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August 05, 2020 - GU115 Announced

The next Game Update (GU) release has been announced. GU115: Reignite the Flames will be released on August 25. I am not in the beta, I do not know if there is anything of interest on the crafting and housing front, and you should NOT expect any writeup from me until a couple weeks after it goes live. (You will have to rely on each other and the patch notes for details.) I go into the hospital for radical surgery the day before this goes live, and will be in the hospital for "around 10 days" before coming home for 2+ months of recovery. This will also likely mean that the first couple weeks of Days of Summer 2020 may not be documented by me until after the fact, depending on when that event starts.

In other news, Tinkerfest ends in a few more hours, so make sure to get your last minute shopping and pack pony "burping" done!

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July 29, 2020 - Medical Update from Mum

I promised a medical update a couple weeks ago, then had to wait for more definitive news after the experts consulted one more time. If you are interested, you can find out more here.

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July 23, 2020 - Tinkerfest!

I am posting this a few minutes before Tinkerfest 2020 begins on the live and TLE servers. If you are going to quest, remember that you will need to know the gnomish language for some of the quests. Also be aware that there was/is/may be a mitigation issue on Tinkerfest quest mobs if you are level 120. It will not really be an issue for those who have the high potency to do heroics and raids, but for the casual level 120 characters, you may need/want to chronomentor down to 115 or 110. The issue, if it is there, is only for level 120 event mobs. (The fix is not yet patched to Test, and I do not think it made it into the live build in time either.) It should be patched on the 28th, if all else fails.

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July 14, 2020 - Missing Stats on Items?

If you have gear that lost stats with the patch today, have no fear. It is being fixed. From Dreamweaver:

Missing Stats on items on live is a bug, the team is looking into it. A fix is being built right now and is incoming. A downtime will be required, I do not currently have an ETA for when it will occur but likely early this afternoon

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July 02, 2020 - Tinkerfest on Test

So much is going on right now with Scorched Sky live, double ethereal coins running on live servers, medical mess getting messier (more on that next week), and now Tinkerfest on Test. I only have the eye-candy up at the moment, and will flesh out the article later once deal with some other things. Here you go: Tinkerfest 2020

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June 27, 2020 - Research Unlocked

The extra bit of research on the BoL researchers that was mentioned the other day has been completed on Test. We can now confirm that it is a server-wide unlock for the Advanced ____ Studies recipes, which will be sold in the Fabrication Hall in Sanctus Seru. (This will be just the Advanced books, not the Empyral or Shadowed books.)

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June 23, 2020 - Patch Delayed a Day

From Darkpaw Games:

Due to some internal networking and pipeline issues the dev team has made the decision to push the launch date of the patch to 6/24 in order to prevent additional complications.
This does mean that the launch of Rise of Kunark will be delayed until the 24th as well since there are significant portions of it in this patch.
Scorched Sky will still activate at it's regular time.
(To clarify, the mention of the Rise of Kunark launch delay is for the TLE server.)

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June 20, 2020 - Incoming ... Stuff

There are several things upcoming in the next few days. In addition to Scorched Sky starting on the 24th, there are a few things going in with the patch on the 23rd. The Summer Ethereal Event has had more tweaks and changes, the three free Pride familiars are returning on the 24th, and are being joined by three more, familiar season seven becomes available along with some leveling mechanics changes for familiars, and last but not least some BoL advanced recipe books will become available in the Fabrication Hall after all three BoL researchers complete one new bit of research.

The researchers from Blood of Luclin have finished their research! They are ready to gather their findings and in turn making advanced recipes available for purchase in the Fabrication Hall of Sanctus Seru. If you're willing to lend a hand, they need your help once more in compiling all of their findings!
This is what the last research item on the researchers look like. We cannot report on the actual books that will be for sale until the research is completed.

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June 15, 2020 - Ethereal Event Correction

Kander announced today on Discord that the red runes we see on Test are NOT what will be available. "The new runes have only archtype and subclass bonuses, no triggered effects." They should be on Test soon. Once they are on Test, I will get up the new rune information on the page linked below.

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June 13, 2020 - Summer Ethereals 2020

The vendor for the summer ethereal event for 2020 is now on Test. While this has ZERO to do with crafting or housing, there was enough demand on Discord to create a page that showed every class version of the red Ethereal Mastery rune. Thanks go out to Whilhelmina for obtaining all the class information for the classes I did not have. <3

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June 09, 2020 - An Update from Jenn Chan

Jenn Chan posted today about the various problems we have been seeing with EQ2 recently. In addition to some explanations and apologies, you will find mention of the free mount you can claim between now and noon (Pacific) on June 24.

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June 04, 2020 - Oceansfull Now Live

Oceansfull 2020 hit the live servers several hours ago. Remember that you have until the end of the 17th (Pacific time) to get the items that you want from this event.

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May 30, 2020 - Scorched Sky on Test

It is a bit early for it, but with the every-other-week patching of the live servers, it was decided to start testing early so there would be time to patch any fixes/changes that were needed. Without further ado, here is the Scorched Sky Preview. The walkthrough video and the updated quest tracker will be added as time permit either by myself or the two lovely ladies who traditionally help with those for each event.

