sprawled every which-way.

Once everyone is up and about, and you've learned how they all got knocked about in the first place, scrounge up the needed resources and return to the grandmaster for your reward.

What needed resources, you ask? Remember the tailoring supplies that the harvesting team was looking for? Yep, that order still needs to be filled, and while you may have helped everyone get back on their feet, they aren't up to getting the supplies and bringing them back to the grandmaster just yet.

You need 25 hanging roots. It no longer matters if you harvest them yourself or not, just make sure that you have 25 of them on you when you head back to the grandmaster who offered you the quest in order to claim your reward!

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