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November 14, 2013 - Calling All Heroes

The EQ2 anniversary celebration, the Heroes Festival, begins in a few hours, and will run through the 25th.

Also, in case folks missed it, the ToV Crafting Weekly rolled over to a new quest on Wednesday night.

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November 12, 2013 - Tears of Veeshan!

Today marks the launch of the Tears of Veeshan expansion. The servers will go down at 7 a.m. Pacific and they hope that it will take under 5 hours before the servers are back up. I have been doing a lot of last-minute updates to the ToV Crafting/Housing Clearinghouse, and will do a bit more once I have had some sleep. Once the servers are back up, I will be running around like a madwoman in-game trying to catch last-minute changes and the like. (Translation: once the servers are back up, please do not expect page updates and corrections for a few hours. There will be a lot for me to wade through and a lot of distractions and interruptions.) I will add an addendum to this post when the servers are back up after the patch. ~Mum

Update: Servers are UP!!

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November 08, 2013 - More ToV ... Stuff

We are getting down to the wire on the last few days of beta, and I am valiantly trying to catch up. I am no longer going to be posting front page updates every time I add or update a ToV article, but will nudge you to check the bottom of the master ToV Crafting/Housing Clearinghouse for notes on what is new, like the couple dozen new screenshots that I added already today.

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November 06, 2013 - ToV Eye Candy

Some mid-week eye candy has been put up! The pages for the level 90 recipes that will be added with the expansion next week are up. Eight of the classes are covered in the ToV Level 90 Recipes, Part 1 article, and the plethora of Carpenter stuff can be found in the ToV Level 90 Carpenter Recipes article.

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November 04, 2013 -

I just added the following to my beta preview of the new Qho quest, along with two pictures at the bottom of the article. (This is on BETA folks - it will go live on November 12)

In a newly-arriving (Nov 4) beta patch, there was mention of a new mercenary in Mara for those who have completed the "Gathering Obsession Beyond the Grave" quest. If you head towards the eastern waterfall in Mara, you just might find something that either scares you, or fills you with great glee. Or, such as in my case, both at once. The only words that come to mind for me after getting the shrieks, howls and hysterical laughter out of my system is: "We get to KILL him ... over ... and over ... and over?!"

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October 28, 2013 - More ToV Goodness

I have put together a ToV Crafting Clearinghouse that not only contains the summary that Caith wrote of the crafting goodness we can see with the ToV expansion, but also contains links to anything ToV-related that I write to explain/showcase any of that goodness in more detail. In addition to the red shiny article and the Qho article that I wrote last week, this now includes an article on the ToV Crafting Quest Rewards. Mmmm, trees!

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October 22, 2013 - Oh no .. Qho?!

It was with a mix of joy and utter hair-pulling horror that I learned that Qho and his many antics had invaded Ethernere on beta. I now spread that horror around as I invite you to take a peek at his most recent antics, which can be seen when the Tears of Veeshan expansion hits in a couple of weeks: ToV: Oh no - Qho!

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October 17, 2013 - Shiny!

I will be trickling in bits of information on the ToV crafting and housing content over the next few weeks. First up is a look at some of the new goodies that will come from red shiny collections when this goes live in a month. ToV: Shiny!

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October 16, 2013 - Building Block Joy!

Hardcore decorators, break out your smelling salts and make sure you are sitting down!

If you have not heard the news already, Zoltaroth has notified the EQ2 Homeshow group on Facebook that a certain number of building block-type items will soon not count towards your house item limit. This "should" be on Beta today, though I have not had a chance to go check it out yet. The current plan, which can change once they get some testing, is that you will be able to have as many building blocks and such as "free" item count as your item limit for the home is (including any expander items). So, if you have a home with a 900-item limit, you can have 900 house items PLUS 900 building block items in it.

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October 14, 2013 - Nights of the Dead ... and Beta!

First, a quick reminder that Nights of the Dead starts in a few hours. Make sure to keep the candy corn farrrr away from Mum, unless you like prying hyper halflings off the ceiling with a spatula.

Second, open beta for Tears of Veeshan starts tomorrow. This means anyone and everyone is invited and encouraged to hit the beta server and help test with copies of their play characters. This is the time to test and give feedback before something goes live, and I invited those of you who can, to take this opportunity to help out. Instructions on how to access beta can be found here.


Remember to pick up your apprentices and stick them in your bags before you beta copy if you have a crafting area has apprentices from more than one character! Any apprentices that are in the home when you beta copy will be suddenly tied to the owner of the home, the research will get all messed up and not work right, and you'll have a rough time figuring out what is a beta bug, and what is due to your copying. Unlist the home, grab the apprentices on the proper alts, then beta copy each crafter you want over there.

