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October 08, 2018 - Save Your Pumpkins!

If you are madly pumpkin bombing, trying to get the Baktor bat mount, you will apparently want to only throw a couple dozen pumpkins a day (the mount is obtained from the throwing side of things, not the grabbing side). No, I do not have any more details other than what Caith said in Discord on Saturday.

"... you only get a set number of chances to receive it per day. So throwing 1000 isn't going to increase your chances after the first couple dozen
Basically, pace yourselves folks, and throw them over time, instead of trying to throw 1000 or so all in a single day. And remember, you can do the throwing all year-round. Now is a good time to earn candy corn and stock up on pumpkins. :D

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October 06, 2018 - Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

First off, on the toil and trouble front, while the Nights of the Dead are now live on all servers, the story is not. Really, there is something knocking about my mind, but the Muse and my schedule have not set it free yet. I do still want to get to it, but for now all you get is the Nights of the Dead preview article. I will try, really hard, to work on it once things settle down on my end, ok?

Second, you asked, they heard. More events have been added to the Gear Up, Level Up promotion based on folks asking for more. These goodies are all only on Fridays through Sundays on their respective weekends before the expansion hits, but every bit helps! Right now, we not only get double personal status, but then double guild status contributions on top of that. Plus double experience! See all the scheduled goodies in the official article about it.

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September 22, 2018 - NoTD in Testing

Busy day was massively busy. In addition to the announcement for the first week of Gear Up Level Up, today also saw the annual Nights of the Dead event hit the Test server. I will flesh out the preview article in the days to come, but for now, enjoy your NoTD Eye-Candy

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September 19, 2018 - They Are Teasing Us!

Today, in a tweet and on facebook, there was mention that Nights of the Dead was fast approaching. While it is not yet on Test, we have been shown the following teaser image ...

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September 17, 2018 - Prelude event - Missing Item

Sharp eyes caught that the screenshot used for the official DBG announcement of the prelude event contained a house item scroll that was not available from the event merchant. The patch tomorrow will add "The Librarian of Light Arcane Scroll" to the event vendor offerings. This item is not yet on Test, either, so a proper shot of it, and the price, will have to wait until after the patch tomorrow.

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September 14, 2018 - Broker Issues

Issues with adding items to the broker are widespread. The dev team is working on the problem, but at last check, do not expect a fix before the weekend.

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September 14, 2018 - Expansion Announcement

Mooncast has released her September Producer's Letter with the name of the expansion and a few details. More information, of course, will be available in the weeks to come.

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September 13, 2018 - Issue Doing the Prelude Quest?

If you pick up the Against the Elements quest, and you cannot get the NPC in the Qeynos/Freeport mage buildings to progress the quest, then you are part of a special group of old-timers that will not be able to do the quest until the next patch on Tuesday. Kaitheel says:

Found it! It has nothing to do with race or alignment of character. Both Elol and Jasozi are confusing the Void Storm Shreds for the Elemental Storm Shreds. (Such similar objects, you must forgive their confusion.) No wonder it is only happening to very established characters, and that it wasn't found on Test. I'm fixing it now, internally so that the fix will be on Live after Tuesday's update.

Until the fix goes in, you can run the quest on newer alts if you want to get going on your accumulation of event currency.

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September 13, 2018 - Prelude Event

The Prelude event, Against the Elements goes live in a few short hours. Thanks in part to the assistance of several fabulous volunteers, the linked prelude article includes a spreadsheet of known locations in the 33 different zones that will have event spawns. Please do not be "that person" who ignores the spreadsheet and then expects someone to spoonfeed them a list of all 33 zones, or even "just the zones right for my level". Just do not. Your friends will thank you. :D

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September 04, 2018 - Days of Summer Interlude

Yun Zi, the non-traveling panda for the Days of Summer quest series, decided to travel briefly after all. He had to be temporarily removed from the game and will return after the patch on Thursday.

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August 31, 2018 - Against the Elements!

