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December 04, 2018 - Frostfell and More

Frostfell 2018 is arriving in a few short hours. I sadly do NOT have a story included with the article this time as my muse seems to be on strike, but the linked article includes details on all the new goodies. (We still need the official Daybreak announcement on the 12 Days of Frostfell promotion, but at least I have some information for you regarding it.)

If this was not enough chaos for December 4, the Fallen Gate server, in addition to their first nearly-full Frostfell event, will be seeing the release of the Sentinels Fate expansion. It will definitely be a very chaotic day over there on that server as folks decide what new stuff they are going to chase after first!

Merry Frostfell everyone!

Created By: Niami Denmother          

December 02, 2018 - A Frostfell Mystery

So, the expansion hit, and with it a nasty sinus infection. While I was recovering from the sinus infection, my hard drive died. I really DO know better, but I do not have proper backups of a lot of the stuff that was on that drive. Why is this important when I am talking about a Frostfell mystery? Well, it means that instead of my paid "pro" version of my video recording software, I had to use the free version, while waiting for fresh registration keys that may take days to arrive. It means the video quality is poorer, and the software did not pause when I told it to (running from the merchant to the house portal) and so on. Regardless, it will still give you the idea that "something" is coming, and we cannot Test it in advance on Test, so you will discover details along with us. Without further ado, here is your Frostfell Surprise.

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November 17, 2018 - Frostfell Testing

Frostfell is currently on Test. Details will be fleshed out on the page later. Enjoy the eye candy!

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November 16, 2018 - Clarification

To clarify, the issue with the Chaos Descending missions is is causing those specific items to not be rewarded, causing random hapless crafters to not get any reward when they complete one of Domigin's missions.

Created By: Niami Denmother          

November 16, 2018 - Short-term Bugs

There are a couple bad item id's in the Chaos Descending tradeskill missions from Domigin. The should be fixed with the next hotfix.

The carrion feeders (aka "pillbugs") in the Crypt of Decay part of the PoP tradeskill timeline and the daily mission version are fed up with adventurers trying to use embalming fluid to make them go kablooey. They have found a way to make themselves temporarily invulnerable to the effects. This, too, should be fixed in the next hotfix.

Mum is also sick/broken, even for her! This should be fixed as soon as the antibiotics kick in ... I hope!

Created By: Niami Denmother          

November 13, 2018 - Launch-Day Stuff

A bug fix was left out of the live build for the expansion, so the second-to-last tradeskill quest in the Chaos Descending timeline cannot be completed until the next hotfix. Any further launch day issues or updates will be included at the very bottom of the CD Information Clearinghouse.

Created By: Niami Denmother          

November 13, 2018 - Not Long Now!

Created By: Niami Denmother          

November 13, 2018 - This Bears Repeating

First off, the servers will come down at 7 a.m. Pacific (just under 9 hours from when I make this post) and are expected to be down until around noon Pacific. I expect the Daybreak forums will be hit pretty hard, so once I am awake in the m*rning and patch notes are posted, I'll post a copy of them over here as well for folks.

Now, I would like to repeat my final post of the night on the Chaos Descending Information Clearinghouse here, since some folks won't read the fine print over there:

A HUGE Heartfelt Plea: My work on these articles doesn't end here. I generally spend the first several hours after an expansion is live, running through the tradeskill line, missions, etc. to see what changed, or worse, what bugs may have slipped in over the last few days. I will be majorly focused on it. Please, please, PLEASE don't send me tells or Discord messages, etc. requesting that I provide you with details on x, y or z. Doing so will make you likely one of DOZENS of people trying to get my attention for handholding and spoonfeeding on launch day, and, well, I don't handle such overload well anymore. Please. Read the guides, ask in your chat channels for details if you can't find info on something, and so on, and let me lurk in a corner doing my thing. My scraps of sanity and temper will thank you. <3 (While I may need/want tradeskill related bug reports, things like crafted item stats you think are still out of line and such should go directly to /feedback, or /bug or the forums, NOT filtered through me. I didn't poke at stats. I have no time and energy to poke at them. Others did the poking, and trying to make it my problem may get you a rather grumpy and/or tear-filled response as you hit my last nerve.) Thank you for your understanding.

Created By: Niami Denmother          

November 09, 2018 - Meh

Sorry, there was a typo in my code yesterday, so the article did not link -- and I am having problems editing front page articles until the hubbyogre has time for a code fix. The article I was trying to link is Chaos Descending Information Clearinghouse.

