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September 29, 2014 - GM Spells, Level Agnostic Dungeons

The patch that was due on September 30 (tomorrow) has been delayed until October 2 (Thursday). If you want details on the level agnostic dungeons, you will want to read this post on the SOE forums. If you want more information on the Grandmaster spells, my writeup looks to be the most complete right now.

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September 25, 2014 - Playing it Forward

Those of you who listened to the keynote address at SOELive (either in-person or via the livestream), heard about SOE's Play It Forward initiative, urging gamers to do what they can to give back to the community. I am joining team SOE in the annual Extra Life gaming marathon on October 25 to raise funds for the Rady Children's Miracle Network Hospital in San Diego. Those wishing to sponsor me in this 24-hour gaming marathon can do so at the following page: http://extra-life.org/participant/denmom

Thanks so much!
Love and cookies (and pie, and cake, and everything else yummy),

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September 23, 2014 - Crafting Grandmaster Spells!

On September 30, researched grandmaster spells will be added to the game. Here is a look at what this entails: Grandmaster Spells and You

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September 17, 2014 - NoTD on Test

Nights of the Dead is being tested on the Test server right now. There is no story ready yet, but you can check out the eye-candy here.

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September 15, 2014 - EQ2 Insider Last Week

For those who missed the EQ2 Insider livestream last week, there were several items in it that touched on tradeskills, including Domino temporarily returning to work on tradeskill quests in the Altar of Malice expansion, apprentice research for grandmaster spells (also with the expansion), and a sneak peek at Nights of the Dead goodies. No time to listen to the entire podcast? No worries! Ten Ton Hammer has a summary.

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September 08, 2014 - T10 Notebooks Being Fixed!

Yay! This is from the patch notes for tomorrow m*rning:

Reptile Hide Notebook and Bear Hide Notebook are now working properly to be player-made books, and can be read, or written in.

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September 02, 2014 - Patch Tomorrow

The following comes from the patch notes for tomorrow. It isn't clear, but this may pertain to all adornments (including crafted ones).

WEEKLY FEATURE Collection items and adornments now sell for status to specific status merchants!

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August 24, 2014 - Member-Only Double XP Extended a Day

Due to network issues earlier today, the member-only double xp weekend is being extended a day. Enjoy!

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August 20, 2014 - One More Note About Grotto Goodness

The following are the new items that were added to the vendors in the various grottos today:

  • Enchanted Brownie Grotto (Darklight Woods) - Small Blueleaf Sapling, Misty Goldleaf Sapling, Verdant Goldleaf Sapling, Small Russet Blueleaf Sapling, Verdant Goldleaf Seedling
  • Enchanted Dryad Grotto (Antonica) - Misty Vesspyr Bellplant, Small Blueleaf Seedling, Small Misty Vesspyr Bellplant, Young Darkleaf Sapling, Young Misty Darkleaf Sapling
  • Enchanted Fay Grotto (Greater Faydark) - Lavender Shrub, Greying Shrub, Forest Emerald Seedling, Broadleaf Plant, Blueleaf Hanging Tendril
  • Enchanted Naiad Grotto (Enchanted Lands) - Blueleaf Shrub, Misty Emerald Seedling, Misty Hanging Tendril, Small Verdant Blueleaf Sapling, Small Verdant Blueleaf Seedling
  • Enchanted Zygomid Grotto (Nektulos Forest) - Large Vesspyr Grass, Lavender Hanging Tendril, Lavender Vesspyr Bellplant, Small Lavender Vesspyr Bellplant, Small Misty Blueleaf Sapling

Edit: The twenty-five (five in each instance) new images are now on their appropriate grotto page above.

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August 19, 2014 - Shinies Beneath the Moonlight

If you logged on today, you may have been surprised to receive the Shinies Beneath the Moonlight achievement regardless of if you had completed the five Enchanted Grottos collections or not. Enjoy your lovely new Moonlit Mushroom Ring! This replica (NOT a functional port, just a replica) is yours to keep. They'll fix it soon so that going forward it will properly check for the completion of those five collections, but it is not a huge game-breaker if some folks get their rings a bit earlier than they should have. :)

I will be staying up late this evening to make a master list of which new items are in which grotto instance, and will update the pages linked to the main Moonlight Enchantments page accordingly, but I will likely not get all the new screenshots in place until sometime during the day tomorrow.

