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April 27, 2017 - Extended Unscheduled Downtime

EQ2 servers have been unavailable for several hours due to technical issues. The current ETA for them coming back up is now midnight Pacific. (Yes, you read that right.) The AMA Dev chats will be rescheduled to Monday. Extra bonus xp time and bonus scroll time is likely to also be scheduled to make up for this, according to what folks have reported from Discord.

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April 13, 2017 - Feeling Beastly?

This was originally just going to be a quick post to remind folks that the Bristlebane Day festivities end in a few hours. (So go finish up your earning and spending while you can!) However, when I checked on Discord before logging into the game, I found folks a bit ... eggcited.

An eggstra new holiday surprise was added overnight. We are hoping that it will run though at least the end of the weekend, but we have not been told any further details.

What is this surprise, you ask? Fluff pets, an achievement, and the title "the Eggcellent Adventurer". Check out the details here

UPDATE! The event will run through the end of April 19.

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April 01, 2017 - City Fest Love

The Qeynos City Festival this month adds 8 new tiles to their lineup. Folks were wishing that these were added to other sets, after we saw the Erollisi Day block set get some love, and it looks like we may be seeing similar for all the city festival sets over time! Wheee!

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March 31, 2017 - High Silly Day

Tomorrow is April 1, the highest of all High Silly Days for Bristlebane. Remember that there will be one-day-only quests and events on this day. and plan your time accordingly!

If you are going for the Fur Finder and related achievements it is good to note that Obulus bunnies also count for the achievements on this one day. Since there has been a lot of confusion when these achievements are mentioned in chat channels, this is just for grabbing the bunnies. (The killer rabbits were a totally separate thing for the Monty Python anniversary, not for Bristlebane Day.)

Last, but not least: If you have your upgraded pack sent out for holiday harvests, remember to collect from the pony when you are near your harvest depot, as the April 1 holiday harvests include harvestables from every single holiday event!

Again, all of this is for April 1 only (based on a Pacific timezone clock.

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March 29, 2017 - Bristlebane Day 2017!

In less than 2 short hours from the time of this post, it will once again be time for Bristlebane Day celebrations with merrriment, mischief, pranks, and new craftables and buyables. And pie. Must not forget the pie!

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March 23, 2017 - Quick Reminder

While the Chronoportals Event ends tonight, you have until the end of the 30th to shop from the event vendor.

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March 17, 2017 - Tiredededed

Well, today is the last day of the Brewday celebrations on all servers. And it is the second day of the week of the Chronoportals event. But, I have not touched either of them today. Instead I spent through my Bristlebane Day tokens on Test and did a bunch of scrambling around to get a Bristlebane Day Preview up for you a few short hours after it hit Test. Enjoy! I will finish the story in a day or three, once the frain bry has settled down.

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March 16, 2017 - Reminders

The Chronoportals event is now live. The linked event page now contains prices for the 5 new items.

Also, there are less than 48 hours left for Brewday, so get your earning and spending in now!

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March 09, 2017 - Gardening Update - Eyeballs Wanted!

For a very, very long time, I have wanted to update all the furniture pages so that the event crafted items and the quest crafted/harvested items are on their proper furniture page. It is a massive task, finding them all, grabbing image links. dropping them into the proper spot, adding quest links and such as needed, etc. As a test, I tackled one of the supposedly "easier" pages to update over 3 hours ago and have been juggling html and php codes ever since. I would dearly love extra eyeballs on the Plants and Garden page for errors and ommissions, as well as constructive feedback. (For before/after comparisons, the top section of "Carpenter Recipes" is the original page.)

UPDATE: I received a pic in my mailbox, and I was going to wait until tomorrow to post it, but here is a preview of the 5 new lovely buyables that will be available with Chronoportals 2017 Yes, you can squee now.

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Last Modified on: 2017-03-09 05:04:59          

March 06, 2017 - Whoops!

We did not catch this during testing, since Thundering Steppes on Test is not very high traffic. "Pressed into the Brewcrew" is currently available daily during this Brewday event. Per Kaitheel, next year it will become an annual quest, but we are allowed to enjoy the extra tokens and/or serving horns that you can earn over the next eleven days.

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March 02, 2017 - Brewday 2017!

In a few short hours the Brewday celebration begins on the live servers. This annual celebration of Brell (and beer!) includes quests, crafting, special harvests, and lovely house items. Check out what is new this year with "Brewday 2017: Blending In?"

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February 16, 2017 - In Testing

Yes, Brewday 2017 is now on Test. Yes, I am working on a preview. Yes, I am giving you a link before the preview is fully fleshed out so you can see the eye candy. Yes, Mum loves you. :P Brewday 2017

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February 14, 2017 - A Couple E-Day Things

First, remember that if you are working on the love note/hard candy achievements, the notes and candies must be looted from your upgraded pack pony OR from a mob in any zone. Yep, just because the achievements have zone names does not mean you have to hunt those mobs in just those zones. If you know of another zone that has that mob type, feel free to hunt there instead!

Second, since I have been hearing much confusion in the /antonia_bayle.homeshow channel, remember to check the "New" tab in the Marketplace. (Some? All?) of the new Player Studio items are not displaying in the Erollisi Day tab, causing folks to think that there are very few new Marketplace items today, when such is not the case.

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February 09, 2017 - Erollisi Day 2017 - Unhinged?

