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April 25, 2018 - New City Fest Goodies

Starting with the Freeport City Festival (May 1-17, 2018), we will be seeing two new house items and one new armor crate per city. While we do not yet have details on the other cities, the new Freeport offerings are being tested now.

Update: Meanwhile, tonight, the EQII team made me cry -- in a good way.

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April 19, 2018 - Moonlight Mania!

As was mentioned last week, tonight sees the release of 52 new items for the monthly 2-day Moonlight Enchantments event on all servers. After taking a look at the old Moonlight Enchantments pages for each zone, however, I realized that the pictures on the pages were taken over several years by several people, and it made the pages look very ... sloppy. Counting the new items, I am currently juggling over 200 fresh screenshots on my hard drive and am redoing the individual grotto pages for consistency. I am also using 300x300 images now, instead of 200x200, so that they show a bit more detail. The page for the Enchanted Dryad Grotto in Antonica has now been revamped, and I am working on the others now.

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April 11, 2018 - New Grotto Goodness!!

April 20 and 21 will see 52 new house items arrive for the monthly Moonlight Enchantments event. Come see the new eye-candy!

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March 29, 2018 - Bristlebane Day Has Arrived!

Bristlebane Day 2018 has arrived, and pranks and mischief abound! (And, of course, Beast'r is still running as well, just to keep everyone extra busy!) Enjoy the merriment, and be sure to set aside some time on April 1 or 2, if possible, for the special High Silly Day happenings!

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March 27, 2018 - Crash Issues

There were crash issues after the patch today and the DBG folks have been hard at work chasing it down. Maj'Dul has been brought up to see if the issue has resolved, and once it is deemed stable, they will unlock the other servers. Meanwhile, I know there have been reports that Beast'r did not start as scheduled. I will add an update once I know more.

UPDATE: The servers are back up and the event is live. Happy egg hunting!

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March 21, 2018 - Bristlebane Day and More

First, Bristlebane Day is on Test. Yes, I have the eye-candy for you already. The article needs fleshing out, and I will try to pull the story out of my brain before the event goes live as well.

The issue with player-written notebooks (which also affects signs) will be patched on Tuesday the 27th. Until then, you risk overwriting the contents of your player-written book if you pick it up, pack it, unpack it, sell it or buy it when there is another notebook (either blank or a different title) in the target container that uses the same cover. So tread VERY carefully if you have to use player-written books before next Tuesday. When in doubt, leave them exactly where they are at this moment, and do not touch them again until Tuesday.

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March 20, 2018 - Moonlight News

This just came across the EverQuest2 facebook page:

Moonlight Enchantments are happening now! Though the rings have appeared as usual this month, we've got a peculiar feeling that something new may be involved the next time around...

This likely refers to the new Moonlight Enchantment items that were hinted at a few months ago. When more details are available, I will post them.


Today introduced stacking AND a bug to playermade notebooks. The short version, to save my fingers, is that if you have two playermade notebooks of the same base type (rawhide, etc., etc), you risk overwriting one with the other. So, if you have one rawhide leather notebook with one batch of text, and one with another batch of text, picking one up while the other is in inventory will overwrite. The same goes for pushing one into the moving crate when there's another of that type, but not that title, already in there. A bug was just put in, well after hours today, so it is too soon to get a dev response and an ETA on the fix. PLEASE pass the word on this, so nobody tries to pack up and move their library before this is fixed, etc.

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March 16, 2018 - Happy Anniversary!

It is time to wish the original EverQuest a happy 19th annniversary. In addition to some special krono deals, EQ2 is now experiencing double XP until the end of Monday the 19th. The 19th will also begin the Chronoportal Phenomenon, which will allow us to revisit certain EQ encounters/mobs. Rather than make a new article for this event, I will be updating the Chronoportals article shortly to reflect 2018 dates and the five new paintings that we can buy. (Link has now been added to this news article.)

Update: In addition to adding the Chronoportals link above now that I have finished the article, there is also a new Producer's Letter out -- and it briefly mentions that there will be two new summer events this year. As more details are available, I will post accordingly, but I suspect it will be a couple months before we know more.

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March 14, 2018 - Busy, Busy

For the next couple of days we will be testing Beast'r on the Test server. I will have up some details soon-ish. I am awaiting word on if we will see anything on Test for Chronoportals before they go live, and we will begin Bristlebane Day testing in about a week. (Lots and lots of event overlap this year!)

Meanwhile, thanks to a response to my post in the Help Wanted forum, I obtained the text to the entire dialog for the Stitch in Time sig line. It makes for a very interesting lore read for those who rushed through it all while doing the questline. (And a great way for those of you who have not completed the questline yet to see the storyline.)

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to search for my missing grey matter before I go hunting for beast'r eggs ...