The prelude event for the next expansion has been released on the Test server. While there will be things that will be adjusted and changed in the two weeks that it will be in testing (it goes live Sept. 13), much of it should be ready for your drooling pleasure: Against the Elements Prelude Event".

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August 30, 2018 - Double Week!

There is all sorts of double goodness happening starting tomorrow and running for a week-ish. Here is the announcement from Daybreak about it:

From 12:01AM PT on Friday, August 31, 2018 until 11:59PM PT on Thursday, September 6, 2018, ALL players on ALL servers will receive double XP and double Currency!
In addition to these bonuses, you'll also enjoy double Ethereal Coins, which means bonuses will stack and you'll earn FOUR TIMES the rewards! If you're playing on a TLE server, this bonus will apply to Hunter's Coins.
But that's not all... If you're a member, you'll also receive 25% off all Marketplace items! If you’ve had your eye on something in the Marketplace, now is the perfect time to pick it up!
If you're playing on the Antonia Bayle server, your bonus week will extend an extra day to make up for the server merge downtime, with bonuses running through 11:59PM PT on Septemer 7, 2018!

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August 21, 2018 - Days of Summer 2018

The hua'mein Yun'Zi has now begun offering the first of the nine new Days of Summer quests for 2018. His new sidekick, Pas'Yu now offers up the non-gear offerings from this past year, as well as all-new items that will be unlocked during the 9 quests for this year.

In other news, we bought the upgrade for our forum. It is currenly ugly, and not all functionality is working, but you can once again read and make posts. Progress!

Created By: Niami Denmother          

August 14, 2018 - Second Update of the Day - Forums

Please be aware that we still have a LOT of broken stuff behind the scenes thanks to our hosting provider. Miles and miles of error messages, things that will not work at all, and so on. One of those things right this moment happens to be editing front page updates (hence the separate second post for the same day, instead of just an update to the original post). Then there is a ton of stuff you folks do not see, but I have been copying copious numbers of error messages into a list for poor Ngreth to chase down each and every error caused by code that is no longer compatible with the SQL version on the server. THEN there are the forums. Oh those poor forums. I think there may be ONE post on the entire forums, from August 2, that you MAY be able to still read. Everything else, well, it throws you to an unhelpful HTML error that does not tell us where the problem lies. Ditto for calendar entries. There may be one or two where you can read more than the title. Maybe. And while I was able to make that post on Aug 2, I now cannot make posts at all. Personally, I am ready to blow the forums totally out of the water due to lack of use. But they did have their uses, including the calendar. We can/may buy a forum upgrade for them (they are several versions behind), since the EQ side of things had already been upgraded and had far less forum issues than we are having. But there is no guarantee that it would fix our underlying forum problems. And it is uglier, and slower, and takes a lot of time to get re-configured into something useful (all based on what happened when we upgraded the EQ side), and that is a lot of extra hours for poor Ngreth, who is still chasing, line-by-line, error codes all over the sites.

tldr: there are lots of things still broken, including the forums. They are being worked on, but the forums especially are a problem child whose survival is up in the air.

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August 14, 2018 - Fallen Gate - Events Turned Back On

This is for the Fallen Gate server only due to a bug that caused these events to partly misfire on FG. Kelethin City Festival and Moonlight Enchantments on Fallen Gate only have been turned back on and will run as follows:

  • Kelethin city festival is going on now through 8/21.
  • Moonlight Enchantments is going now through 8/16.
Need I mention, again, that this is only for Fallen Gate (where the events were broken). Yep, I still expect someone will misunderstand the message, but I tried! :D

Created By: Niami Denmother          

August 13, 2018 - TS Adornment Change

The patch for tomorrow includes the following note:

The Nails tradeskill adornments will now only benefit level 110 tradeskillers, but can be applied to any level of equipment.
So, those new tradeskill adornments, from the Guk TS collection quest, will be available to ALL 110 crafters, not just level 110 crafters who are also 110 adventurers and also have 110 gear. I cannot test this yet, as it is not on the Test server as of this writing, but I will be keeping an eye on this one!

