Adorning Daily Task

This task is available to adorners of all skill levels. If you do not already have the adorning skill, make sure to first speak with an adorning trainer (BBM docks, Kelethin, Steamfont) to learn adorning and also make sure you have purchased and scribed the special adorning reaction arts that are sold on the vendor next to the trainer.

The rewards for this quest are a city token, faction with your crafting society, and a few silver. You will not be fully repaid for fuel costs, but you should get several lovely adorning skillups without having to spend your precious adorning materials. Since adorning was not known to be cheap to skill up, having to pay for fuel costs in return for skill up chances is considered a fair trade.

To pick up the quest, speak with Londiar in the main crafting area of your city (Ironforge Exchange in NQ, Coalition of Tradesfolke in WFP, etc.). He will give you a recipe book appropriate to your adorning skill level, plus the materials that you need (other than fuel) that you will need to make 11 combines.

Scribe the recipe book, make sure you have some coal of the proper tier, and go to the nearest workbench and begin crafting. (If you are having problems finding the recipe in your book once you scribe it, filter on the word "guarding" in your recipe book.) You will have enough materials for 11 combines, even though Londiar only needs 10. Finishing all 11 may eat more fuel, but it gives you another chance of a skillup.

When you are done, return to Londiar for your reward.

Unlike many "daily" tasks that reset automatically at the end of SOE's day, this task's timer notes when you handed in the finished quest, and won't give you another one for roughly 24 hours after completion. If you delete the quest, it remembers when you picked up the quest, and won't give you a new one for roughly 24 hours. (The timer is somewhere between 18 and 24 hours. I cannot remember what I was told, and I have not had a chance to time it exactly.)

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