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October 10, 2013 - Update to the NoTD Article

The three crafted items that had been having graphics issues on Test (bowl of chum, bowl of ghoulash and dangling skull collection), have had their images added to the NoTD article. At last check, sizing is still an issue on Test, but they have been patched internally, and will be ready when NoTD goes live on October 15.

In other news, the Tears of Veeshan expansion also goes into open beta on October 15. Open beta means that there will be no need to apply for the beta, you can just patch it from the launchpad sometime that day and trundle on over. Since I was not included in any closed beta (if there is one), I will be hitting beta at the same time as everyone else, so do NOT expect a preview to be ready in a huge hurry. It will take me time to wade through everything over there, especially with that real life thing continuing to add more insults to injury over here. (Not to mention wanting to hit up some of the NoTD content on my play characters as well - I want lots of the Seeping Shadow house item!)

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October 05, 2013 - NoTD 2013 Crafting Preview

Neither layoffs, nor hackers, nor dead forums, or even grumpy redheads can totally stop the NoTD 2013 Crafting Preview. Dent the enthusiasm slightly, yes. Make the muse pack up and hide, yes. But the mischief still continues, if in a more muted form.

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September 30, 2013 - AoD Expansion and Membership Update

Producer Holly Longdale posted another letter on Friday with details on obtaining separate aspects of the AoD expansion with SC. The letter also contained new details on membership. Rather than repeating and reformatting it all here, I am just going to point you to the Producers Letter (Just imagine there is an apostrophe in the word Producers, since our database throws hissies if I use them on the front page of the site, k?).

Meanwhile, for those interested, Nights of the Dead should be available for testing tomorrow on the Test server, if all goes well.

Last, but not least, you can create/upgrade to one free heroic character per account starting tomorrow. (Read more at that link for all the details.)

UPDATE: The EverQuest 2 Servers will come down on Tuesday, October 1st at 7:00AM Pacific Time for an update. The expected downtime is approximately 5 hours, and will include the changes mentioned above.

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September 06, 2013 - Date Changes

Holly (Windstalker) Longdale has provided an update that includes new target dates for the fall/winter:

To begin with, we have some date adjustments. Our expansion launch date has moved out a bit to mid-November and our Level 85 Heroic Characters are likely coming in the first week of October.
You can find the complete post here.

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September 05, 2013 - Eeeeeee!

Seahorses for aquariums and the like?! Sadly, they're an SC item, but still, wheeeeeee!

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August 29, 2013 - Double XP Weekend

This came through on Twitter from Holly (Windstalker) Longdale. Times are Pacific time, as usual:

Double XP Weekend starts tonight at 5pm through Monday at midnight PDT!
On a slightly related note, the hubbyogre and I could use some good thoughts right now.

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July 25, 2013 - Tinkerfest 2013!

Tinkerfest 2013 begins in a few hours, and while I did not manage to pull a story out of my brain (I think my Muse left early for SOELive), I have managed to throw together a solid chunk of eye-candy. Enjoy! (And three cheers to SOE for adding some extra days to the event so that those of us who will be at SOELive still will have time to play with the event once we are back!)

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July 22, 2013 - Darkness Dawns Comes with the Dawn-ish

Game Update 67, Darkness Dawns, is being released in the morning. Are you ready for it? I am definitely NOT ready, as you might have guessed from the lack of updates lately, the lack of a story to go along with the preview, etc. Be that as it may, I am very excited about the new personal depots, and the loyalty rewards, and I suspect a lot of you are, too! Check out the GU67 Crafting/Housing Preview for more details.

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July 17, 2013 - WOOHOO!

From the beta patch notes for tomorrow (Thursday):

TRADESKILLS The maximum amount of stacks that can be stored in a Personal Fuel Depot has been increased to 50.


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July 16, 2013 - I Know, I Know

I need to finish the writeup for GU67, and finish the writeup for Tinkerfest, AND prep for my trip to SOELive, and maybe even churn out a mini story that has been rattling around my brain for a couple weeks. But, well, that is not likely to happen today.

However, I did manage to spend a few minutes on beta today, to collect enough shinies to give folks this GU67 teaser image:

The greyed-out name (you already have collected) vs white name (you need for your collections) feature will be on guild depots, personal collectible depots, and the broker. The hide unusable checkbox at the bottom of the image will be on both guild and personal collectible depots.

EEEEeeeeee! {thuddd}

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