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February 02, 2015 - SOE Becomes Daybreak Game Company

The only information I have so far is from the official announcement, but for those who have missed it on the EQ2 forums, here it is:

Dear Players, Partners and Friends,
Today, we are pleased to announce that we have been acquired by Columbus Nova, an investment management firm well known for its success with its existing portfolio of technology, media and entertainment focused companies. This means that effective immediately SOE will operate as an independent game development studio where we will continue to focus on creating exceptional online games for players around the world, and now as a multi-platform gaming company. Yes, that means PlayStation and Xbox, mobile and more!
As part of this transition, SOE will now become Daybreak Game Company. This name embodies who we are as an organization, and is a nod to the passion and dedication of our employees and players. It is also representative of our vision to approach each new day as an opportunity to move gaming forward.
So what exactly does this mean for you? It will be business as usual and all SOE games will continue on their current path of development and operation. In fact, we expect to have even more resources available to us as a result of this acquisition. It also means new exciting developments for our existing IP and games as we can now fully embrace the multi-platform world we are living in.
Our games and players are the heart and soul of our organization, and we are committed to maintaining our portfolio of online games and pushing the limits of where we can take online gaming together.
Thank you for your continued support. See you in game!
The Team at Daybreak

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January 30, 2015 - So This is Why ...

... it takes me so long to get much done with the site!

I am mostly over the creeping crud, and while I am still feeling bluggy, I decided it was beyond time to get a Tier 11 Food and Drink Progression chart on the site.

It took me FOUR hours to get the information from in-game, then get the guide formatted and in place on the site.

It sounded simple enough. Log on to one of my provisioners, examine every 96-100 food and drink recipe, make notes, log off, hand format the table and publish it. Boom, bam, done. Right?

Examining the recipe, then examining the product from the recipe examine to get the info seemed the slow way to do it, so I hopped over to our guildhall and opened up the food and drink depot, reverse sorted by level, and used that to examine the end results. Only a couple of them weren't in the depot at all anymore, so of course I had to restock them! And I had to restock the ones that were low in quantity ... right?

Then, well, this poor provisioner has not seen the light of day for a couple weeks, and had a couple quests to hand in, and I felt guilty enough over the neglect that I headed out to Tranquil Sea to hand them in ... and was unable to resist the lure of "just one more" quest to do, and one more, and one more.

I have never met a node I disliked, so of course I started combat harvesting while questing!

Somewhere in there a guildmate had a question about crafting expert spells, so I fielded that as well. (Note to self: log into jeweler later and make those if the email has arrived, and make some shinies for my ranger, and log in the alchemist for some poisons, and ...)

When I finally logged off, I realized that I should have eaten lunch 2 hours ago, so a quick bite was in order before the formatting.

Then I got sidetracked by the fact that ftp was timing out on our site, preventing me from uploading images (not needed for text input/editing, but while I was doing site work anyway, it was time to fix an image in a quest writeup), so I had to ping the hubbyogre.

Then ... what was I doing again? Oh, right. Having to do html table editing in text form can be annoying, and it is easy to lose your place when you are doing a lot of copy and pasting of text, then throwing formatting around small bits, chunk by chunk by chunk. At one point I realized that I had put the level 98 food and drink under the level 97 labels and other such oopses, but eventually I got it all where it should be, and finally published.

So, yeah, this is why it often takes me longer than planned to do even something as "simple" as a chart. If you have a mental image of one of the dogs from the movie "Up!" having a squirrel moment due to distractions of any kind, you are on the right track. :D

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January 28, 2015 - Happy Gathering Goblin Change

The patch tomorrow will change the gathering goblin prestige ability again, and it is a welcome change:

  • Artisan's Gathering Goblin cost has been reduced to 1.
  • Stalk VIII (Grandmaster) recipe is now located within Scout Grandmaster Recipes Volume XI.
  • Fortify Elements IV (Grandmaster) recipe has been moved from Mage Grandmaster Recipes Volume VI to Volume V.
  • Salvaging now only requires 1 rank of gathering goblin to become available.

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January 21, 2015 - A Few Incoming Changes

The patch in the morning has several tradeskill-related changes and fixes. I want to especially draw your attention to the gathering goblin change, as you will be required to spend 5 points in the goblin if you want to summon him, which may require some rethinking in your tradeskill AA profiles.

