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June 14, 2013 - Tinkerfest in Testing

Tinkerfest 2013 went up on the Test and Beta servers today. Those who are willing and able are invited to come on over and poke at the new stuff to help test. In the meantime, since I refuse to rush to do a full preview when there's over a month before the event goes live, I have done some very fast screenshots of the crafted items that will be part of the event.

In other news, the meatbeast is available again this weekend. Gamestop and EB Games have an SC card promotion for Father's Day and there is a new Producers Letter announcing the next game update.

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June 03, 2013 - Home Poll Results

The results of the home poll that SOE sent via in-game email are in, and here's what Holly (Windstalker) Longdale had to say:

We have our results and when we get to working on our next prestige homes, we have our themes thanks to you! It will be a bit of time before these homes are ready -- at least a few months.
Q1: Which of the following good themed zones do you most want to see a Prestige Home based upon?
Winner: Oakmyst Forest!
Q2. Which of the following evil themed zones do you most want to see a Prestige Home based upon?
Winner: Darklight Palace!
Knowing these homes will launch at some point, I invite all our Player Studio creators to come up with companion items for the themes. Our artists will come up with a few too, I hope. Suggestions are welcome!
Thanks to all!
Holly Longdale Producer, EQII

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May 17, 2013 - Yet More Grotto Goodness?

We saw some lovely new house items appear with the March Moonlight Enchantments event, but the grotto love did not end there! When the grottos return on Monday (May 20), there will be 23 new house items (including two non-potted palm trees!), and two new repeatable crafting quests for tokens (some time away from the faundler might be a nice change of pace!). You can read more about the new quests and items here, and you can see the size comparisons here. Enjoy!

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May 10, 2013 - Spreadsheet Update

The downloadable XLS file with the tradeskill apprentice recipes has been updated with a Level 95 tab to include the recipes added with GU66.

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April 30, 2013 - Quick Notes

I'll go through updating the various articles with launch-day and after-launch changes and additions tomorrow, if all goes well. For now, however, I have, 1 bit of news and one correction. It seems that fishing in Cobalt Scar can be profitable! Those with 425 or more fishing skill might want to tackle the fishing nodes in Cobalt Scar to get a chance at getting 16 new collectibles (4 collections with 4 shinies each) for some fish plushies! Again, images incoming "soon". (The fish were a total surprise to many of us today, so we're just scrambling now!)

Edit: and it seems that there's a master collection made up of the 4 completed fish collections ... the 4 base collections give you basically different schools of fish (plushie) for your home, and the master collection gives you a Ripper-snapper Plushie .... rawr!!

Edit2: Here's some rough images of the fish mentioned an hour ago: GU66: Something Fishy?

Edit 3: I was misinfored about the "New Combine Symbol Rug". The one that was linked to me by that name, which was rectangular, is the adventure quest reward. The carpenter-made one is STILL the exact same round one that we already have as a mastercrafted recipe from GU63 ("small circular combine rug" is the name of the look-alike"). So, we're back to having 2 crafted rugs sharing the same graphic still. :(

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April 29, 2013 - Game Update 66!

All EQ2 Servers will come down on Tuesday, April 30, at 7:00 am Pacific Time for Game Update 66, Scars of the Awakened. The expected downtime is three hours.

Here's a master list of the reading material I have put together for folks regarding the crafting/housing side of things. The Crafting/Housing Preview contains links to all of the other pages mentioned below, but this should help if you want to shortcut to something specific.

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April 26, 2013 - Wheee!

In prep for GU66, it is a Double XP (AA, Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild) Weekend, starting at noon Pacific today. Go forth and enjoy!

I will be busy quite a bit with other GU66 prep work. Additional information was added to the GU66 Crafting and Housing Preview last night, and I am tackling more chunks today, and throughout the weekend. Remember to scan the very bottom of that article now and then for a quick peek at what has been updated/added since the last time you checked in.

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April 24, 2013 - Another GU66 Preview Chunk

I am going to be working on GU66 preview stuff all week long, as several aspects of it take quite a bit of explanation, and other bits of it are still waiting on SOE confirmation/correction. That having been said, here is the partially-finished GU66 Crafting/Housing Preview, including links to the GU66 Carpenter Furniture I put up last night and to the GU66 Quested/Buyable Furniture. I will be dropping more updates in as I can.

