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TSO: Fighting Swamp Foot

This is the first sub-quest for the Ship Out questline.

This quest will reward you with at least 64g 81s 38c as well as crafting experience. In addition, it grants you +3000 faction with the Survival Accord, Guktan Guards, and Clan Grobb, plus +750 faction with the Far Seas Supply Division.

Meet Mug!

This oh-so-handsome fellow is a member of the Survival Accord - a group of trolls, frogloks and others who have banded together out in the Moors of Ykesha. Unlike their Grobb and Guktan counterparts they've decided that working together against a common foe is a much smarter thing than fighting each other.

You will find him located in Fimroot Moot (159, -89, -462), and if you read and followed the information from the Ship Out writeup linked above, Aymee should have teleported you to a spot very close to him.

While you're in the region, don't forget to check out the Balloon Safety Coordinator just outside the walls of Firmroot Moot, so that you know where to find then when you need to travel later. Be careful if you start node-chasing or other silliness while out here, though, as there are critters in and around the water that will bite back!

Mug needs some help making a bunch of Ykeshan Leather Boots for the local guards. Living in a swamp, after all, can cause all sorts of nastiness like Swamp Foot and other afflictions, if they aren't careful!

He'll need 40 pairs of boots made (pristine yields 8 per combine), and provides you with the recipe and 10 Supple Ykeshan Leather. (There will also be a chest spawn beside him after you speak with him that contains additional Supple Ykeshan Leather, should you need it.) On top of the leather, each of the combines will require 2 bristled pelts, 2 lichenclover root, and 5 entwined filament ... and a loom. Only there are no tradeskill devices in the area, so you're going to either be gating home, or taking a balloon back to U.J.L., then riding the cannon back over to Dropship Landing Zone.

If you have planned ahead, you could also bring along a tinkered portable sewing table. Keep in mind the recast time on them, though, as well as the fact that you'll be using geocraft reactions, which may slow you down a tad.

When you are done, return to Mug for your rewards, including the faction boosts that move you up into Threatening (non-KoS) with the Guktan Guard and Clan Grobb. You can then speak to him again to be teleported to the next quest location in the series.

Before you teleport, however, you might also want to note the locations of two other NPCs in the area. First, located in the same building as Mug is a froglok named Hophip Valorfeet, who will offer you, once per day, a Daily Tradeskill Task that will allow you to earn additional faction with the Survival Accord. The second is the Survival Accord Faction Merchant, Fribbit Longpaddle (131, -88, -473), who will have various items to sell those who have sufficient faction with him.

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