  • Tradable purple adornments may now be placed in adornment depots.
  • Advanced Adornments volumes are now stackable.
  • Xiocite Rapier of the Grimstone is now correctly named a Dirk.
  • House Actors can use two new sleep states as part of their animation selection.
  • Umbral Blightmare is now usable by appropriate level Tradeskill classes.
  • Tinkering and Adorning Reaction Arts are now automatically granted and no longer need to be purchased.
  • Artisans Gathering Goblin has been changed to a single 5 point prestige ability with a short recast.
  • Evade III Grandmaster Recipe can now be crafted by all Evade III (Master) spellscrolls.
  • The recipe for Incandescent Adornment of Prismatic Resilience (Greater) now requires the correct amount of components.

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January 09, 2015 - House Access Lists

The following is going to be patched to the Test server in a couple of hours - hopefully that means it will be on Live servers "soon".

Players may now save their house access list to a local file, and load said file as well. Please note that loading is non-destructive, ie: when loading an access list file into a house, existing access settings will remain

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December 17, 2014 - Harvesting Change

If you have been harvesting since the patch on Tuesday, you will have noticed that, instead of pulling 1/3/5/10 units of common resources per harvest, you have been getting 2/7/13/20 units. Caith responded on the SOE forums last night that this is an intended change. The rate for rares and ultra-rares has not changed, nor do they have any plans to change them at this time, but the common resource rates should make many happy, especially those who are working on their Qho-ta.

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December 12, 2014 - Two Changes Coming Next Week

There are two changes coming next week. The first is regarding dungeon maker dungeons and the second is regarding how AA xp is earned. Rather than reword and worry about something vital being missed, I recommend that folks read the Dungeon Maker post here and then the AAXP post here.

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December 11, 2014 - Frostfell and More

Frostfell 2014 goes live after the patch today, at roughly 8 a.m. Pacific. In addition, the patch has quite a few bug fixes and some goodies based on requests from SOELive. Hiding amidst the patch notes are some yummy old furniture items that are now buyable. This includes Maj'Dul tapestries from the various courts, which will be sold to folks who have completed the appropriate quests or have ally faction with the court in question, the termites that were a Tupta crafting quest reward which will be sold up on the tradeskill merchant in Cobalt Scar for those who have completed the above-mentioned Tupta quest, and a whole bunch of old furniture that used to be on the furniture vendors at the launch of the game which will once again be sold by a merchant in Qeynos and in Freeport. Details can be found in the patch notes above.

Edit: since I have seen more than one query on the in-home Frostfell stations, and folks are missing the link in the Frostfell article, here is a tinyurl of the article from last year: tinyurl.com/ffstations

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December 10, 2014 - Something is Afoot ...

... at SOE, and word is that if you have not opted in for email notifications from them, you will miss out on an email-only promotion this holiday season. If you would rather not miss out on whatever the surprise is, you can follow the instructions here to make sure that you have opted in for notifications about your favorite SOE game(s). ~Mum

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December 05, 2014 - Frostfell Preview: Candied Cubes?

Frostfell 2014 is right around the corner, and despite a weather-induced case of the humbugs this week, I have finally put together my annual Frosfell preview. Enjoy!

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December 03, 2014 - Tradeskill Love

The following bits of interest to crafters were scattered in the patch notes today. (Notes in italics are from Mum.)

  • Experience bonuses granted directly by equipment will once again apply correctly.(Yes, this means the tradeskill xp-granting items, such as the prayer shawl and so on should work properly now.)
  • Tradeskill Apprentice quest rewards will now return the correct tier of rare harvests at tradeskill level 100.
  • Altar of Malice missions, repeatable quests and all Tradeskill Writs will now multiply experience rewards based on your experience modifiers such as veteran bonus, vitality, or potions. (This is a change from not getting xp bonuses on quest hand-ins, and "should" speed up writ grinds if I am reading it correctly.")

