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GU53: Spires Event Item Detail

The Quellithulian spires event has now ended and the quest NPCs have been removed. However, the vendors are still available at the spire sites, so that you may spend your hard-earned tokens.

House Items

Bag of Teleportation Pads
(20 tokens)
Tired of running up and down stairs in your home? This bag contains two teleport pads that can be placed in your home. (Up to 4 pads total can be placed in a home. While they work just like the guildhall port pads, you cannot place these in guildhalls. Item is HEIRLOOM.
Energized Ulteran Spires Replica
(8 tokens)
150 rent status reduction.
Female Ulteran Mannequin
(20 tokens)
Heirloom. Both mannequins have a slightly holographic appearance, and give clothing placed upon them a slightly holographic look as well.
Male Ulteran Mannequin
(20 tokens)
Heirloom. Both mannequins have a slightly holographic appearance, and give clothing placed upon them a slightly holographic look as well.
Glittering Temptation
(5 tokens)
Torment friends and enemies alike by placing this glowie (that can't be harvested!) in your home! Heirloom
Golden Quellithulian Vase
(8 tokens)
25 rent status reduction
Magic Mouth
(20 tokens)
This plaque is enchanted with a Magic Mouth spell, which calls out a message to anyone who approaches. (Can be placed in home, not guild hall). You are allowed to set a short message, and a radius. When a person hits the border of that radius, the message will pop up at the top of the screen if the person's filters are set correctly. (alt-o, user interface > popup messages > show general messages. This option must be turned on in order to see the message.) In general, for smaller inn rooms, you don't want the radius set for more than 10m, and likely will want it smaller. Too wide a range, and folks are already within the radius. (They must actually cross the radius border to trigger the message.) There is a 50-character limit to the message. Item is HEIRLOOM.
Magic Mouth says ...
Ornate Quellithulian Bookcase
(8 tokens)
25 rent status reduction
Ornate Quellithulian Vase
(7 tokens)
25 rent status reduction
Small Quellithulian Decanter
(2 tokens)
25 rent status reduction
Tapestry of the Spire
(18 tokens)
150 rent status reduction
Towering Papasan Chair (9 tokens), 25 rent status reduction
Ulteran Vinegar Bottle
(2 tokens)
25 rent status reduction
Ulteran Vintage
(2 tokens)
25 rent status reduction

Appearance-Only Armor

Images below item information

The Imperceptible set is level 1, all, Heirloom, appearance only. These are no-graphic items, which will show bare skin and/or newbie clothing, as appropriate.

Boots of Imperceptible Beauty (7 tokens)
Bracers of Imperceptible Beauty (6 tokens)
Breastplate of of Imperceptible Beauty (17 tokens)
Gloves of Imperceptible Beauty (8 tokens)
Loincloth of Imperceptible Beauty (13 tokens)
Mantle of Imperceptible Beauty (9 tokens)

This set is also level 1, all, heirloom, appearance only. There are two variations for shoulders, and two helmet variations.

Bracers of the Spire (2 tokens)
Cuirass of the Spire (20 tokens)
Gauntlets of the Spire (10 tokens)
Great Helm of the Spire (18 tokens)
Greaves of the Spire (10 tokens)
Helmet of the Spire (7 tokens)
Sabatons of the Spire (3 tokens)
Sleeves of the Spire (7 tokens)
Spaulders of the Spire (7 tokens)

Raiment of the Spire (11 tokens) - yep, Heirloom, Appearance-only.

Fully Wearable

Cloak of the Spire (20 tokens) - When equipped: reduces max falling speed of caster. Item is HEIRLOOM. (Note that Void Glide effect was removed from this item between Test and release)

Appearance-only Weapons:

All are level 20, Appearance-only, Heirloom weapons.

Dessicated Ghoul Fist (15 tokens) - 1H crushing, fighters/priests
Gertrude's Ornamental Stein (5 tokens) - 1H crushing, fighters/priests
Gnobrin's Ornamental Weapon of Choice (5 tokens) - 1H crushing, fighters/priests
Ornamental Bottle of Mulled Claret (5 tokens) - 1H crushing, fighters/priests
Ornamental Fist Cushion (5 tokens) - 1H crushing, fighters/priests
Ornamental Oversized Pin Cushion (5 tokens) - 1H crushing, mages/scouts/BER/GRD
Ornamental Pike of Fate (5 tokens) - 1H piercing, Scouts/BER/DEF/GRD/PAL/MYS/SHD
Ornamental Staff of Destiny (10 tokens) - 2H crushing, fighters/mages/priests
Ornamental Storm-stained Kopesh (5 tokens) - 1H slashing, scouts, BER, FUR, GRD, PAL, SHD, WRD
Smithy's Scalding Point (5 tokens) - 1H piercing, Mages, scouts, BER, GRD
Zatozia's Ornamental Bullwhip - 1H piercing, mages, scouts, BER, GRD


Charm slot, Heirloom - apparently adds small glow to your character in dark locations

Fire of the Emerald (3 tokens)
Flame of Passion (3 tokens)
Glow of the Sea (3 tokens)
Heat of the Ruby (3 tokens)


Pot of Wake-Up Juice (2 tokens) - 5 chugs of hangover cure!

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