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August 06, 2018 - Mostly Back

As many of you noticed, there were problems with our sites this past week due to our hosting provider making a mess. Our beloved House Ogre has done what he could to get basic functionality going once again, so at least folks can access articles and such. There are still some issues here and there on the EQ2 side and in the background (all but the single most recent post in the EQ2 forums are kaput, the EQ2 event calendar is kaput, site editing is ... creative), but at least the basics are there for us. Thanks for your patience during this frustrating time, and please let us know any error messages you trip over OTHER than the EQ2 forums and EQ2 calendar. ~Mum

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August 01, 2018 - Upgrading Level 1-10 Ascension Spells

Now that illegible scrolls are more readily accessible, I needed a refresher on how to upgrade the darn things into ascension spells. From the sound of it, I am not alone, so I did some digging to refresh my memory.

Level 1-10 ascension spell drops are in the form of illegible scrolls, that then have to be converted into spells by a crafter. Some of the recipes to do so (Journeyman, Expert, Grandmaster and Ancient) are in scholar recipe books from KA, the other recipes (Adept, Master) are drops. (The PoP heroic adventuring weekly, for example, can drop the Adept and Master versions of the recipes.)

Journeyman recipes are in the "Bloody Tooth ____ Essentials" books, while the Expert, Grandmaster and Ancient versions are in the "Bloody Tooth Advanced ____" books. The crafting class breakdown is as follows:

  • Alchemist: Thaumaturgist
  • Jeweler: Geomancer
  • Sage: Etherealist and Elementalist

(For players trying to scribe them, you must update abilities in order -- to scribe an expert version, for example, you must have the adept version already in your knowledge book.)

As an unrelated side-note, the writeup on the Guk TS mission has been updated many, many times in the last 24 hours, and now includes a link to the EQ2U item information on the recipe book that is the reward for the red shiny collection in there.

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July 31, 2018 - Double Goodness

While folks are running amok after the game update, Daybreak has some yummy stuff in store for us for the next week:

From 12:01 AM PT on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 until 11:59 PM PT on Monday, August 6, 2018, members throughout Norrath will receive both double status and double currency!
Plus, on live servers, all players will also earn double Planar Ethereal coins! If you're playing on a TLE server, you'll earn twice as many Hunter's Coins! Paired with the aforementioned double currency bonus, this means that members' Ethereal and Hunter's coin earnings will QUADRUPLE! This is the perfect time to work through that second wave of Ethereals!

Level 110 characters that log in will also receive a reward crate to choose an ancient scroll (class-based or ascension based). (You may only update a spell to Ancient that you already scribed to the GM version.)

Time to run amok amok amok in Guk!

Update:For the new Guk tradeskill mission, the recipe changed between beta and live. You will now need 600 common PoP harvests per combine (and you need two combines to make it through the dungeon). I am updating the web walk-through now. I will wait a day or three before re-re-re-re-redoing the video walkthrough.

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Last Modified on: 2018-07-31 01:01:15          

July 30, 2018 - Return to Guk!

GU107, Return to Guk, should be available on live servers at roughly 10 a.m.-ish Pacific tomorrow, July 31. In addition to quite a bit of stuff mentioned in the lengthy patch notes, the release of the Fabled Guk instances also includes a tradeskill daily that can be run by level 110 crafters who have completed A Stitch in Time tradeskill line from Planes of Prophecy. Trust me, you will want to read a walk-through if you are not familiar with the zone, or if it has been a long time since you ran through the Halls of the Fallen as an adventurer. You probably will want a video walk-through as well. Yep, Mum has you covered on both counts. There will not be any story to go along with this, as I spent many, many, many hours over the last several days running and re-running the instance for bug checks as well as verifying the new red shiny collection that goes with it, and I am beyond "frain bried". You can find my writeup here and the 5th or so attempt at a video here.(As I write this, the video is at 95% uploaded and in the "processing" stage, so it should be ready in a couple minutes.)

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