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GU53: Quellithulian Spires Event

A new World Event is currently being tested on the Test server, which will involve crafters and adventurers alike. Our brief introduction to it, at this time, comes from a post by Kaitheel, on the SOE Forums:

The mysterious Quellithulians have set their sights upon the teleportation spires of Norrath. They are looking for volunteers to assist in their efforts to rebuild the destroyed Ulteran spires in Everfrost, Lavastorm, the Orcish Wastes and the Loping Plains. While adventurers within the Commonlands, Antonica, Enchanted Lands, Feerrott, Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest can help the Quellithulians repower and align the existing Ulteran spires there.

Imagine being able to visit any one of the ten spires mentioned above, and be able to automagically transported to your choice of any of the other nine spires! *Poof* You're in Antonica. *Bamf* You're in Loping Plains *Bzapp* You're in Lavastorm.

Wishful thinking? Not if the Quellithulians have anything to say aboute it!

As details are firmed up, this article will be enhanced and refined. Remember that this information comes from the testing phase, and can change before the event is released to the Live servers. (It is unclear if that will go live when GU53 is released, or if it will be turned on at some point after GU53.) Current plans are for the event to run until GU54.

Each location has a Chief Portal Engineer, who offers the crafting quest, a Spire Surveyor, who offers a "run out and get me this" quest, a Portal Warden, who offers a combat quest, and a Token Merchant to sell you all the goodies!

Each quest completion earns you some (3-6) heirloom Quellithulian Token of Appreciation, which can be spent at the above-mentioned token merchant at any time before the end of the event.

There are four destroyed Ulteran spires (Everfrost, Lavastorm, Zek the Orcish Wastes, the Loping Plains) and six working Ulteran spires (Commonlands, Antonica, Enchanted Lands, Feerrott, Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest). All other spires that you know about (such as Teren's Grasp, etc.) are not Ulteran (Ulteran spires are the brown 3-pronged ones, not the 4-pronged grey stone ones) and will not be involved in this event.

Our goal, when this event goes live, is to rebuild the destroyed ones, repower and retune the existing ones, and repair and defend them as needed. As the rebuilding/repowering and retuning stages are completed, the spire is added to the network of linked spires, allowing travel between it and the other completed spires.

Yep. We're talking a 10-location spire port network that everyone can use when we're all finished.

After a spire is up and activated, you can continue to obtain quests at that location, but it will no longer progress the world event. (You can gain more tokens, but it won't trigger anything else.) When the event is completed (at last check, with the release GU54), the NPCs will be removed, but the spires will continue to allow travel between all 10 spires.

The Crafting Quests

Since this is a crafting site, I am only going to cover the crafting quests, a generic warning, and the token goodies from the vendor.

At any of the destroyed spires (Everfrost, Lavastorm, Zek the Orcish Wastes, the Loping Plains), you are given the quest "Building Blocks", to create materials to be used in the rebuilding of the spires. You will be given a quest recipe book with 3 recipes (no trade, level 2 Artisan to scribe, but at this time, it requires a level 10+ crafter). On the equipment provided at the spire site, you will need to create 6 of the specified item, using tier 2 resources, as well as tier 2 fuel and a special primary ingredient. The fuel and the primary ingredient will be for sale on an NPC at the site. Reward will be 6 tokens. (Remember, you will only get crafting xp on such quests if the recipe is not grey to you.)

Once one of these destroyed spires is fully repaired, you get a different quest, in which you must complete all combines inside a special instance, not at the equipment standing outside. You can tell when one of these spires is fully rebuilt when all three spires look completely solid, instead of the ethereal outline pictured at the top of the page.

At any currently-existing spires or at any of newly-rebuilt spires from the list in the paragraph above, you are given the quest "Working Behind the Scenes", to enter a special "Spire Essence" instance and craft repair materials on-site. Like the other crafting quest, you will need tier 2 common resources. Zone in via the white vertical circle portal that is labeled "To the Spire Essence", buy fuel and your primary ingredient from the vendor, craft on the stations located in the instance, speak with the Spire Essence Engineer within the instance, then zone out and speak with the Chief Portal Engineer for your reward.

The below picture shows you what the portals to combat and crafting instances look like. (This one is the combat rift - the crafting one will look exactly the same, but be labeled To the Spire Essence).

Visual Cues Regarding Spire Progress

As each of the three spokes of the spire is completed, the image of the spoke will go from the ethereal outline pictured at the top of the page, to the brown of a functioning spire spoke. When a destroyed spire is fully rebuilt, or an existing spire is repowered/retuned, a new rift is opened up in the center of the spire. As soon as at least 2 spires throughout the lands on your server are completed, you will be able to right-click on the rift for transport between any completed spires.

Antonican Spires, when retuning completed

Danger Will Robinson!

There will be something indicating progress at each spire site (this is not in place on Test at this time), as well as certain visual cues that will easily show you some important landmarks. Knowing where you stand in the completion of a spire gets to be pretty important because, well, we're not the only ones interested in these spires, and the others that want control of them aren't the friendly sort!

What does this mean to you as a crafter? Well, when the first spoke of a destroyed spire is complete, something unhappy comes to investigate (Level 84 aggro heroic), and you will be unable to continue obtaining or handing in quests until some brave adventurers take care of the attack. The one we witnessed had a nasty not-so-little AE that took out innocent crafters while it was being pulled. Completion of the second spoke in that same spot triggered an aggro level 84 epic x2, and I believe the third spoke will do the same. This is similar to the original spire-building event, so crafters should be aware that the event isn't fully danger-free.

The Rewards

All quests reward AA for the first completion (they are repeatable). The crafting quests, of course, will only offer crafting xp if the level 10 combines are not grey. You will be reimbursed for the cost of fuels and the primary ingredient. In addition, you gain 5 Quellithulian Token of Appreciation. These tokens are Heirloom, so can be shared between alts on the same account via the shared bank. Since clothing items and such are no-trade, being able to pass the tokens amongst alts is a handy thing!

In addition to quite a number of appearance-only items, there are several house items that can be purchased with these tokens:
Energized Ulteran Spires Replica
Female Ulteran Mannequin
Male Ulteran Mannequin
Golden Quellithulian Vase
Magic Mouth
Ornate Quellithulian Bookcase
Ornate Quellithulian Vase
Small Quellithulian Decanter
Tapestry of the Spire
Bag of Teleportation Pads
Towering Papasan Chair
Ulteran Vinegar Bottle
Ulteran Vintage

We managed to get vendor item details while the event was being tested. However, note that while the developer said several items would be reduced in cost, these changes did not make it to Test before the scheduled release date. (Sept 23) As soon as the new prices are available, the information on the above-linked page will be updated.

Not sure of the exact location of some of the spires in the zones mentioned above? Zam has a spires list

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