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City Festival: Kelethin

The Kelethin city festival sets up on the Green Knoll area outside of Kelethin, with purple glowies for the Kelethin mailbox found in that area, and on the nearest platforms in Kelethin.

Regular items that will befor sale for City Tokens during every city's festival can be found on the main City Festival Page. (i.e., if you don't manage to buy the items from that page items during the Kelethin Festival, you can wait until the next month and buy them at the next festival.)

Items that will only be available during the festival's 1-week visits to Kelethin are pictured below.

Note that the Chair of the Acorn Scholar is Heirloom.

All of the below items cost 2 city tokens apiece, other than the Kelethin sign, which costs 5 tokens, and the engraved Kelethin door, which costs 10 tokens.

Chair of the Acorn Scholar
Blue Shelf Fungus*
Red Shelf Fungus*
Kelethin Curved Table
Kelethin Desk
Kelethin Banquet Table
Kelethin Leaf Chair
Kelethin Fireworks Launcher
Gourd of Cranberries
Gourd of Raspberries
Kelethin Round Counter
Kelethin Sign
(Magic Mouth**)
Polished Wooden Column
Polished Wooden Mirror
Polished Wooden Tile
Wooden Pole
Kelethin Display Counter
Kelethin Plain Floorlamp
Polished Wood Block
Polished Wood Stair
Polished Wood Railing
Polished Wood Half Block
Polished Wood Short Column
Polished Wood Tall Column
Polished Wood Short Divider
Polished Wood Tall Divider
Polished Wood Rounded Tile
Engraved Kelethin Door
Gourd of Blueberries
Gourd of Mixed Berries
Kelethin Bedside Table
Kelethin End Table
Kelethin Fuschia Chair
Kelethin Inlaid Round Table
Kelethin Mossy Table
Kelethin Pedestal Table
Kelethin Round Table
Kelethin Royal Banner
Kelethin Royal Throne
Kelethin Single Bed
Kelethin Yellow Chair
Protectors of the
Faydark Banner
Protectors of the Faydark Emblem

*The Blue Shelf Fungus and Red Shelf Fungus look very similar in a preview, which views them from the top. The main difference only shows on the underside of the fungi, as pictured below.

**Magic Mouth: This calls out a message to anyone who approaches. (Can be placed in home or guild hall). You are allowed to set a short message, and a radius. When a person hits the border of that radius, the message will pop up at the top of the screen if the person's filters are set correctly. (alt-o, user interface > popup messages > show general messages. This option must be turned on in order to see the message.) In general, for smaller inn rooms, you don't want the radius set for more than 10m, and likely will want it smaller. Too wide a range, and folks are already within the radius. (They must actually cross the radius border to trigger the message.) There is a 50-character limit to the message.

Purple Glowie Collection

The 6-item purple glowie collection from Kelethin (both up in the city and a few down on the ground, it seems), will reward you with a Kelethin-styled mailbox for your home

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