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May 28, 2020 - Oops!

Something went awry, and the writs are delayed until the next patch. This is from Gninja:

Looks like some of the files did not make it into the update and that's blocking them from being given out. I will get them included in the next patch we do. I unfortunately can't give an eta right now.

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May 27, 2020 - Writs!

The patch today added rush orders and work orders for the level 111+ crowd.

Tradeskill work order and rush order writs are now available in guildhalls for tradeskillers above level 110.

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May 15, 2020 - Oceansfull on Test!

The annual celebration of the bounty of Prexus will return to Norrath on June 4. It is currently on the Test server and I have your eye-candy ready for you! Oceansfull 2020 Enjoy!

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May 13, 2020 - Slowly Updating

First, thank you all for your continued love and support during these trying times. Several of you have brought me to happy tears lately, and they are far better "medicine" than unhappy ones!

Now, on to the update. I have mentioned more than once that I want to update the furniture gallery. Not just with the stuff that is sitting in expansion-specific pages right now, but with all the event crafted and quest recipes since the beginning of the game. It is a mammoth undertaking. I have over 2000 items to hand-code into tables with a creative mix of HTML and php for each and every item. Every time I tried to revisit this project, I got overwhelmed and did not make it very far. This time, I actually have over 1000 image links in a spreadsheet (some of which involved redoing screenshots in-game and all that jazz). I am happy to say that ONE page has been updated - the Pillows page received some love this m*rning, and should be looking a bit more robust. (This update brought to you by insomnia and the energy from a steroid anti-nausea:P)

In happy personal news, we are starting to see shrinkage on the cancerous lump known as "Herbert". The battle is not done yet, but this is a Good Thing!

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May 01, 2020 - It is Time to Talk ...

"The Walrus and the Carpenter Walked on a mile or so, And then they rested on a rock Conveniently low: And all the little Oysters stood And waited in a row. "The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--Of cabbages--and kings--And why the sea is boiling hot--And whether pigs have wings." - Lewis Carrol

Well, I cannot really answer those questions, but it is time to "talk" to my community a bit.

Life is chaotic for everyone right now, and we're no exception over here. I have hit the point of saying "When it rains, it monsoons" to explain how many things have been hitting us at once.

For all that, we are still more "ok" than much our community, and our hearts and thoughts are with all of you during these trying times.

I wanted to touch briefly on donations to the sites. (Thank you to those who did so recently, you are always appreciated!) For those in financial strain, please, please, please don't strain yourself more trying to help the site. We will endure - Mum is a stubborn old redhead! DO please whitelist www.eqtraders.com and eq2.eqtraders.com in any ad blocking software you have. We avoid popups, and that tiny bit of ad revenue adds up slowly over time!

I have also started a Liberapay account, for those who have asked in the past for some alternative to PayPal. It can accept Stripe payments in various currencies, which also might help. But again, I don't want folks who are horribly strapped for cash doing this. Truly. Take care of yourselves as we want you around for the long run!

Speaking of taking care. Some of you know all this, some of you do not. So I wanted to get it out here, in public, so the rumors do not go totally wild and off-base. I ("Mum"/"Niami") have stage 3 endometrial cancer. I am undergoing chemoradiation, and I am going to kick the cancerous mass known as "Herbert" to the curb. Period. Any other option is just not going to happen. It will not be easy, and the side-effects are real, but I have strength and determination on my side and the overall prognosis is very good. The road TO that goal is hard, but I have much love and support behind me, a great set of care teams, and (thankfully) good insurance. Ngreth's team at work is also quite supportive and braced for any inevitable schedule juggling that will happen if I start needing help getting to treatments and such.

I've got this. Really. {flexes tiny halfling muscles}

One request, though. I know a lot of you will want to contact me and send words of support that way. Please know that most of my energy is focused on my battle. I will not have a lot of time or energy to spend chatting with folks. I absolutely cannot go through any more sessions where *I* end up being the one spending my energy reassuring the person contacting me that I will be ok. I know the love and support is out there, I am not too proud to ask for help when needed, but I just cannot cope with a huge influx of private messages and the like right now, so please go gently on my inboxes.

The sites are not going anywhere. I am not planning on going anywhere. I just have a couple months of chaos still to get through here ... during a pandemic ... while also being immune compromised. I know some of you have it better, some of you have it worse, but we all have the stress and depression to get through. Go gently on yourselves and on each other.

That is all for now, folks. Stay safe, practice self-care, and we will see you in Norrath!


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April 28, 2020 - Showdown at the Diaku Corral


I put together a quick page showing the Diaku Corral quest reward furniture for those who wanted to see it. Enjoy! ~Mum

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April 24, 2020 - Overseer Notes

I finally updated my Overseer Overview article to include some season 2 information. There are still a lot of unknowns, and I expect a few patch tweaks to change things still, but it is a start, at least. I am sorry it took this long to get it updated, but "When it rains, it typhoons" is how Real Life is going here right now, and that takes priority.

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