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August 07, 2017 - Pillow Talk and More

Tonight sees the end of the Kelethin City Festival for another six months. It also sees the release of the new Days of Summer quest.

In addition, it is finally time for some pillow talk. No, not that kind of pillow talk, but a talk about pillows (and blankets). While the expanded furniture category on the lefthand menu is giving me fits, updating that menubar almost ALWAYS gives me fits. The Pillows page itself is done, it is included in the links on the main furniture page, and it will show up in the lefthand menubar when it darn well pleases! {sigh}

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August 02, 2017 - Days of Summer Update

For those who have not heard about the Days of Summer event, you will want to do the first weekly quest in the next few days, and get ready for a few weeks of doing a weekly quest. The goodies are very much worth it for most of us.

Speaking of goodies, my laptop finally came back from 2+ months of warranty repair, just in time for me to log into Discord and find out from Caith that we were (thankfully) misreading that Mara house deed. It is one deed per character. This is a happy, happy thing, so please spread the word.

Speaking of spreading the word, I still see a lot of folks in the homeshow channel and the like giving out the wrong url for this site. Since it is piggybacked off the EQ site domain it is "eq2.eqtraders.com" to point folks here. Otherwise they get one of those nasty search engine domains or such.

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August 01, 2017 - Kelethin Cutouts, Tinkerfest Reminder

The Kelethin City Festival just began and, as expected, there is now a cut-out set for the polished wood block set. While you will have a week to pick up any of the Kelethin-specific city festival items, remember that you have less than a day left for any last-minute Tinkerfest items that you want!

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August 01, 2017 - Days of Summer Event!

More later, really. I cannot research and handle all the tells and update the site simultaneously. Here is the placeholder for this unpublicized 9-week event: Days of Summer

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July 25, 2017 - Tiny Patch Bits

The Hack & Slash PQ spawning issues should now be fixed. The pylon hitpoints should also be slightly reduced. The Master Control Core green adornment has been fixed to have AGI on it.

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July 20, 2017 - Tinkerfest PQ Spawning Issues

Apparently there was a problem with the Tinkerfest PQ not respawning again after a successful completion. Rather than reword what he said, I will let you read the response from Chrol directly:

It appears the PQ isn't respawning if it is successfully completed, which is a bug as that makes absolutely zero sense. I submitted a fix for that and lowered the Energizer Pylon hitpoints even more. Both will go in the next hotfix (Tuesday, probably), and hopefully sooner on Test.
On live servers, I pushed those fixes so they should be good as long as neither Commonlands or Antonica shut down. That is why we didn't discover this on Test, because both zones come down shortly after nobody's in them, which is often the case on Test.

UPDATE - Harvesting Scraps This is also from Chrol, the developer of this PQ. Apparently, for an hour-ish after you run the PQ, the scrap heap not only sticks around, but can be harvested 5 times by anyone and everyone. He has said it is "ok" for folks to cycle alts through to get the no-trade scraps. You will still have to run the PQ lots on whichever alt wants the rewards, and the familiar piece drops, but if you want the consumables crafted and/or the green adorn on the alts, you can cycle them through the scrap heap without worry about being in trouble for a potential exploit.

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July 19, 2017 - Tinkerfest 2017!

Tinkerfest 2017 is officially released to the live servers in a few short hours. The crafting and housing preview is finally complete, story and all. The Tinkerfest Public Quest writeup has been given some final polish, and some blurbs have been added to the bottom of it that can be used as /ooc instructions for those running the PQ. Yes, it really is involved enough that you will want to give instructions to any new folks that are diving in to participate. Once you learn it the event is easy enough, but it isn't just a simple hack and slash - even if that is the quest name! :D

One big FYI on the public quest, though, is that through repeated testing, re-testing, patching, re-patching, etc., we found one issue that needed tweaking after our Test patch yesterday. We are not sure when the fix will make it to the Live servers, nor even to the Test server, so the PQ may be more time-consuming for the first few days. (We truly have no clue what the patch schedule is for it, but when I hear something from the developers, I will post it here.) The simple version of the issue is that the pylons in the third stage will take longer to "kill" than intended. Again, when I get word that this is being fixed for the Live servers, I will post here. I strongly recommend, though, that folks who are trying to earn enough parts to make the fabled familiar do NOT wait for the patch before tackling the PQ, since you will need many repetitions of the event. Instead, try to scare up a few extra people to run the event to counterbalance the current pillar time investment. It is not the best solution, I know, but this is something you cannot simply stall on if you are committed to the grind for that yummy familiar.

Enjoy Tinkerfest everyone!

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July 07, 2017 - Tinkerfest 2017 Testing

There is a lot of testing and retesting going on with the Tinkerfest 2017 content that went onto the Test server today before it goes live in two weeks. The preview will be cleaned up, expanded upon, updated after some hotfixes go in, etc., but if you are really antsy for the eye candy, here you go.

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July 01, 2017 - Gorowyn City Festival

It is the start of another new month, which also means it is City Festival time. If you have been eagerly awaiting the red marble cutouts for any of your decorating work, remember to snag them by the end of the 7th, unless you want to wait another 6 months for the Gorowyn City Festival to roll around again!

