Event: Brewday 2010

To say that Mum was tired would be an understatement. She hadn't gotten her normal mid-winter hibernation this year due to all the hullaballo, and she really just wanted a week or two with nothing going on. Bristlebane, however, was still getting even for her lackluster efforts for last year's Bristlebane day, and was getting even ... in spades.

So, when Kaisha mentioned Brew Day was fast approaching, Mum's initial response was less-than-enthusiastic.

"Have fun, lass. Knock yuirself oot. I'll jus' pass on drunken dwarven antics this year an' take a needed rest instead. After all, I already have a lot o' Brell kegs, an' e'en one o' those talking cabbages. What more do I need?"

"But there is supposed to be new stuff, and ..."

"Pshaw." Mum cut off Kaisha's recitation. "Jus' more stuff I don't need, an' I am tired tae death. Off wi' ye. Go drink enow frae both of us while I rest."

"But ..."

"Pffft, I'm getting tae auld frae this. Shoo!"

With that, Mum went back to puttering around with some long-delayed kitchen redecorating. She'd skip the drunken dwarves this year, thankyouverymuch!

She had just finished dragging everything in her kitchen around, and was eyeing it critically when she heard Kaisha return to the hall after exploring. Without looking up, she asked, "Welcome back, lass. Ha'e ye had yuir fill o' drunken revelry already?"

"Nope. Ran out of room so wanted to drop some stuff off."

"Wha' do ye mean, ye ... och." Mum finally really looked at Kaisha, then screeched. "GIMME!!"

With that, she kerpounced, poking and prodding at the new kegs, bottles, and the fascinating backpack that had tankards and a small keg affixed to it. "MUST ha'e one o' these! It'll be perfect frae picnics an' such. An' oh my, I need tae re-redecorate my kitchen tae make room frae all o' these new items, an' ... jus' ... och!"

Gone was the groggy halfling as she started pulling things from her packs, squirreling them away here and there to make room for the new harvests. All the while, she flung high-speed questions at Kaisha, trying to get it all straight in her mind.

"I think I can pass on th' flyin' carpet, but I MUST get those recipes an' the material tae make them, while they're still available. Nae time tae lose! Why did ye nae tell me aboot these earlier?! I've lost sae much time already that could hae been spent harvesting!"

"But, I tried ..."

The rest of Kaisha's response was lost as Mum barreled out the door at high speed.

This event is currently on the Test server. As with all things Test, it may change before it is released, so please be sure to check back once it goes live for any changes, corrections or additions.

The event is currently set to run 3/11/2010 through 3/22/2010 on the live servers, so you will have over a week to quest, scrounge for the recipes and the resources needed!

Yep, I said recipes. The buyable recipe book, Brewday Accoutrements to Craft, is obtained from Balin Copperfoot in the Bar of Brell instance. (Portals to the instance will be found outside the NQ gates, outside the WFP gates, on the Gorowyn docks, as well as Kelethin and Darklight Woods.) The book requires level 2 artisan to scribe. The quested recipe is a new quest reward from the Avatar of Below, who is found running around the fields in Antonica, just outside the North Qeynos gates.


Before I get to showing you the goodies, let me tell you how to get them.

The Crafting

Bottle of Maj'Dul Merlot
Bottle of Sovereign Blanc
Bottle of Temple Street Tonic
Brass Cup of Celebration
Brewday Meat Pie
Fizzy Mug
Goblet of Fermentation
Maj'Dul Ale Rack**
Hanging Keg of Ale
Pewter Cup of Imbibing**
Rivervale Upright Keg
Frothy Tankard
level 5 weapon
yield 2
Quest Reward
Brell's Brewmeister Backpack
36-slots, heirloom

**=item is required in order to craft the backpack

Note that the frothy tankard weapon only has an appearance when in combat mode, not at-rest.

The gardens spawn in Commonlands, Antonica, Greater Faydark, Darklight Wood and Timorous Deep, and you must be wearing the improved ale goggles in order to see the Brewday Garden nodes. Since the above tend to be pretty large zones, the recommendation has been to focus your efforts in the areas where there are rivers, lakes and streams. They have the appearance of shrubs, but with a green glowie particle effect. They can be tab-targeted, and while they use the gathering skill (min gathering skill 1), they do not appear to be impacted by the Ample Harvest AA.

The harvestables from these nodes are: noble hops, wild yeast, golden grapes, brell barley, and the ultra-rare emerald clovers. (You will need 1 clovers for the backpack, so keep that in mind when crafting the meat pie, which also requires a clover.) Resources will fit in an Artisan's satchel as well as in the guild harvest depot.

In addition to these special harvestables, you will need tier 1 and tier 2 common resources.

Most recipes yield 3 on pristine combine. (The backpack is a single item yield, the frothy tankard yields 2.)

Additional backpack information: the pack will be heirloom, 36 slots, with a right-click option when in a main inventory slot that allows you to use as your back appearance.

These crafting combines also come with their own special crafting events - sloshed, buzzed, headache, and the like. There is also a rare crafting event called Brell's Benefits. Successful countering of this event rewards you with a special item. (I have only encountered it once, and it gave me 5 no-trade swigs of Charging Bull Rush, which is a 15% heal potion.)

The Glowies

There is a 9-piece purple glowie collection during this event, with a twist. If you look at the below image, you will see that the collection uses three different icons for the glowies (mugs, steins, tankards). Each location will only carry one of the three icons. For example, the Bar of Brell will only spawn the stein glowies. So, in order to complete the collection, you will need to do some bar-hopping. {hiccups} The three main glowie locations are: Bar of Brell instance, Butcherblock Mountains docks, and the Gorowyn bar. (You can ask a guard to point you to "bartender" for Gorowyn.) Since those spots are going to get cramped and cozy, you can also find parts of the collection in the following alternate spots: the Blackburrow brewery area, Windstalker Village, just inside the gates to Maj'Dul, along the river in Kaladim, and inside Qeynos and Freeport. There may be other locations as well, that I've not yet discovered, so please post in my forums if you find other spots.

Kaladim Stone Stout Cloak
No Trade, level 1
Collection Quest Reward

Other Quest Rewards

Some of the other various quest rewards that you may need to choose between while completing various Brewday quests include the following:

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