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November 24, 2014 - More on the Tradeskill XP Gain Items

The fix for most items (Blessed Prayer Shawl, items from the Sundered Frontier crafting signature line, the rolling pin, etc.) did not clear QA testing in time to make it into the patch for tomorrow. The fix for the Mark of the Far Seas, which handles the xp bonus slightly differently, WILL be in the patch tomorrow. Hopefully, the following patch, whenever it is, will see the fix for the others make it to the live servers.

EDIT: The above has been changed with new information. The Mark is fixed in the patch in the morning.

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November 12, 2014 - Items Granting Tradeskill XP

There is an issue with items that grant tradeskill xp boosts not working. It is being looked into. Thanks Caith!

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November 11, 2014 - Altar of Malice is Here!

Well, not here here, but over there. {points south} The expansion is currrently patching on the U.S. servers. I suspect some of you are eagerly devouring any information that you can find about the expansion while waiting for the servers to come up, but before I throw some links at you, I want to remind you of a few things:

  • Members who are level 95 adventurers may need to set their AA slider back to zero before they go adventuring, hand in quests, etc., if they want to earn xp today!
  • The mail from the Harbormaster with the message in a bottle is not the expansion content, but a new quest series for level 5 and above crafters.
  • The mail from Captain Ethan Darani is for the AoM crafting content.
  • Since the expansion adventuring content hadn't been sending mail on beta, if folks ask, the signature line starts with Viminy in East Freeport and Rosalina in Qeynos Harbor.

Ok, now for links, to reduce the need for rummaging:

At least one more batch of eye candy from me incoming in a little while!

Update #1: As promised, here is the eye candy - a set of 31 house items that were obtained from AoM quests or from AoM collections.

Update #2: AoM is now available for purchase at this link

Update #3: We're up!!!

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November 03, 2014 - Reminder ... and AoM Preview

First off, a quick reminder that the Nights of the Dead festivities end in a few hours. You still have time for some last-minute questing and candy gobbling, if you are so inclined!

Second, I have begun work on the Altar of Malice Crafting/Housing preview. The story is up, a few tidbits of information are in place, and I will be adding, at the least, the carpenter furniture images later today. I need a nap first! :D

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October 25, 2014 - Pssssst

I am over 12 hours through my 24-hour marathon, and have a bit of a present for the decorators. Check out the 8 p.m. update on my Extra Life update page for some screenshots of furniture from beta. ~Mum

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October 24, 2014 - Tomorrow is the Big Day

Tomorrow is the day when one grumpy redheaded halfling with health issues joins almost 45,000 other gamers in a 24-hour gaming marathon with 100% of the proceeds to benefit the Childrens Miracle Network Hospital. Yep, I am going to show young whippersnappers who are less than half my age that I can still pull an all-nighter, and in the process, raise funds for sick children. I will mostly be playing EverQuest2, with a chunk spent on the beta server, but another chunk actually playing on my home server (which I have not done much of since beta started). I will also likely mix things up a bit with some standalone games now and then. There will be regular postings tomorrow to an update page that I created, so folks can be sure that I am still awake/alive. Those still wanting to donate can do so here. (A heartfelt thank you to those who already donated - you rock!) ~Mum

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October 14, 2014 - Pumpkin Pulpers!

The title for the Pumpkin Pulper achievement has been fixed.

Corrected an issue with the Pumpkin King title granted from the Pumpkin Pulper Achievement. Characters that have previously pulped over 500 pumpkins may purchase the title for free from the Nights of the Dead merchant.
Have no clue what I am talking about? Details are on the bottom of my NoTD article.

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October 06, 2014 - Open Beta Tomorrow

There is a LOT going on this week. The Qeynos city festival ends tomorrow. Open beta for the new expansion starts for members tomorrow as well. Grandmaster spell recipes go live tomorrow. Nights of the Dead starts Thursday. Mum runs around like a madwoman all week with all of this stuff, and also tries to find time to scribble thank you notes to all the fabulous folks who are donating to her Extra Life campaign.

I am tired just thinking about it all!

However, I have found a bit of time to scribble some helpful hints regarding beta, including some things that you should do BEFORE you issue the /beta command on characters that you want to copy over: Beta Testing Tips

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October 01, 2014 - Update Delayed

Holly (Windstalker) Longdale made the following tweet today:

Update delayed to Tuesday. 8( We're working hard to make it clean and shiny. We found gnarly bugs today that we don't want to give you.

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