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April 23, 2013 - GU66 Furniture

With Game Update 66 a week away from launch, I have put up the first of several articles on the crafting and housing portion of the update. Take a look at the GU66 Carpenter Recipes. I will be working on getting more GU66 information out over the next couple of days.

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April 10, 2013 - Panda-monium

The eagerly-awaited Hua Mein Retreat has been added to the Marketplace. Sources say that it costs 1350 SC. Item limit before expanders is 800. Enjoy!

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April 05, 2013 - Login Issues

This just in from SOE, for all the folks who got spit out of their games like grape seeds and/or cannot get logged in.

Hey everyone. We are aware of the current server issues, and are looking into it right now. We apologize for the inconvenience. [Dexella]

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April 02, 2013 - More on GU66 Testing

This came from EQ2's facebook page a couple minutes ago:

GU66 Beta Updates: We're unlocking the servers right now.
1) Beta Copy (the button and /beta commands) are currently disabled. You can log in and create a new character on beta and use the buffer.
2) The House Market feature is also currently disabled. We're working on updating/adding this later.

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March 31, 2013 - GU66 Testing

If all goes as planned, Game Update 66 will begin the testing phase this Tuesday, April 2. Since this will include new tradeskill questlines, new apprentice recipes, and the testing of the Player Studio housing, I am hoping to see some of you over on the Beta server to help poke and prod at it!

If you are planning on helping, here are a few things based on past testing phases that you might want to know before submitting a /beta command (or before resubmitting, if you want to redo your copy after taking the following into account):

  1. This will be a COPY of your character. Whatever happens to your character on the beta server has no impact on your play character on your home server.
  2. Claims are disabled there. If there is something you will want on the beta server that is sitting waiting to be claimed, it will have to be claimed before you copy over
  3. Homes will copy over (including personal harvest depots), but dungeons will not. If you are using a dungeon for furniture storage and want that furniture available to you on beta, you will need to move it before you copy. If your tradeskill apprentice(s) are in the home of an alt, go over and pick them up and put them in your bags before you /beta.
  4. If you do multiple copies of the same character over time, you may end up with extra copies of those homes. You may have to move the contents of older versions of the home so you can surrender it, in order to access the newer version of the same home. If this is confusing to you, ignore this, and you will figure it out when/if you have to recopy an alt for some reason over there. :D
  5. Broker items do not copy over. Sales crates that are in use will not be copied over. If you feel you are going to need sales crates on beta, either empty your crates and put them in your inventory before you copy, or be prepared to bribe a carpenter to make you more once you are there.
  6. Really, if you are going to be testing crafting, and the new apprentice recipes, make sure you have your apprentice(s) either in your bags or in YOUR home before you /beta. If they come over in the home of an alt, and they are for your main, they will get amnesia about who owns them.
  7. Shared bank will not copy over. If there is something in shared bank that you feel you will need while testing, pop it into your personal bags before you do the /beta command.
  8. When you are on the beta server, joining /test.test is a good idea. Some folks will also use level 1_9 chat, but /test.test lets the folks testing in both spots (Public Test and Beta) coordinate and communicate about possible bugs.
  9. Since what happens on beta does not impact your normal play characters, here is a helpful hint. Money does not matter. You can always get more from beta buffing baubles and the like. Therefore, selling things for insane amounts of plat is just an annoyance. There is, however, one exception to this. If you see an item priced for 9999p 99g 99s 99c, it is likely one of the longtime testers trying to let folks see a specific item. Please do not buy the display model, let others be able to eyeball the stats, appearance, etc. for themselves.
  10. We will be using the SOE forums extensively for tracking the various bugs and issues, especially for crafting. Sending tells to Mum to make her recite things that have been posted in the forums, instead of reading them for yourself just might get you bitten. :) I WILL be a frazzled mess. Expect this. With new recipes across classes/apprentices, new tradeskill lines, housing stuff, etc., there WILL be lots of folks trying to take up my time while I am trying to do 50 things at once. Please be understanding when/if I (or another tester) push you to check ____ thread in the forums. It is likely that we will have repeated ourselves a good 15-20 times already that day.
  11. Your help IS appreciated. Your constructive /feedback and detailed /bug report submissions WILL help sort things out more before this goes live. It may seem like a giant session of herding cats, but there is method to the madness. Dive in and have fun! :D

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March 29, 2013 - Udderly Silly!