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June 27, 2017 - Emergency Downtime

The patch today apparently had some issues, and the Fallen Gate launch has been delayed (still awaiting details, ETA). Meanwhile, the other EQ2 servers will be brought down at 2 p.m. Pacific for an emergency hotfix. Estimated downtime is 1 hour.

UPDATE All servers are now back up, and the Fallen Gate server is available for play. As an added bonus, anyone reaching level 10 on the Fallen Gate server in the next 14 days will receive a rather creative leaper mount to claim on any server. See more here.

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June 20, 2017 - Still Plugging Along

I am still working on the furniture gallery additions and updates as time and energy allow. It is slow going due to the Real Life thing, but it is still going, at least! Today I have added a Maritime furniture page to the site, and as soon as I finish this post, I'll be tackling some additions to the Stables page as well.

According to Kaitheel, the first full week of July should see Tinkerfest going onto Test. This is, of course, subject to change if something comes up, but it gives us something to shoot for on the testing and preview front.

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June 13, 2017 - Fallen Gate Reward Reminder

For those who helped test the Fallen Gate beta this past week, if you completed your 150 quests or level 30 before the achievement was added last night, make sure to log in as soon as possible to trigger the achievement for your character. This will be needed if you want to claim your beta reward once the Fallen Gate server is released at the end of the month. (EDIT: The current plan is for the beta to go to the end of this Thursday, the 15th, so there is still time to earn a testing reward, and to help chase down niggly bugs with itemization, leveling, etc.)

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June 02, 2017 - Halas City Fest

I am a bit slow to get this up, but the New Halas City Festival page has been updated to include the cut-out additions to the polished ice building block set.

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May 31, 2017 - Mass Production Tweak

The patch notes today included the following:

Mass production crafts will now maintain their quantity when repeating the craft. This option can be disabled in Options [Advanced] > User Interface > Tradeskills > Repeat Craft Maintains Quantity.


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May 25, 2017 - Update and Bonus Weekend

My "oomph" comes and goes these days, but I am trying to slowly chip away at revamps and updates to the furniture pages. Before I go through page by page over the next few months, I have added a totally new page for Windows and Mirrors. It is not yet added to the left menubar when you hit the furniture section, but will be linked in soon. (It is a fussy pain to do, and I need more caffeine first!) Meanwhile, enjoy the new page and nudge me if I am missing anything in the crafted window and mirror front, please! (EDIT: The furniture menubar has been changed, one mirrored item has been added to the page, and the link has been updated.)

In other news, starting at midnight tonight (Pacific) and running through the end of Monday (Pacific), there will be a bonus weekend running. This not only includes bonus xp (adventure, tradeskill and AA), but tithe and guild status as well. Wheeee!

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May 19, 2017 - Silver Lining

During the unexpected login issues that happened this afternoon, I finally finished a project I have been chipping away at in the background for a while. The Building Blocks page now includes ALL* crafted building block sets. The Dividers and Tiles pages now should be only those orphans that are not part of full block sets. Hopefully this will help decorators who are looking for sets find what they need a bit more easily.

*The downside to not being logged into the game while doing my final page tweaking was that I may have missed something. Please let me know when (not if) you find any errors! :)

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May 09, 2017 - That Familiar Feeling

Since someone asked me about it, here is the stat information on the familiar that I uncrated in the wee hours on Test as well as a pic of the familiar tab. (The leafhopper on the bottom right of the familiar lineup is the only one I have collected so far over there, and now it is time to swap over to my main server and try for one there!)

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May 08, 2017 - GU103

Game Update 103 is released in the morning. You can read full patch notes here. There is no crafting component to this game update, other than a cosmetic change:

Maldura crafting stations now play animations and particle effects when used.

However, since things are quiet, and I know folks will have questions about the new familiar feature, I pestered Kasa from Test for some details. (Well, first I tried for several days to get one to drop, so I could test them myself, but when Bristlebane messed with my luck, I resorted to begging for information. :D)

  • They can drop in any KA mission reward chest or PQ (Public Quest) reward chest. (While others had only been getting them from the mission reward crates, I actually got my first drop from the boss crate at the end of a KA solo zone.).
  • They can also drop in the new Proving Grounds. (See the patch notes linked above for Proving Grounds information.
  • The item that you get is a "Familiar Cage". The crate is tradeable. Once you unpack it into a random common, uncommon, rare or ultra-rare familiar, it can no longer be traded, but it can be sold for guild status (handy if you get a duplicate).
  • Familiars come with a handy new Familiars tab on your character sheet. IF YOU USE A CUSTOM UI FOR YOUR CHARACTER SHEET, YOU WILL NEED TO UPDATE THAT COMPONENT OF YOUR UI OR DISABLE IT.

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May 02, 2017 - More Cut-Out Love

The Freeport City Festival is in full swing through the 7th of this month. The new 8-piece "cut-out" block set has been added to the black marble lineup, so grab some in the next few days if you want some! (Pics have been added to the above link.)

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April 28, 2017 - About That Downtime ...

... they think they have the issue fixed, but are monitoring it. If you have login issues, please post in this Daybreak thread.

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