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Chaos Descending: Vegarlson Crafting Quests

This article is part of the writeup for The Scrivener's Tale, that, in turn is part of the Chaos Descending Information Clearinghouse collection of articles. The Chaos Descending expansion will be released on Nov. 13, 2018. Information for this article has been gathered during the beta testing phase, and some things may still change before (or just after) release.

When last we left our intrepid crafter, they were reporting to Ghida Borrell after helping to heal many ill custodians. Well done, intrepid crafter, but there's still more to come!

Shopping List

You will need to provide the following items for this chunk of the questline:

  • 18 reef cluster
  • 43 strangler root
  • 8 basilisk meat
  • 12 flitterfin tang
  • 50 celestial candle
  • 50 celestial sandpaper

The Scrivener's Tale: The Reach of Ivy

Speak to Ghida Borrell again after completing The Scrivener's Tale: Custodial Refurbishment, and she will give you this quest. You will need to speak with Temry Loneivy in the Conservatory (1st floor, off the entry area on the East side of Myrist).

Speak with Temry, who, along with his boss, the lead Horticulture Librarian, want to spruce the place up with more plants. They need more planters and are short on the clay to make more pottery. He wants you to crush old broken scroll jars, and then use sap to hold it all together. He also hands you Recipe Scroll: Box of Newly Formed Pottery.

There is one scroll jar (pictured above) next to Temry, another scroll jar in the hallway leading to the Conservatory, then several more jars in the foyer area. Autottack breaks the jar easily, and then you have to click on the shards to pick them up. Numerous jugs of sap spawn on the floor of the conservatory. Grab 3 of each, and combine those ingredients along with 12 reef cluster, 25 strangler root and 50 celestial coal on a workbench.

Bring the Box of Newly Formed Pottery to Alamiri Lorfaere, who is also in the conservatory. After a bit of dialogue giving background and more storyline, she asks if you would help Temry with his research out in Vegarlson ... FOR SCIENCE!

Head to the overland zone of Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands, and you will find Temry standing next to the portal you just stepped through.

The Scrivener's Tale: Rockin' n Knockin

Temry's to-do list is large, and some of them will lead into more dangerous spots. Can you investigate and see if pollen from the area could be used to help with the dangers posed by the arborians?

You will need to head into the "Shade Arbor" (/way -90, 80, 250 gets you into the general area) and grab pollen from 5 blooms (pictured below). You will then need to coat your armor (5 times, 1 for each of the 5 pollen) and then head to the Collapsed Mesa to find an arborian. (/way 257, 159, 77 gets you into the general area).

Return to Temry at the entrance to the zone ... only Temry isn't there. :O A bit of searching around, and you will find him over near /way -327, 35, -20 standing next to an ill elderly arborian lying on the ground.

Examine the arborian and then craft Earthen Balm to heal him. You will need 8 basilisk meat, 12 flitterfin tang, 6 reef cluster, 18 strangler root, 50 celestial candle, and a chemistry table. Once you have crafed the balm, click on the arborian to apply it.

Speak with Temry again to complete the quest and receive the Tincture of Bark (illusion) recipe.

The Scrivener's Tale: Followup Friendships

Continue to speak with Temry and you'll find he's pretty excited about the bestiary that he is discovering with Vegarlson. Could you catalog any new creatures that you find?

An ability called "Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands: Catalogue Creature" has been added to your knowlege book, and you will need to use that to catalog the various critters missing from his bestiary. Since these creatures are being newly discovered as Myrist is reconnected with them, your journal cannot tell you what you are looking for. However, the creatures helpfully have feathers after their name, to make it easier for you to figure out which need cataloging. The mobs you need to catalog are as follows:

  • earth emmisary
  • needlescale basilisk
  • gemmed protector
  • warder of earth
  • vekerchiki drone
  • arbiter of earth
  • arborian (any type)
  • terrak temple guardian

Return to Temry with your findings to complete the quest. You will also receive one of the ore rare, a golden fleck. (You will need 3 of these rares for a later quest, and you can earn two of them through the tradeskill line.)

The Scrivener's Tale: Back to the Library, Shhhh!

Temry is eager to get his findings back to Myrist, and very grateful for your help. He tells you to seek out Cookie, who will have food waiting for you as a personal thank-you from Temry.

Return to Myrist, and head to the Commisary, which is just off the Foyer on the east side of Myrist.

Cookie's quest book doesn't display on the map, but there will be a small cyan dot on the map for this step, so you can find her more easily(/way 24, -20, 75).

Hail Cookie and you are asked to take a seat. After a few seconds she will then call out that your order is up and will give you a ... charred arborian leg. Ugh. First you heal one, and learn how to pass amongst them safely, then you're supposed to eat one? No thanks. :P (Your character even gags, on-screen at one point in this conversation.)

She then asks if you have read the stories from the Recipes for Adventure book and suggests you "check it out."

Take the elevator up to the second floor, and the tome is out on the mezzanine (/way 280, 15, 29). Hail it to complete this quest.

Return to The Scrivener's Tale writeup to pick up the next chunk of the questline.

For more information on the rewards for the questline, see the Chaos Descending Crafting Rewards Page.

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