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August 18, 2014 - Grotto Reminder and More

Notes from SOELive will be linked to this post later tonight. Meanwhile, I have a quick, but VERY yummy reminder for everyone. The Producers Letter last month promised new grotto goodies this month. Be sure not to miss out on Aug 20-21, the brand new grotto goodness that will include not only a "Shinies in the Moonlight" achievement for completing all of the grotto collections (retroactive for those who have already completed them), but at leave 5 new items in each grotto. Here is a teaser that we were given, that includes a few of them. Um I am in serious danger of shorting out this borrowed laptop with all the drool here ... how about you folks?

EDIT: As promised, here is a quick bunch of notes from SOELive 2014

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August 08, 2014 - SOELive Health and Safety

Are you attending SOELive next weekend? If so, the House Ogre and I will see you there! I have a few short health and safety recommendations before you leave, though.

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July 25, 2014 - Are You Ready ...

... for Tinkerfest? This annual gnomish festival of things that go click, whirr, ping and BOOM begins at a minute after midnight tonight. A few reminders for folks: a) you may want to grab your shiny tinkerfest cog items out of storage so you can shop right away, b) remember to learn Gnomish if you have not picked it up already, so you can quest with the gnomes in Gnomeland Security, and c) remember to send any upgraded pack ponies out for holiday harvests after the event begins. You can check out my Tinkerfest preview here for a look at the new bought, crafted and quested items from this event.

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July 17, 2014 - A Note from SOE

From SOE (echoed on the EQ and EQ2 facebook pages, etc.):

We deeply regret the recent service interruption that is currently impacting all SOE games. As a thank you for your patience, we will add two days of membership time to all members’ accounts. Thank you for playing EverQuest II.

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July 03, 2014 - Gliding Along

It is after 2 a.m. - so just what is Mum still up to at this time of night? Well, Tinkerfest went onto Test in mid-afternoon, and I have been testing and writing, and writing, and re-verifying facts, and having my brains leak out my ears, and other fun stuff. I figured there would be zero way, with my fibro sleep issues, of getting to sleep before writing up the preview. With my luck, I would end up tossing and turning while mentally working on the story, so I might as well be up writing the story, right? Hopefully the story makes more sense than I do right now! Without further ado, here is Tinkerfest 2014: Skimming Along

Edit: Also, as an FYI, Jazabelle discovered that the top 5 awards for style and creativity in the /house_ratings system stopped awarding around the 26th of June. There have now been confirmations from folks on more than one server that they are seeing this problem. The issue has been forwarded on to the EQII team.

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June 30, 2014 - House Actor Improvements

There is a patch tomorrow (July 1), and as part of that patch, the following changes are being made:


  • Added several tradeskill animations, as well as salute animations.
  • Moved the Actor's Greeting Message to the "NPC Say" Channel.
  • Added the ability to set the range House Actors will greet players and play their actions when that state is enabled.

Update: The House Actors article has been updated with the 12 new house actor actions.

UPDATE A new house is now tourable on Test that is Tinkerer-themed. Check it out here.

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June 17, 2014 - House Actors!

House Actors are now live - enjoy!

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June 13, 2014 - Actors, Actors, Everywhere!

As mentioned yesterday, house actors are now in the testing phase. For those of you wanting more details, I give to you "Actors, Actors, Everywhere!"

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June 12, 2014 - Now On Test

This just went in on the Test server for testing. I will work on getting more details up, likely tomorrow.

House actors are mannequins that can be customized to have a player race appearance. Once the appearance has been selected, the actor can be set to play an action in your home or guildhall!
House Actors are created via a carpenter recipe that can be purchased from the loyalty merchant. This recipe requires a unique component that may be obtained from top tier harvest nodes.

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May 22, 2014 - Double XP and Sale

SOE announced the following today, in celebration of the start of summer:

All players will have double experience on Monday, May 26th, 2014 at 12:00 AM PDT to 11:59 PM PDT. All players will also have 30% off on appearance items and mounts, starting Friday, May 23rd, 2014 at 12:00 PM PDT to Monday, May 26th at 11:59 PM PDT.
All Access members will have the entire weekend of double experience and 30% off on appearance items and mounts, starting on Friday, May 23rd, 2014 at 12:00 PM PDT to Monday, May 26th at 11:59 PM PDT. Note: Yes, this stacks with your 10% off on all marketplace items for being an All Access member.

EDIT: Seems I forgot to post the following, which was added Tuesday:

A new currency exchange merchant, Barnaby Blunderbuss, has been added to the docks ofButcherblockMountainswhere you can exchange most currencies for transmuting and tinkering training components. Some of the eligible currencies include Maj’Dul insignia tokens, Void Shards, D.I.R.T.Y. Money and many more!

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