Update: Beast'r link added above.

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March 06, 2018 - Patch Stuff of Note

On top of Fallen Gate unlocking EoF (tinkering, transmuting and adorning should be available there now, as well as several more crafting quests), there were several items of note for crafters in the patch notes today. It may take me a bit to get these into the proper quest writeups, as I am very low on spoons right now.

  • Shard of Hate: Eye Spy [Tradeskill] - Writhing ires have gone on permanent vacation, as have a couple other creatures, to make traversing the Shard less dangerous.
  • Mechanical Travel Gear will now allow those that have completed "A Stitch in Time, Part V: Sealed With Hate" to travel directly to the Coliseum of Valor.
  • The tradeskill weekly mission, "A Restitch in Time," will properly update through completion of a Planes of Prophecy Dungeon [Tradeskill] Daily Mission.
  • A Restitch in Time: Eye Spy - The 3 components for the Arcane Ocularum obtained via The Fiend Fount no longer need to be crafted. Instead, gathering resources and exchanging those resources for the components through The Fiend Fount is all that is required.
  • A Restitch in Time: Bridge Run - The timer for this mission has been removed.
  • Doctor's Orders: Shard of Hate now grants rare harvests and a chance to receive Celestial Teachings for those that have completed A Stitch in Time, Part V: Sealed With Hate. (Mum note: This is the PQ that has both crafting and adventuring components.)
  • Restitch in Time daily and weekly missions no longer grant any infusers, and can now reward a progress potion.
  • Familiars Wild quest will now update correctly for creatures that fall into multiple creature classifications such as many wolves being both dire and canine.
  • Restitch in time daily missions now grants Far Seas Trading Company Tokens and Ancient Rubicite Relics.
  • Restitch in Time weekly mission now grants Far Seas Trading Company Tokens.

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March 05, 2018 - Brewday 2018

The annual Brewday celebration begins in just under 3 hours. While I did not convince my Muse to produce a short story to go with it, the Brewday Preview does give you all the new eye-candy!

There will also be a patch in the morning, but the patch notes have not been posted for it. I suspect there will be the promised changes to two of the daily missions, as well as a fix to the PoP crafting weekly, but other than that, we do not know what will be patched.

As I wander off to do a few more things before my evening ends, I plant this thought in your mind: How many mounts are going to be named "Buckbeak" after folks get their hands on the new Brewday mount? :D

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February 28, 2018 - Things to Look Forward To

Today I give you a few things gleaned from Discord.

The PoP tradeskill weekly missions will be fixed with the next update.

The Shard of Hate mission will apparently be changed (again, with the next update), to only require crafting of the Arcane Ocularum (instead of all the harvesting and crafting needed for the sub-parts).

The Molten Throne timed mission (Bridge Run), will have the timer changed for the Portals to Nowhere instance to start AFTER the Fragment of Ro is crafted. (This is also for the next patch.)

The next patch is currently expected to be next week. Next week is also the start of Brewday - wheeeee!

As a side-note, the Familiars Wild quest resets daily at 11 p.m. Pacific.

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February 27, 2018 - A Restitch in Time Weekly

There are reports coming in that doing one of the Restitch in Time missions today is not counting towards the weekly quest. The devs are looking into it.

Update on Familiars Wild On Fallen Gate, players are able to hail the NPC, get the "come back tomorrow" message, then hail her again to get her to give you a too soon sort of message, THEN wait 10 minutes and they can get the Familiars Wild daily to start working again for them. For other servers, those who completed the quest before the patch can attempt the above, with about a 1%-ish reported success rate. Word is also that if there is more than 1 version of Freeport or Qeynos, you will need to be in the first instance of the zone for it to work on FG.

Update 2 A system message was just broadcast on AB (and likely other servers as well):

If you are unable to collect a daily familiar mission, Stewards Aelin and Kres will now clear out your stuck mission. This will place you on the 10 minute cooldown before you are able to gain the mission, but once that cooldown expires you will once again be able to pick up the Familiars Wild daily mission.

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February 26, 2018 - Patch Tomorrow

In addition to the various things of crafter interest in the patch notes, the Familiars Wild quest had several other fixes. Unfortunately, the fix to make the quest operate daily is still not working right for everyone. SOME of those who have already completed the quest once may need to wait until 11 minutes after the daily objectives reset Tuesday night before they will be able to get the quest again. Others are still stuck with the "check back tomorrow message." I utterly give up trying to figure this out at this late hour, as it went on Test well after the close of business. I will update the quest walkthrough shortly.

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February 22, 2018 - Familiar Quest!

