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City Festival: Qeynos

When the city festival visits Qeynos, it is located just outside of the city, with the festival setting up within sight of the gates to North Qeynos. (Out of guard range, however, for visiting evils.) For more details regarding the city festivals, please see the city festival guide.

Amidst all the other offerings mentioned in the above guide, you will find one "Local Specialties" vendor with the following goodies:
Qeynos hanging lamp
Qeynos candlestick
Qeynos decorative banner
Qeynos dual lamppost
Qeynos round counter
Qeynos sign
white marble pole
white marble mirror
white marble column
Qeynos elaborate sconce
Qeynos display counter
Inlaid Qeynos Door
White Marble Pedestal Table
Qeynos Short Lamp
Qeynos Fancy Lamppost
Qeynos Fireworks Launcher
White Marble Tile Base Set*
White Marble Tile Cutouts Set**

All of these cost 2 City Tokens, other than the Qeynos sign, which requires 5 and the Inlaid Qeynos Door, which costs 10. The sign, which operates the same as the Magic Mouth from the spires event, sends out a game broadcast message to anyone who steps within a specified radius. It can be placed in your home or your guildhall.

*The White Marble Tile Base Set image includes: White marble divider, white marble narrow divider, white marble tall divider, marble block, white marble half block, white marble tall column, white marble short column, white marble triangle tile, white marble rounded tile, white marble stair, white marble railing.

**The image of the White Marble Tile Cutouts Set consists of 8 tiles that were added on April 1, 2017. Top row: White marble rectangular door frame, white marble square window frame in tall divider, white marble tall window frame in a narrow divider, white marble tall window frame in a tall divider. Bottom row: White marble horizontal window frame in tall divider, white marble square window frame in tall divider, white marble vertical window frame in tall divider, white marble arched door.


A special purple 6-item glowie collection will appear in Qeynos city zones (North & South Qeynos, Qeynos Harbor, Elddar Grove) while the festival is parked outside. Completion of the collection will be a no-trade Qeynos mailbox that can be placed in your home and used for mail. (The collection itself is fully tradeable.)

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