I found the following YouTube video posted this morning, and could not stop giggling as I was already sitting atop my very own meatbeast. This makes me very glad for a double Station Cash weekend this weekend, after my decoration-buying binge earlier in the week!

I am also updating the Bristlebane Day Preview with a screenshot of the bovoch matriarch housepet that is now a Brislebane Day race reward (both races).

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March 28, 2013 - Bristlebane Day: Size Matters

It is that time of year again. Time for the mischief and merriment that is involved in Bristlebane Day. Check out the new crafted items, and what Mum has in store for her hapless apprentice, Agnor in Size Matters

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March 26, 2013 - Sizing Pages Updated

As promised yesterday, size comparison images for the New Grotto Items page and the SC vs Grotto page have been updated with new images due to the patch today. I have included a note in the image titles to show which ones have changed due to increases in max sizing.

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March 25, 2013 - Plant Size Changes Incoming

This is from the patch notes for tomorrow:

Creeping Fingers, Tri Color Leaf Tree, Five Leaf Bush Drooping Fern Plant, and Blooming Jacaranda can now be sized even larger.
I will update the New Grotto Items page and the SC vs Grotto page with new images sometime tomorrow.

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March 22, 2013 - Doggone It, Homeshow!

I love the folks on /antonia_bayle.homeshow -- truly, I do! Even when most of them have no clue I am lurking on a play alt. However, I have to stop reading that channel when I am under a time crunch and trying to finish stuff for me instead of for the site. Although do I agree that the following addition was needed, especially after listening to folks go round and round about how the SC Lush Plant bundle was/was not the same as the items one could get in the Moonlight Enchantments grottos. So, I went and spent some SC. Without further ado, here is the SC vs Grotto Goodies page.

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March 21, 2013 - Happy Housing Days Ahead!

I have several housing-related announcements for you today, thanks to SOE.

First, due to amazing amounts of feedback, the watery tile from Moonlight Enchantments is being worked on to remove the sparkles and the fog. There is no ETA on when it will happen, but Kaitheel posted in the SOE Norrathian Homeshow Forum that it is in-progress, and he will keep us posted.

Second, when GU66 goes onto Test/Beta on April 2, they hope to have Player Studio Housing go into testing as well. (Decorate a house, put it on Player Studio). The plan is for beta copies to copy over with their homes (which has not been the case with the /beta command in recent months), so that they can more easily test the feature. You can find out the full details in this thread.

Last, but not least, to help you prep in advance for the Player Studio homes, there will be a furniture and housing sale starting this Friday at noon and running through next Thursday at noon Dexella says that the prestige homes will be 1/3 off. (She is working on the article now.)

Please remember that positive feedback is just as important to SOE as the negative. Make sure to pass along the proper warm fuzzies in /feedback and the forums if you are happy about all the housing love.


It has been announced that the sale will include all decorating items for at least 50% off, and a 33% discount on prestige homes.


I replaced the preview images of the 19 new grotto items with size comparison versions of the items, so folks can see smallest size, default size and max size of them. I hope that helps!

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March 21, 2013 - Time Keeps on Slipping ...

... into the past?! It is time for the annual chronoportal event, celebrating the anniversary of EverQuest. While the portal instances seem to be plagued by the same issue as the Brewday instance initially was (zone unavailable), and may not be fixed until m*rning, you can still go glowie-grabbing to get 8 coins for shopping. The EQ2TC calendar listing for the event has the equivalent of Cliff Notes for chronoportals, listing the instances by level. Around the entrances to these portals is where you will find the purple glowies, with 3 of them available from around the level 20, 30, 40 instances, 3 more available from around the level 50, 60, and 70 instances, and the last 3 can be found around the level 80 and 90 instances.

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