Want to level your new tradeskill familiar (or another familiar), but would rather not buy a boatload of Season 3 familiar crates to sacrifice to your growing/leveling familiar? The patch happening today, that also includes fixes for the PoP tradeskill line and dailies, includes a small note about a daily quest for earning a "current season" familiar crate. This went onto Test at close of business today, so we did not get to test it before the final build was made. This means there are a couple issues, but there are ways to get around them. Learn about this quest on the Familiars Wild page that I threw together tonight after several lovely folks helped me with several hours of testing.

The picture of the book, by the way, is to show you what the no-trade house item looks like, that is received the first time that you go through conversation with the quest NPC.

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February 21, 2018 - New Mic!

For those who have been following the mini-saga of Mum trying to do her first video walk-throughs, I think I have success at last! I was having issues with sound with my old behind-the-head headset. How old? Welll, I may have had black flecks all over my ears and neck after the first run-through. So I bought a cheap headset while pondering a more expensive one, and it was even worse on picking up my voice, even with me practically eating the mic. Then I got a more expensive behind-the-head headset, and the audio on that was weak as well. (I had the gain cranked up, I did throat lozenges in advance so I could speak more loudly, and ... meh.)

Yesterday I broke down and asked the EQII Discord channels for recommendations on a standalone mic. The headset will work fine for reducing headaches if I ever "have" to listen in on a voice channel, but it was the wrong route to go for clear audio for my YouTube stuff. A friend and Caith both recommended the Blue snowball line of standalone mics, Amazon had some in stock, and BOOM, less than 24 hours later, it was dropped on my doorstep by a ninja delivery guy. (I am not sure why they seem to be allergic to our doorbell, but thankfully the rain held off so the mic wasn't soaked!)

I have now re-recorded a runthrough of Shard of Hate: Eye Spy [Tradeskill]. Unlike the voiceless version I did last week, you DO get to see me die near the end, due to distraction and a floating mob, but I believe the audio issues are finally resolved!

As voice and energy allow, I will re-do Innovation and Sol Ro's Tower, then work on runs for the other instances. They will be included on the A Stitch In Time master quest page as they are completed.

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February 20, 2018 - Get Those Candies ...

... finish your quests, harvest those roses, buy those rugs and appearance outfits! The Erollisi Day celebrations end tonight!

UPDATE! Brewday 2018 is already on Test. Enjoy the eye-candy!

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February 19, 2018 - Adorning Gear

Some folks have recently reported issues with adding adornments to their gear. The issue is easy to work around until they get a fix in. Go into Options (alt-o) > User Interface > Game Windows. The last item in this submenu should be "Manually Select Items to Adorn". Make sure that box is checked and then Accept to save the changes. Now you should be able to apply adornments to your gear once again.

Also, a quick note that there are still issues with the A Restitch in Time: Rebirth" daily tradeskill mission. The bug was caught and fixed, but we have not had a patch since then. It should be fixed with the next patch.

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February 15, 2018 - More on Part 1 (Innovation)

First off, Gninja has this to say about the issue with the wheels in the Security Measures (part 1) sig line. In addition to his response there, he has since said that they have a fix and are testing it now. If all goes well, it will be in the patch next week.

Secondly, the sound quality is HORRID (I have a new headset/mic on order), but I have a walk-through of Plane of Innovation: Security Measures for you. It is my first published video, and while there's room for improvement, it at least lets those who work better with visual cues, rather than written ones, get a feel for the zone.

Updates: The wheels in Innovation should be working due to the hotfix. Also, at about 11 p.m. Pacific tonight (Thursday), or a few moments after, the following link should be live for a no-voice run through the Shard of Hate Tradeskill instance, for folks who want to get a feel for the mechanics of it before my new headset arrives this weekend. (Time and link changed because YouTube ate it after the 30-minute upload was done.)

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February 14, 2018 - Innovation Issues

There are two possible issues with Innovation and crafting right now - one with the sig line and one with the Innovation mission that has been offered today. These issues do not hit everyone, or even a majority of the players, but they are, unfortunately hitting people, and I know it is causing a lot of frustration and upset for everyone (players and dev team alike).

With the sig line, some folks are not able to turn the wheels in the control room to input the code. It is some issue with objects losing connection to art or somesuch, and I have no information on when/how that will be fixed. For some, a reset of the zone may do the trick, others have not been so lucky.

With the Innovation mission, sometimes it gets partway through the code collection stage and decides to reset you back to needing to craft parts and repair the hackbot. They have found the issue with that and a fix will go in with the next patch. A deletion of the mission and a reset of the zone may/may not fix the issue for you. Otherwise, the only short-term suggestion is to wait for a fresh mission to be offered.

All I can say at this point is that they are aware of the issues and are working on fixing them. I will likely drop some chat channels until things settle down, as all the secondhand negativity is impacting me, too.

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