Created By: Niami Denmother          

November 08, 2018 - Expansion Info HERE :)

As with past betas, there are not enough hours in the day, and I already have to go link-crazy with sub-articles and the like. If you want to see what is new on the expansion information front, please refer to the Chaos Descending Information Clearinghouse. Everything I am releasing with regards to the expansion will be called out there, with a listing at the very bottom containing notes on what has been added to the main page, and all the supporting articles. Sometimes I am doing multiple updates a day, and it is just easier to tie it all in there right now.

Created By: Niami Denmother          

November 06, 2018 - Network Issues

Daybreak is having network issues. It is impacting their website as well as all Daybreak games. They are working on it and there is currently no ETA. If you have already patched today, you can try using the workaround of going straight through the exe file (your main EverQuest 2 directory, find the everquest2.exe file and run as administrator), but be aware things may still be wonky.

Created By: Niami Denmother          

November 01, 2018 - More Expansion Info

I have been getting peppered with questions, so, while I continue to test, write, nap, test, write, nap, etc., here is a first look at the Chaos Descending Crafting Rewards Also, remember that Nights of the Dead ends in just over a day and Heroes' Festival begins in a few short hours.

Created By: Niami Denmother          

November 01, 2018 - Wow, Just ... Wow

Ignore the crazy timestamps, somehow our server got set to a totally different timezone well into the future. It is almost 2 a.m. here and while folks on live servers are already diving into the Heroes' Festival stuff, or finishing up their NoTD hoarding, look what I was doing. Yep, that fully merited sleep deprivation, at least in my eyes!

Created By: Niami Denmother          

October 31, 2018 - Expansion Information

I have started the Chaos Descending Information Clearinghouse. There is not a lot in it yet, but it will definitely be growing, and sprouting more supporting articles and videos over the next two weeks. Already included in the first supporting article about Myrist is a 14-minute tour of this central quest hub for the expansion. Stay tuned for more as time and energy allow!

Meanwhile, enjoy a look at the new appearance option for your pack pony once you finish the Chaos Descending tradeskill line. I present to you, the pack snail ...

Created By: Niami Denmother          

October 29, 2018 - Monday Mischief from Mum

I know I have been relatively quiet over here, not even reminding folks to finish up the last of their NoTD stuff and so on, but I have been busy on beta. Very busy. I will be doing a bunch of writing and video stuff for you folks "soon" since the TS line is getting more polished every day, but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you a quick soundless video of one of the crafting NPCs for Chaos Descending. Meet Yrag the Swift. ZOOOM!

Created By: Niami Denmother          

October 25, 2018 - Heroes Festival Testing

The annual Heroes' Festival event is currently on Test and will be live in a week (and a few hours) from when I am posting this. I have done up a quick writeup on the new buyables here.

In other news, I am doing quite a bit over on beta, and will likely start producing various bits and pieces of preview writeups in a couple days.

Created By: Niami Denmother          

October 09, 2018 - Expansion Livestream

For those of you on facebook, the livestream for Chaos Descending should be starting any moment now at this link.

Created By: Niami Denmother          

October 08, 2018 - Save Your Pumpkins!

If you are madly pumpkin bombing, trying to get the Baktor bat mount, you will apparently want to only throw a couple dozen pumpkins a day (the mount is obtained from the throwing side of things, not the grabbing side). No, I do not have any more details other than what Caith said in Discord on Saturday.

"... you only get a set number of chances to receive it per day. So throwing 1000 isn't going to increase your chances after the first couple dozen
Basically, pace yourselves folks, and throw them over time, instead of trying to throw 1000 or so all in a single day. And remember, you can do the throwing all year-round. Now is a good time to earn candy corn and stock up on pumpkins. :D

Created By: Niami Denmother          

October 06, 2018 - Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

First off, on the toil and trouble front, while the Nights of the Dead are now live on all servers, the story is not. Really, there is something knocking about my mind, but the Muse and my schedule have not set it free yet. I do still want to get to it, but for now all you get is the Nights of the Dead preview article. I will try, really hard, to work on it once things settle down on my end, ok?

Second, you asked, they heard. More events have been added to the Gear Up, Level Up promotion based on folks asking for more. These goodies are all only on Fridays through Sundays on their respective weekends before the expansion hits, but every bit helps! Right now, we not only get double personal status, but then double guild status contributions on top of that. Plus double experience! See all the scheduled goodies in the official article about it.

Created By: Niami Denmother          

September 22, 2018 - NoTD in Testing

Busy day was massively busy. In addition to the announcement for the first week of Gear Up Level Up, today also saw the annual Nights of the Dead event hit the Test server. I will flesh out the preview article in the days to come, but for now, enjoy your NoTD Eye-Candy

Created By: Niami Denmother          

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