With just over a half an hour to spare before the event goes live, I have added part 1 of a silly short story to the Erollisi Day preview. Enjoy!

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January 31, 2017 - Handy Links for Epic Adventurers

It will be a while before I have proper documentation in place for this, but in the meantime, I will highlight the links that adventurers who have done their epic 2.0 will need. The KA Crafting Timeline and the KA Crafting Dailies and Weekly. After you have finished the (adventuring) Epic 2.0, the KA Dailies and Weekly will offer an additional reward of "some odds and ends" which has been reported to give you the cyan adornment recipe book, the recipe book for the epic 2.0 abilities, or nothing at all. Folks are just starting to report on what they have gotten from it, so there may be other rewards as well from the pack. Again, though, it will require that you have completed the adventuring Epic 2.0 before you will see any added reward from the crafting dailies/weekly.

ADDENDUM: Erollisi Day events have hit the Test server, and while it needs to be fleshed out, I have up the eye-candy for Erollisi Day 2017

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Last Modified on: 2017-01-31 04:45:07          

January 02, 2017 - Login Issues

Happy New Year from Mum and the House Ogre! It seems there are issues logging into Daybreak games right now. They are looking into it, but do not be surprised if things are rocky for a bit while they chase down the issue due to holiday schedules.

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December 13, 2016 - Patch Today

There is a morning patch today (Tuesday). Some of the items that may be of interest to you from the patch notes include the following:

  • Fixed an issue where signs in houses wouldn’t update immediately when text was changed.
  • Players who deleted and restarted "The Final Blow" after completing "Time Is Short" can now hail Queen Alwenielle's hologram in the Arcanna'se Spire to update their quest.
  • There is now a goblin fuel merchant in Twark.
  • O Frostfell Tree - Jarith Icewing will now recognize your work in this quest, even if you have completed "Tis the Season" or "Gift Giving", previously.
  • Tis the Season - Jarith Icewing should now only offer quest to those who have completed "O Frostfell Tree" during this holiday season.

In addition, while NOT in the patch notes, they were fixed in the Test patch today, so I have high hopes that you will be able to see the following once the patch has hit:

Cool Mint Sugar Plate
Cool Mint Teacup
Cool Mint Teacup Stack
Cool Mint Teapot

Created By: Niami Denmother          

December 06, 2016 - Frostfell Issues

Unfortunately the art for those four cool mint dishes that we had been waiting to see is still not available. In addition, there is a bug if you try to do O Frostfell Tree out of order. Make sure to get and complete Deepice Dreams and then Special Delivery before you accept and complete O Frostfell Tree, or you may be stuck with a quest that will not complete.

Update 1: The U.S. servers are coming down "shortly" for a patch that could last up to 2 hours. We do not yet know if the above Frostfell issues are part of the patch or not.

Update 2: You may now purchase additional wardrobe slots from the wardrobe tab on your character sheet. The Wardrobe Article has been updated to reflect this fact (and has been belatedly added to the Tradeskill Guides section of the site).

Update 3: The Art department found more issues with the cool mint dishes (teapot, etc.), and the fix may/may not get to us before the weekend. Kaitheel is working on the fix for the O Frostfell Tree now, and I suspect that will be going in later this week as well.

Update 4: I snagged the following clip of the cool mint dishes from a Frostfell crafted group shot posted by Daybreak. While we cannot see these items ingame until further notice, at least you can get a feel for the look of them!

Update 5: Kaitheel has a fix for the "O Frostfell Tree" bugs that will not only prevent you from getting the quest out of sequence, but will also fix those folks who already ended up in a bugged state for that and/or the other quests involving Jarith. We have no ETA yet for the next patch, but it will be mentioned in the patch notes when the fix goes in.

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Last Modified on: 2016-12-06 08:31:20          

December 05, 2016 - Tomorrow!

On top of Frostfell going live after the patch tomorrow (Tuesday), the following tradeskill items were called out in the patch notes for tomorrow.

  • Twark Teleport Totem now takes you slightly behind Glibnox's platform rather than on top of it.
  • One of the possible spawn locations of chokidai droppings is no longer inaccessible.
  • Far Seas Harvest Technique will now grant a small bonus to rare harvest chance.
  • Characters without the Far Seas Harvest Technique ability will no longer be able to see shadeweave buds.
  • Far Seas Salvager now grants a chance to double salvage.

So why that bold, red text? This means that only level 95+ crafters will be able to see those highly contested Obulus rare nodes. Some folks will utterly adore this change, others will be screaming at the top of their lungs, depending on which side of the crafting line they fall on. (In other words, business as usual, the 5% at each end of the spectrum will make noise, everyone else will just go on with their business. :D) This ability, the Far Seas Harvest Technique, is the top prestige ability in the second tab of your Tradeskill Prestige tree.

Created By: Niami Denmother          

December 01, 2016 - Frostfell Starting Early

Due to scheduling issues with the elves, Frostfell is going to start two days earlier than originally planned. The new start date will be December 6, after morning downtime. It will still end on January 5, at 7 am Pacific, as originally scheduled. Enjoy the extra time to celebrate, and keep an eye on Galloping Gargoyles!" for the artwork for those four missing Cool Mint tea-related items. (We have been told the art issue will be resolved, and are just waiting for the art to be pushed to Test when they next do an art patch.)

Created By: Niami Denmother          

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